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  1. This. I never liked glossy finishes on the back of the neck. My hands sweat and then they tend o stick to the neck. The 0000 steel wool, with just a few passes made a world of difference.
  2. I was floored when I heard the news. Tony has been a MAJOR influence on my playing. Especially last year when my Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath CD was stuck in the player in my truck for 2 months :) Get well Tony.
  3. Speaking of avatars. I changed mine but it still shows my old one? Cache issue or?
  4. When he said "Gene Simmons", I lost interest. Now, if he would have said "Steve Harris" instead, I might have watched a little bit longer.
  5. Another from Rush. From "Freewill" "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice".
  6. He's Gene Simmons with a beard. IMO, he overdoes pinch harmonics way to much.
  7. Something typical to an accordion band around 1968 or so. I was 8. Imagine 30 accordions playing the same crappy tune. Ugh. Yeah, I took accordion lessons from 68 till around 73.
  8. Looking for some advice/opinions, etc on something here. Have a look at this thread (Yeah I know, a thread in the Epi forum about a Gibson): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/71165-adivice-on-shipping-to-au/ Ok, so this is the deal... trading my Gibson Explorer for an 18watt Marshall Clone. Problem is, the amp is in Australia, I'm in the US. Figuring out the best way to ship was/is a nightmare due to USPS shipping size restrictions. But I think I have that all sorted out. Is this Lacey Act BS going to cause me problem? Is the guitar likely to get confiscated? Looking
  9. My friends call me Rob

  10. I still have the TRC from my first original. Haven't made the TRC with this new design yet. And I love Escher's work
  11. Several years ago, I posted picks of the custom pickguard I did on me EPI LP. Well, I made a new one (actually probably about 10 other ones). Heres my latest: Close up: Anyone else gone this artistic route themselves?
  12. The site Steven Lister posted is good. Also try this site for loads of wiring diagrams : http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
  13. Hmmm...gives me an interesting idea, if there is such a thing as a laser plotter (or are they all ink?). This would require alot of what-ifs though. Like a flat top Les Paul body, a big piece of photo paper, and other things probably. Using the Les Paul body shape as a template, you could draw some cool designs, print it out on the huge photo paper, then use thermal transfer to transfer the design to the body. Clear coat it and you're done. I dunno, just one of my many random useless thoughts.
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