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  1. Thank you & God Bless to everyone who's posted. Just came home from another week in-patient. More compression fractures (spine & sternum...feels like some broken ribs too). Meds not managing pain much so they're boosting me up gradually till it's under control. Radiation still ongoing, but getting on & off the table is a real trick with the severely hampered mobility. Still fighting but dear God, it just doesn't seem to stop. Don't know what else to say...
  2. Yes, jdgm, I can lay down...carefully. Getting up is more of an issue right now. I can turn my head without screaming this morning, so there's progress. That's why I said I'm just trying to "power through it." The radiation at this particular spot is excruciating (odd cause it's never bothered me before), but as long as it's killing the cancer encapsulated in this bone, I'm good with it. Figuring the pain should eventually subside and there'll be one less cancerous area to worry about. L8_4thesh0w...it's funny but I don't feel very strong or courageous. I mostly feel scared & angry at
  3. Hello all! Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Just an update... Began narrow field, high dose radiation at the T7 vertebrae (slightly above dead center between the shoulder blades) last Tuesday. Was thankful that was the next area scheduled for treatment because I'd noticed (particularly when driving) that when I leaned against the seat back, I could actually feel swelling. Not sure if it was expansion in the bone just prior to another compression fracture, or if it was just inflammation in the affected area, but it was awfully uncomfortable. The pain radiating from it spread
  4. To this point, no. They do check my blood chemistry frequently and from that, they get a pretty good idea what's going on in the marrow. Yes, I am aware that all the radiation may eventually result in other cancers in the bone marrow, but I'm told that could take upwards of 20 years. I guess they figure the immediate benefits outweigh the long-term risks. Will I even be here in 20 years? Both oncologists and my GP have been asking "why are you still working?" and being a state government employee, there were a lot of reasons (insurance & income to mention two of the most basic), but on
  5. HA! Thanks for the laughs...AND the shooting star .
  6. Well, I'm 5 days into a radiation cycle on my left hip (after 10 days on the lumbar spine from T12 thru S2 as an inpatient). 10 more to go on the hip then we move on to the 3 sites in the thoracic spine and I believe 2 in the cervical spine. Maybe I should change my screen name to "Lightning Bug" cause you'll surely see my A $ $ glowing in the dark by the time they're done with me!
  7. Thanks so much for the healing thoughts everyone. I do believe they're working. For the first time in 3 weeks, I was able to get out of the house under my own power (ok, granted it was for follow-up bloodwork but I digress...). Made it to the grocery store too. Never high on my list of things to do, but I'm proud enough of the accomplishment for today. I'm still unbelievably weak and I have next to no stamina, but I got out, got a few things done and I don't feel like I'm at death's door-step...a far cry from 2 days ago, so I'm guessing my oncologist was correct in that the steroids w
  8. Sent me home last Friday. Told them I wasn't sure that was in my best interests, but they did it anyway. Insurance not an issue as mine is very good, so it was the "hospitalist's" call. Deathly ill since I got home. Tachycardic, dizzy, weak in the legs, ruptured capillaries everywhere... Saw my oncologist yesterday. He flipped out. The hospital's oncologist put me on an IV steroid called decadron (4mg, 3X daily). Discharged me with a script for 2 mg tablets to taper me off over 5 days. MY oncologist says there's no way my adrenal glands can compensate that quickly, so he readjusted eve
  9. Maybe somebody could send one of the "little green guys" down from the Area 51 thread. Maybe they've got something for me...
  10. Thanks again to everyone for checking in & checking up on me! Still in the hospital though (who-hoo :( ). Butch, I have to say, aside from some fatigue, I've tolerated radiation pretty well. I know they've been able to greatly curtail the effects with the more precise delivery in recent years (Varian Technology, Cyber-knife, etc) and mitigating some of it with other meds, so on that front I've been extremely lucky. Chemo was considerably more grueling, and it failed anyway. The radiation at least kills the metastatic cells, but they keep creeping in somewhere else, so when I g
  11. After everything you've just been through my friend, I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out. Means a lot. As do all the IMs and messages from everyone, and I will get to them as I'm able. Kinda blitzed from the narcotics right now though. Shouldn't getting older come with a warning label?!!?
  12. Hi all, Still in the hospital. Waiting for results of the full spine MRI. Looking for other fractures. The one I'm aware of is right at my body's center of balance (L4 - L5), so no matter which way I lean or turn there's pain. They're trying to figure out whether to discharge me to physical/occupational therapy or directly back home. Either way, have to finish radiation on the lower spine before I can proceed with anything else. May need it in the upper spine as well depending on the MRI, and they are aware of an uptake in the left hip socket, so we'll see. Baby steps I guess. One foot
  13. Having something of a setback here. Went to work last Friday, felt like my back was kinda stiff & maybe a few spasms. Went to stand up to leave for lunch & my legs nearly gave out and felt like napalm went off in my spine. My boss helped me out to the car, went to the E.R. and they admitted me. I'm still here... Compression fractures in several vertebrae from the tumors. Beginning new round of radiation & don't know what lies beyond that. Wishing I had better news, but it is what it is. Thanks so much for everyone's concern. Means a lot and always will.
  14. I still need to finish it up. Been pretty sick the past few months so it's been on the back burner. Not much left to do though. Got the harness built (custom switching - coil-split/coil-tap/series/parallel/phasing). Just need to install it and connect everything. There's a thread that covered what I've got done so far here...My Build
  15. Yeah, building from kits is a lot of fun. Precision makes well engineered kits, so you can't go wrong there. Actually, almost any kit can be built up into a nice guitar if you have the skill to overcome some of the less expensive kits' flaws. These were built from kits: Just a hobby for me as well, so I take my time, no rush & I think they came out reasonably well. Sounds like you've already got experience with finishing so you're already a step ahead of most. Yeah, go for it!
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