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  1. yep I had the same problem. a super loud motorboat sound. same fix....
  2. OH SNAP! you're right! and to think all this time I understood what everyone was saying with out the visuals but all these damn hypertext tags make reading my own post laborious and confusing! ****! i forgot to make "confusing" as big as "laborious"!!! now how the hell will any one get my point? I know! with a whistling smiley! :- :- :- :- :- There... I feel smarter already!
  3. I didnt know there were four versions of that. those names are great! I would say go for the clean sound. I like the sound of an overdriven fender and if its not chunky enough you could always get an OD/Dist pedal. (there is no such thing as a clean pedal, AFAIK)
  4. Oh My God... brother if you have a woman go see her immediately; if you do not, go get one. you are spending FAR FAR too much time and energy on this. play your amp and shut up. there I said it. flame me if you want. but im done with this now and I hope you are too.
  5. I wonder if you even realize how much entertainment you have provided for the rest of us. and to talk about complicated? whats with the multi colored bolded posts all the time?
  6. version 3 is the one that doesnt need any mods.
  7. yeah really enough. anymore of this nonsense and I will buy three version threes and turn at least one of them into a solid state hundred watt bastard with 6 inch speaker, headphone jack and COSM modeling. and I will tell EVERYBODY how damned essential that mod was.
  8. i was looking at the EH till i found the marshall reflector. the holy grail doesnt let you set reverb time or something like that. The reflector is very nice. a few guys here use them on the Vjr
  9. i've been using htis method for a while, but since I have treble bleed caps in my LP when I turn the volume knob up, my highs are swallowed up by the mids and bass. fiddling with the tone knob doesnt bring them back. but if I leave volume on 4-5 on the guitar and click on the OD box, i get a good sound. turning up the volume also gives a great sound... but its different than what I can get with the OD pedal with all the highs from my rolled off volume knob... anyway around this one without using an OD?
  10. thats not fair at all and I think wholly untrue. I do not know what sparked your recent pro version-3 tirade, but to suggest that people around here are not interested in other people's safety is misleading and somewhat slanderous to all the good people here I have learned from. I have gotten advice from Gil, Layboomo, twang and M-theory to name a few, either from searching old posts or direct email. every last one of them has made statements regarding the safety of working on tube amps. in fact on the sewatt forum and this forum as well safety is the very first thing i read about and I did NOT have to go hunting for it. There are few fools who go about half cocked and report back with posts about exploding amps but I really do NOT think they are the norm. and you know what? I liked working on my amp, I knew about modding it before I bought it. that was and is half the fun of this cheap amp. if you are happy with your stock version 3 thats great. but some people might really like to try out new mods for it. you have no right to discourage them from that as heavily as you are. this is after all a forum about 75% dedicated to modding this particular amp. plus plenty of people here have often said "only mod it if YOU don't like what you hear from the stock amp" so I don't know where you get the idea that EVERYONE says you MUST mod this amp. every tip I have read says what so and so mod does and when it might be useful, NOT that you HAVE to do it.
  11. Hey quick question out of curiosity: have any of you burned out or destroyed the el-84 in your VJr (or any amp for that matter) I know we adjust the bias to get the voltages right, but a close friend whose opinions and advice I totally respect restores vintage tube audio hi-fi gear as well as guitar amps and has done so for years. he knows tons about tubes. he says the el-84 can be pushed quite far past its recommended plate voltage. So... without debating too much about whether or not he is right, (cause I don't know if he is right) have any of you ever burned out an el-84?
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