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  1. I almost shelled out for a PCB vise till I saw that the one I wanted was 99 bucks. To be fair I paid 178 dollars for this one, but it came with a RC-2 loop station... :) the TS 808 clone sounds great, much better than the TS9 i briefly had.
  2. Hey everyone, This weekend I finished building my first pedal, a ts clone. I came up with this very cheap but great workbench idea for soldering the pots. I took a white BOSS pedal box and cut a slit a little longer than the PCB in the bottom of it. then I taped it to the table with painters blue tape. The slit held the PCB in place very well, and then a small A clamp held the POT by the post, and a medium A clamp held the small one up. Having the pots mounted by a clamp on the post made it super easy to rotate the piece to get the wire into the correct lug, and then flip up to solder. I think this saved me MUCH aggravation and swearing and didnt cost me a dime. A clamps cost a dollar a piece, but I already have a bunch of them. I hope you can use this idea! Thanks again to M-Theory for all your help with my questions on this and the other two pedals Im working on! Paul
  3. marshall RF-1 Reflector. people round here seem to like em. im one of them...
  4. I know... and yes. i started thinking though, by the time i get done with shipping and price on a used speaker and cabinet combo, I could almost buy a new combo. This clearly must be the thing to do! :D
  5. well of course i meant the head AND the cab... :D/
  6. Hello, So... will the innards of a VJr head bolt right up to the combo cabinet? I like my modded head but wish it were portable... so can I buy a combo and simply swap out the chassis? and if yes...does anyone have a combo cabinet either with or without speaker for sale? :)
  7. +1. BTW valve Senior... how many watts are we talking, 15 or 40+
  8. I meant just the idea of a 112 combo epiphone. I wouldnt mind 2-3 knobs but that is too complicated and DSP? phooey!
  9. AHA!!! after one of those deep memory sessions (not really) I remembered the pedal I was talking about (actually a three coffee long search session with many tube screamer distractions along the way...) http://www.muzique.com/schem/mosfet.htm for anyone else who is interested.
  10. Thanks copper and gil. copper I would like to know more about the ds-1 to clean boost mod...
  11. Hey guys A little while back (maybe even on the old forum) I had received a tip from one of you on a do it your self clean boost pedal that gave up to 35db of boost. it had a name and a link and was about 20-30 dollars in parts. I've tried searching and can't find it. does anyone know the pedal Im speaking of? thanks
  12. +1 What a pompous load of malarkey. do your guitarist buddies think hendrix gave a hot damn about this issue?
  13. you should see the audiophiles who gladly shell out 300 bucks for power cables. :-
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