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  1. Not really; threads don't seem to have any ill effects from the proceedure. While I don't tighten the fool outta the thing you don't really want the possibilty of slippage which might cause a less than ideal result. I've probably done 8 or 10 sets over the years and everybody has been well pleased, without a single report of a problem since their installations. Wouldn't advise the tactic with machine threads, (although I've used it on larger fasteners), but wood and sheet metal style cutting threads are pretty forgiving in that reguard. Wedgie
  2. OK, time to present the new way to skin the cat. THE PROBLEM: Schaller button will not accomodate the factory strap button screw. Schaller screw is too small a diameter for factory hole. MY SOLUTION: Use the factory screw with the Schaller button and here's how. This is similar to GibSinCity's idea but I wasn't too keen on enlarging the strap pin hole for fear of losing retaining material in the load bearing area of the pin. SOOOO, put the factory screw into the chuck of a variable speed drill and slowly spin the screw head against a flat bastard file to reduce the diameter of the head until it just drops into the Schaller button. This way you can sneak up on a perfect fit. You dont lose the head's centering base taper and the now square sides fit the pins internal bore even better. If you're feeling especially machinisty now, finish it up with a quick spin over some 220 grit paper for any slight burrs that may result. Obviously you need to use a fine tooth file for this but it's possible that coarser grit papers might also work. I like a file to maintain the square sides better, however. Reinstall and enjoy. Additional tips, drop of glue on the screw threads and tossing the felt washers will go a long way toward ensuring that screw stays tight once installed. Wedgie
  3. "No Open Strings" Well that's just great! Started too late in life, can't afford lessons, trying to learn this thing with booksdvdsvideosonlinesitesetcetc. and NOW I find out that I've been doing it wrong since day one and that I need to forget everything and start over from scratch. crapcrapcrapdangitall. Not getting any younger and five years down the freakin' tubes. Maybe I'll just swap over to the study of slap bass now and develop the thump it with third arm method. Wedgie
  4. Xdemon...Alice once said Suspiria was his favorite film. I've been an Alice fan for years. The wife and I have probably seen the guy 5 or 6 times. Been taking our son with us too on the last ones we attended. We caught the Gruesome Twosome tour with Alice and Zombie recently and that show was definately on my top five of all the concerts I've ever seen. It's been said that if you've seen one Alice show you've seen then all; I know some may feel that way, and up until this last one the statement may have had a bit of truth to it. Still, it's always a great time, the man always delivers, and to me, seeing an old friend never gets old. Just about any frontman out there could learn loads of "how to do it right", by watching the guy. Calico is such a hottie too! Wedgie
  5. Help...VJ might need an exorcism! The candidate: Ver.2 with Marshall mods, $$$tubes, and a Hammond 125-ESE. Knob just past halfway, running through an E-H English Muff'n into a Marshall 1960A cab. Not at all cranked, l'il louder than normal house levels but not make cops come loud. Been playing about 1 and half hours. Then IT happened, a scream like a Hell Tortured Evangelist ripped from my Bletchly Box. Imagine being dimed-out with uncontrollable feeedback going on, while a meth-crazed chipmunk gnaws thru your cable at the exact instant it's stuck by lightning. Following this Satanic shriek...silence, like no power dead silence...followed by return of sound at a much lower volume. Tone is hollow, dead, low frequency only, no mids or highs at all. Panic, I shut everything down, wait for heart rate to subside and check all connections...nothing looks suspect. Mix a drink, and continue to calm down. 15 minutes later power-up and see if the demon has released my Brit Buddy from his evil grasp. Not yet, with all knobs at the unchanged settings; power, volume, and tone have returned but only to about 50% of previous output and this is intersperced with the most Science Fiction static this side of a black and white Elvira picked B-movie. Crap! I swapped heads and guessed the VJ would need to be annointed with Holy Water while a priest yells "the power of Jimi compels you!" to survive this one. Head swapped, all is good. The demon has possessed the head, not the cabinet. Following afternoon, I'm greeted by a large crow on my front porch railing that takes flight as I approach the house. A really cold breeze blows through for a second, I thought it odd, but dismissed it. I picked up the VJ and hooked back up as it had been the night before, Mufff'n included. It's as if nothing had happened. No weirdness, no hints that something was about to go psycho all over again. Something had went full-tilt gonzo only a few hours ago...what the livin' hell is going on? OK, maybe no news is good news, but should I be preparing for the worst? Should I be on the hunt for a tech of the cloth? Was this the shriek of the damned? Stuff like this rarely "just happens". Can anybody shed any light on this paranormal occurance or offer any insight as to when or if a return visit might be likely? What steps might I take to drive it out before it's gotten an even firmer grasp upon it's tubular soul.... Wedgie
  6. Egg, I haven't had a Foster's yet this mornin', can you clarify that a bit for me mate? It sounded like a compliment I think, and if it was intended as such, thanks. Wedgie
