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  1. Hello I would like to be able to turn the treble down on my VJr Head. is this what the tweed control mod does? I am guessing all the tone knobs turn treble down rather than boost it right? I am trying to get the amp to give me more of a jazz sound. that muted jazz sound...
  2. have yet to hear a single bad thing about this cab. I love mine!
  3. some people use them stock. but the mods are SO easy and SO cheap and SO effective that there is no reason not to mod them. unless you love the stock sound. but I'd bet youd love the modded sound much better. Also: you will not blow up, burn down the house or turn into a newt while modding an amp or using a soldering iron. but be sure to ask around here for correct safety procedures (fairly easy and firmly based in common sense) if you want to mod one, read up and get to it! its not hard! and it will be well worth it. just tonight I got someone telling me how great my amp sounded...
  4. Hey man, DONT QUIT! bad gear makes things a drag, but its not you or your abilities, its the bad gear. I would do want the previous poster said, get an epi lp special or try the agile guitars at Rondomusic.com. serious guitars for the money. and then get one of the amps he mentioned. I think you would be much happier and when you have good gear your practice and playing is MUCH more rewarding.
  5. Ok I love my modded Vjr. But the thing is, it has become a drag to drag it and my attenuator and pedals and cabinet to a rehearsal every week where it cannot play cleanly with the bassist and drummer anyway. can you guys make some reccomendations as to how much power I need to play with a drummer and bassist and what amps are worth looking at in the 350-to-maybe-500 dollar range? Do I have to go solid state? thanks!
  6. how so? 10 watts is not twice as loud as five watts. 50 watts is twice as loud as 5 watts.
  7. I Think all those kits offer you in return for your money is the time it takes to read these forums and ask questions. and even then I doubt any of them would give you as much bang for your buck as the OT swap does, if you have the older amp that is. resistors and capacitors should run you the princely sum of about 16 cents to 55 cents a piece, with a few that cost about 4 dollars, and you only need one of those. there are plenty of people you can ask questions to and resources on this forum to not need the kits. check the mod sticky. You'll see! :)
  8. it seems all the mods that he has listed has been done by many people on these forums for a lot less than 65 bucks. search for "clean headroom" "NFB" "c3 switch" "gold/silver mods" and you should find everything you need. and be able to do it for a lot less than that. including a new OT. but then again you wont get that cool little tonequest sticker
  9. totally worth the 120. even without the speaker its worth 120! its a nice cab.
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