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  1. Ha! I play sitting, since I had a big ole back operation 2 1/2 years ago. Pictures of that new baby! Pete
  2. Excellent! I have also ordered a new guitar which I hope to be delivered on Friday. If not, it should be Monday. A G-1275 double neck. Which, of course, means I will have to finally learn Stairway to Heaven... Looking forward to seeing your new baby! Play well, Pete
  3. Interesting! How does it sound/play?
  4. Mine is sunburst only because I already had an ES-335 Pro in cherry, although my ES-175 Premium and 1956 ES-125 are both sunburst. Who knows? I like them in all colors! Play well, Pete
  5. I would not even think of changing the P90s in my Gold Top!
  6. I love my 56 Gold Top! I would not change anything but the strings.
  7. I must add my vote for the ES-175 Premium. I have one, and love it. But, having said that, I also have an ES-335 Pro, and a Riviera P93, which I also love. If I had to go with only one, for the style of music you have said, it would have to be the ES-175 Premium. YMMV. Play Well, Pete
  8. Very Nice! I have one in Black Royale. Love it! I find that adjusting the amount of volume on the middle pickup works wonderfully for desired tonal quality! Have fun with that one! Play well, Pete
  9. As long as it makes the sounds you want it to make, all is good! Enjoy that guitar!
  10. Excellent! I have a MIK Les Paul Classic, in which I have redone the electronics. Added 500K pots and Gibson 490R and 500T pickups. As fine a guitar as I own, translucent red. Love it! Congrats on yours!
  11. Well done, Sir! You folks are giving me gas, again! Play well, Pete
  12. First of all, Welcome to the forum! It appears to me that the guitar pictured is an ES-295, not an ES-175. Of course, I am going by the pictures and by looking up the ES series on Epi-Wiki. The 175 has always had humbuckers and no bigsby. I think what you have or are looking at is an ES-295. Of course, it probably says what it is on the label inside the guitar... Hope this helps. Pete
  13. I get really tired of "people" looking down their collective noses at Epiphone guitars. I own several Epiphones, and they are among the best guitars that I own. I have Gretsch(I could buy 5 Epi's for what that thing cost, and I hardly ever play it!), Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone. I play the Epiphones because I like the way they play and sound. I do not buy guitars for "investment" purposes. I buy them to play, and Epiphone has delivered on that! My opinion, YMMV. Play well Pete
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