  7. Cjlandry, you mentioned you had a Seymour Duncan in your Traveller. Which Traveller did you drop a pickup into? I've got a Speedster and while it's great to "travel" with I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted with it. Not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater I'm considering some changes to fix the stuff that's starting to annoy me. The tone on it quite simply ain't much, (and I doubt anybody ever bought one thinking that it would be), but was the pickup change like a night and day difference? Based on the SD you installed, were you pleased with the outcome or would you do something different if you were to do a change again? Did you change anything else at the time, caps, wiring, etc.? Have you changed the imput jack or do you know if it's possible? I cannot seem to get a cable to stay in mine at all, (It's like it's not deep enough to allow for proper engagement), and I've tried several different ones: bought the thing new too. I'm hesitant to start changing stuff out on it: since it's kinda weird I wonder if parts are specific and whether or not they'll fit right. Considering how it's behaving I don't think a replacement could be much or any worse however. Not wanting to hijack a thread here, but I've not had any luck in finding anybody that's modded a Traveller before... wedgie
  8. I've got one like this too. Level logo, dot inlays, big bevels, thin edges, and a neck joint contour that's awesome. I've got five G-400's, but only one built like this....far and away the most comfortable and my favorite hands down. Great G-400 score at what you paid, but for the example you have...I'm really jealous. Think you really hit the jackpot on this one. I got a great deal on mine too, it was neglected but not abused. After a through cleaning, a set-up and new strings I started to realize that I'd found my #1. Then I really threw down the love on it..Burstbucker II & III pups, full RS wiring kit, Graphtech Nut, Tonepros bridge and tail, and some cosmetics too. I play them all, but this one... more than all the rest combined. Hope your recent purchase speaks to you as deeply as the connection mine has made to me. Congrats on an outstanding purchase! Wedgie
  9. A.Owl straplocks should be as much of a requirement as brushing your teeth or wiping your butt. That said, I'm sure everybody has their favorites, but I'll throw out my prefrence for Schallers. Love the secureness of their system, to me the Dunlops have some slack/slop that seems a bit weird for the intended use. Another great thing about Schallers is that the individual parts can be purchased through Stewart MacDonald. If you use one strap on several guitars you can buy one pair of locks and some additional pins or vice-versa. Wedgie
  10. Strange that Cheeks is worried about the originality and the preservation of Valve Juniors for future generations and yet is giddy over the prospect of spray painting them. I for one have seen modded VJ's bring More than MSRP on Ebay; not just close to retail. I got my VERY FIRST VJ for Christmas some years ago, a gift from my Mom. Without reguard of warranty or sentiment, it was torn apart and cabinet stripped before the eggnog was poured that night. Accquired with the intent of total renovation before a note was ever emitted. Modding can be addictive but is rarely destructive...anybody can buy an amp but it takes a tone monger to rod one up! Wedgie
  11. It's a cabinet...if you can build something nice go for it! Sell the stocker on Ebay and you can recover some funds. (Shocking how much too I might add). Change the dimensions if you want; just use the original as a guide and go from there. Recovers are easy, and still few people attempt them. Not a thing wrong with wanting to personalize your equipment, and if you can do it better than most, you might even do a few on the side for some extra gear money. Most everyone here will demand pics so you've been warned. (I'm really lacking in that reguard myself I must confess). I think some nice enclosures for VJ heads and cabs is a great idea, (for any rig really). I've recovered several over the years, including a Vox DA-5, just to hear the "Wow where did you find this comments". It's your amp, improve it at will.... Wedgie
  12. This isn't a technique I'd be too comfortable with, (intentional neck flexing), but it was used by Pete Townshend on SG's frequently. But yeah, they can move around some and you just kinda learn to expect it, sorta like adapting to the neck dive thing.... Wedgie
  13. I've got one of those l'il leather keyring pick pouches and always keep a couple in the ol' wallet. This seems to work pretty well so far. The keyring has been a conversation starter on more than a couple of occasions too.... Wedgie
  14. Alright Cheeks... since you appreciate spiffyness and products for that purpose I'm gonna give you, (and others here), a tip for this type of fix that hopefully will be useful. FORGET SEM STUFF. What you need to look into is MELTONIAN NU LIFE COLOR SPRAYS. Overall less expensive, waaaaaay more durable, better colors, incredible coverage, fairly solvent resistant, easy touch ups but rarely if ever needed. Stuff is the absolute BEANS ! SEM stuff cannot hold a candle to the job a can of Meltonian will do. I've worked on automotive interiors for years and hated every time I had to deal with SEM sprays for interior components. Seemingly no amount of prep, (even with their other expensive recommended undercoats, and "topcoats" ever yielded durable results. Once I stumbled onto the Meltonian product....SEM was done in my shop for good. Check into their products on Ebay, leather supply shops, or shoe repair outlets. Amazing Stuff. I did a cane grill on a VJ cabinet in black, (that did take several coats due to irregular surface, weave, and lack of penetration of the material): but when finished the look was like some high end custom fabric. This worked well with the stock black tolex. Using a hot color to replace the burgandy. It radically changed the visual personality of the cab by just a face reworking into something I feel hangs together better than even the stock configuration. Wedgie
  15. Here's some I've heard of, (personally haven't tried any). Hook the thing up to a reciever set to a 24hr rap station at mid to mid-high volume for about a week. Shove the whole mess into a closet with blankets duct-taped over it so you don't have to actually endure that torture test as well as the speaker. Set the guitar into a feedback loop against a cheap solid state amp for a few days. Simply keep thing thing in motion from some sort of varying source at a sane volume level for a number of days/hours without exposing it to a potentially damaging sonic situation. Be mindful of you your impedences during the hookup and exercising. See Avatar Speakers, think their website used to list their proceedures for exercising "Hellatones". Wedgie
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