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  1. which is an unseen bonus for me cause now I can plug the 8 ohm super champ XD i want into my 16 ohm epi cab via the attenuator... cant wait to hear that... though I guess the impedance matching wont work with the switch in "bypass" would it?
  2. thoughts? yeah. the quick part is where you screwed up
  3. no thats not true. ted weber got back to me after I made this post, and he said that this would be fine. the micro mass seems to match impedances, it is rated for 4 8 or 16 ohms with no switches and just three jacks (one is a line out)
  4. Hi can I use headphones with my valve junior if I plug them into my weber micromass and NOT have the speaker plugged in?
  5. keep reading other threads. you will see that following a few simple safety rules and going slow and taking your time and understanding what you are doing will allow you to do great things with your amp. Just ask the guys here for help and read the thread about safety practices. and dont just put new caps and resistors in' date=' but understand how they do what they do. I modded my amp with help from a few key guys here. never did anything like that before and it was all pretty painless. I made a few mods at a time, but I READ all I could about it for seriously a few months before I started. You wont explode!
  6. HUH? maybe if you have a POS shorted out volume pot, but any guitar i have ever played the volume knob does what its supposed to. and a nice gradual sweep at that.
  7. + 1. I have the 30 dollar danelectro one. I have not found it to be noisy like some other brands have been said to be, and it gives me way more tone options. I can even use it as a boost.
  8. try something like this? it folds up pretty flat... http://www.thebestthings.com/handtrucks/standard.htm
  9. So... what difference in sound is there between an attenuated amp like the VJ on full blast, vs that same amp at a lower volume with a tube screamer going full blast right in front of it? and if I wanted something like a footswitchable drive channel on my VJ, would I want something like a tube screamer or something more like a clean boost? I find that I loose too much of my sound with a distortion pedal. Thanks! Paul
  10. its only fussbudgetting if there is a budget in place... So..... how much is the guy charging you for it and what kind of spill did it take?
  11. +1 on the marshall reflector. they all sound good, especially number 4 (a mix of spring and hall) I like boss stuff, but the reverb didnt sound as nice, didnt feel as nice and wasnt as well made or as easy to use as the RF1.
  12. I dont know what you are spending, but whatever it is, its money you COULD have put towards a guitar that has never been dropped. if its 100 bucks thats great, but if inside six months the neck starts to separate or some other horror becomes apparent, you would want that benjamin back. and its probably not 100 bucks but more... I would pass.
  13. How would we test the ohmage of a speaker? just put a meter across the terminals?
  14. the lady luck is pretty cheap and its SPL is 99...
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