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  1. First of all, I apologize for those of you who belong to other forums that I do where I have posted this same thread. I just figured if I'm fishing, I should throw out as much bait as possible. Anyway, I have a wonderful Dot Studio which I am going to mod with 1) GFS Retrotron Liverpool pups - I'm gonna give these a shot at putting in myself 2) Bigsby B7(00) - Not sure if I feel comfortable doing it myself, although that youtube video is really good Questions: Has anyone here played the Liverpools through a semi-hollow? Can I add a 2nd volume and tone to add some complexity to it? I'm not sure about drilling holes into the body ;) I know folks here have modded their Dot Studio, as it's a great platform to do it. Just wondering if anyone has tried the 2nd vol and tone. Thanks in advance.
  2. So, short of buying a whole new guitar, what could you salvage from that besides a knob? Ack!
  3. I think this could be said about most guitars, you tinker, you play, you replace a pup, you play, you replace a pot, you play, you replace a nut, you play. I don't delve into the heavy stuff, but I am seriously considering a bigsby for my dot studio. It's a great platform to work from. Sometimes, I just like tinkering on it, listening to some music, getting really focused on that. Personally and this is my opinion only, focusing on a repair works the other side of the brain, while playing molds the creative side. Gotta keep things balanced
  4. I have a worn cherry Dot Studio, I think it has WC on the label. Upper left
  5. Could he find an elitist for that?
  6. Where's a good place to find people to play with, I don't want to join a band, definitely not skilled enough to do that, but just want to find some people to jam with that won't be frustrated with my lack of skills. I know that playing with others really helps improve your skills and would like to find people interested in the same type of music who are willing to put up with my learning curve. Thanks again all.
  7. I love my vj half stack, along with the bitmo trio mod, it's a good little amp. not really portable, but I don't travel much.
  8. Sorry, I meant no disrespect at all, she is beautiful. And you put some bleed and sweat into her. bleed and sweat?? ack, long day today.
  9. Thanks guys, got past the plateau and back to the joy of playing and learning again. I knew it would pass, just bummed it happened so soon. Going to a training class and thinking about bringing my dot studio and vox amplug with me, rather than sit in front of a hotel tv.
  10. That is gorgeous! The only thing I would do differently, and this is totally a matter a preference is use these:
  11. Honestly, 'big ticket' items like guitars and such have minimal markup compared to cables, strings, etc. I used to sell mountain bikes and the markup was very minimal. We made up for it with component prices, clothing etc. I really doubt it's more than 20 - 30%. Just guessing, but going on a similar pricing scale (entry level mountain bike = 250/300 bux entry level guitar 250/300 bux) not talking about walmart bikes here, but specialized, trek, cannondale, etc. Same things could be probably said for Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, etc.
  12. See a doctor, please. Also be very open minded of the practice of acupuncture. It works. That's really all there is to it. I had tennis elbow and 2 cortisone injections did nada, 3 acupuncture treatments and I was good to go. They've been doing it for a few thousand years, us western folk need to give that some creedence.
  13. In the limited time I've had to play one, I have to go with a Les Paul, although, I've been playing with a Tele, and I think if it was a choose 1 only, if I had a chance to play the Tele more, I think I'd go with that.
  14. So sorry to hear that, this seems to be a week with a dark cloud over it for several people I know. I am sorry to hear that about such a good kid.
  15. ROFL. Nice try!!!! =D> I've taken some of the great advice here and put it to good use. I found myself running late for work this morning because I was working on a blues lick. I always try to at least pick up one of my guitars and hold it briefly and will find myself picking, then strumming even if for a little bit. And I'm glad someone else dug the hyper funky Ohio Players. I think I like funk more than I know. Lerxst, if you like I have some really nice pics of the Casino...:-
  16. I never, ever laid claim to it, never. I thought it was clever and I thought I'd use it, been using it for online gaming and forums since 1995. Been a FZ fan for a long time, And Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch is one hell of a long name. Although I do dig the moniker Yellow Shark.. Anyway, thank you very much for the advice and support. I think if I play a few songs I know I can play and move forward by baby steps it won't be so intimidating or discouraging. *note to self, respond to litigation by Mrs. Zappa about use of name...
  17. Back to Badfinger, didn't George give one of them the guitar that EC gave him?
  18. I guess if you could find a local guitar shop you could trust, they may be able to help you out. It looked legitimate to me, but I am no authority on that. I guess if you could find the same guitar at a shop, pick it up and play it. Maybe that would help sway your fears one way or another. I had that same fear when I got a Casino off of ebay, but it is genuine, and it is lovely.
  19. I was able to play my guitar this weekend alot longer than I've been able to play in a while. I think I've either plateaued or dare I say, lost the interest I had before. I tend to do that, get really jacked up about something, do it intensively for a while (a month, 3 weeks, 6 months, etc) and then either burnt out or get bored. In the short time I've picked up the guitar again, I've noticed my skills improving. Now, I see them actually receeding some or not having nearly the rapid growth as before. I don't want to lose the passion, I love guitars, I love music, and I would love to continue to try to make both (if for my ears only), so please, if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep this fresh without it becoming frustrating, I'd love to see them. I tried picking up some jazz tabs, but they were way over my head. I am a beginner at best, but a long history of music (my mom taught piano in my house before I was born until I was close to 18). So please, any suggestions to keep it fresh would really be appreciated. I love blues, Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones (even drop G tuning for Keef), more or less anything like that. I guess I'm looking for more of those "Hey, I couldn't play that before" moments. Thanks...
  20. I love the Dot Studio I have, worn cherry, I think I got lucky with my fretboard, it's like polished marble, I'm thinking of adding a bigsby to it, but still love it as is.
  21. Ok, are all of their guitars rip offs? They've got Zak's, etc, but don't really show decent pics, how do they sell the guitar for less than 1/2 of retail? Hmmmm, smells like Cod around that website.
  22. I don't remember the model, it was a sparkling white Les Paul copy, maybe it was a Yamaha, not sure at all. But it was wonderful, I was about 16 so it was about 1980, I think it had gold colored pickups, but I loved it.
  23. I did that, and needed rotator cuff surgery. Too many Who songs....
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