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  1. maybe you DO have one? you can check here: http://samengstrom.com/nxl/3660/4_band_resistor_color_code_page.en.html it should be Brown, Black, Green, Gold.
  2. Hey all, I dont know if this is right place to ask, but this is about the only forum from which I actually get good info so... does anybody have a current musicians friend coupon code or know where I should look to get one? thanks!
  3. yup. on my guitar there is a very noticeable loss of highs when I turn the volume down.
  4. just change the tube. 5751 has less gain than 12ax7. a 12au7 will have even less. you dont have to solder, unless you have to rebias something, but im not sure if you have to do that. Im sure someone here will tell you. I have read that Gil likes the 5751, he will know. and the c3 lift, will reduce gain as well, taking some bass along with it. the NFB mod will give you more cleans as well, and it really sounds nice with your guitar volume rolled back.
  5. Oh... gil I was speaking to OP. hope you didnt think was barking at you I have actually learned quite a bit about some pretty cool stuff from all the tangents these posts go off into. in fact it was just such a hijacked thread in an HC forum which first brought the mighty valve junior to my attention in the first place! :-k/
  6. here is some insight: check the rest of the threads on this forum. they all end this way. be happy your question got answered. :) :) :)
  7. yeah. I never really like panteras music, but the sound was awesome. BTW, your avatar scares me!
  8. I agree. I Love tube amps, but I also love the sound greg ginn gets. and he is all solid state.
  9. to those of you who have done the marshall mods to your valve juniors, how close would you say they come to the sound of something like a JCM 2000? not the volume of course, but the tone. i played through one of those for the first time last night, and have to say I really liked it alot. the dirt and the cleans. which is funny cause most of the marshall demos i see on various sites play music i dont really like too much so I always had a so so view of those amps... I think i just might need me a nother VJr head!
  10. Hi gil, not to hijack this thread, but what will a tube sound like right before its about to go? is it gradual or will it all of a sudden just sound terrible?
  11. ok so I have a few pedals in front of my VJH. I was wondering about what order they should be in and was wondering what you all thought. Right now its setup as: Tuner>compressor>EQ>distortion>chorus>slap-echo>reverb>amp is this the best way to run these? thanks
  12. god there are so many and this isnt my absolute favorite im sure, but I always liked Keith Richards' solo on Sympathy For the Devil. great tone and I think great restraint, if that makes sense.
  13. I thought about that too and might go with that, but then, what would I get to solder? :) actually does anyone here have any experience with those?
  14. that sounds like it might be it. does the bitmo control do the same but in a different location? and how much treble gets cut/boosted. big range or small range?
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