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  1. Snapjack sells them directly. They also have them on MF: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigation?q=snapjack&st=
  2. I like the new snapjack cables. They have magnetic jacks, so if you step on the cable, there is less of a jack of breaking the output jack. They are VERY solidly built, with pretty thick insulation. They are around $35 for a 15 foot, I don't know if that's too much, but it is a little pricey.
  3. Les Paul himself is a jazz player. Iansmitchell pretty much said all of them. The ultimate decider is you though. Go to a store and try them out and pick the one that feels right.
  4. Very True. I also don't get why people swap pickups so much, either. You have a lot more versatility by turning a knob on your amp. But technically, it's impossible to get the same sound twice. Not even with the same setup. Can you get close enough? Yes.
  5. Yup, great guitar. Let's leave all discussion at that.
  6. Yup. That's what happened with some of my guitars.
  7. Go through the guitar again and make sure no soldering points came undone. Recheck everything, even the spots you didn't solder, something may have been pulled lose.
  8. They did a limited run of those about a year ago, but they were only $100, so that one isn't a very good price. Iansmitchell, it probably does have bad tuners and probably is made of plywood, but they aren't p-100's. They came with real p-90's, and people around here seem to like those.
  9. I think the guitar looks nice. It's pretty handsome. But I will agree, the headstock is pretty annoying.
  10. There are a few people that I know that are better players than me, but I'm more knowledgeable in theory, chords, tone, and gear (thanks guys). They don't know what they're playing (note wise), they can just play it and play it well.
  11. Or if that side of the pickup is just to close to the stings, you just lower that side of the pickup by turning the gold screw on on that side of the pickup. it adjusts how high or low it is. There's one on each side.
  12. Fender amps are really bright IMO. That may be the cause of the problem, but if you don't want to spend new money on a amp ( or pickups), you can lower the pole pieces under the E and B string. It's the screw on the pickup under the string. This will lower the output of the strings, making the sound less bright. Once you lowered them to your liking, you can put the tone control back to wear you like it. I've got the same guitar as you, and I back off the tone to 7 on the bridge, just because I think my guitar and the rig it's with sounds best there. It doesn't make it muddy though, just rolls of the highs a bit.
  13. Mine is a 50 watt Traynor YCV50Blue. I like the amp a lot, it sounds really good. Seems a lot of you guys have a fender blues deluxe or hot rod deluxe. Those are pretty good sounding amps. A friend of mine want me to mod the master knob so it's not so loud from 0-2.
  14. That sounds pretty cool, but I'm not a guitar center supporter. I'm a mom and pop supporter, but whatever you like it what matters. My local mom and pop store has a point system that giver you a certain percent off when you reach a certain amount of points, and it gets higher the more you spend. I'm at 5% right now, I think.
  15. Somewhat like rotcan said, the elitist LPs and the LP studio are too close in price for anyone to want the epi. People would rather pay the little extra price for the gibson name on the headstock, than have a better guitar. Although I have a gibson studio, I got mine used for $620, so I really couldn't have bought an elitist, I just got a good guitar, really cheap.
  16. I'm pretty satisfied with my guitar collection (even though it's kinda small), but I would add: '56 Goldtop Somesort of SG (not sure what brand, probably epiphone because I currently am dissatisfied with gibsons today) Couple of Agile Les Paul copys. Sheraton I would probably spend most of my money on amps like: Traynor YCV40WR Traynor YCV20WR (I like traynors) Epiphone Valve Junior (have one on the way!) Vox AD50 Vox AC30CC2 Extension cab w/ V30 for my YCV50Blue Z.Vex Nano Marshall 4x12 with Greenback Somesort of 2x12 with V30 Mesa Boogie Stilleto Ace And a nice attenuator that could handle all of those amps As you can see, I like amps a lot more than guitars, but don't know a lot about how amps work :- .
  17. Ah, by 5 seconds Oh yeah, essessemm said it ends in A, and I said it ends in E. They are both correct, I've seen it both ways, but when when jamming or playing to a song, just make sure you're playing the one everyone else is.
  18. Blues uses 5th and 7th chords a lot. The most common progression consists of I, IV, and V. The 12 bar blues goes like this(I put parentheses around each bar). I'll also put the key of A chords under it: (I / / /) (I / / /) (I / / /) (I / / /) (IV / / /) (IV / / /) (I / / /) (I / / /) (V / / /) (IV / / /) (I / / /) (V / / /) Repeat ( A ) ( A ) ( A ) ( A ) ( D ) ( D ) ( A ) ( A ) ( E ) ( D ) ( A ) ( E ) On the very last V (E) though, it is very common to do a chromatical step up form IV to V. So in the key of A, that would be D, D#, E. The blues scale goes 5-8, 5-6-7, 5-7, 5-7-8, 5-8, 5-8. This is movable form, so you can move it across the board. Blues really has no rules, you can go out of the scale, but only if it sounds good. Just do a search on google. Search stuff like 'blues guitar', 'basic blues', and you'll get something. Hell, you could probably even search it on wikipedia and get something, lol. Nice rig, btw.
  19. Power scaling is reducing the voltage to the amp, so the output is less. I'm not an expert on this, but I think they are internally modded and are called a VVR (?). An attenuator is pretty much a box that goes between the amp and the speaker and control the volume, meaning you can crank up the amp and get distortion, and then control the volume that goes to the speaker.
  20. Only 2 prongs!! I would get a new amp.
  21. Geez, and all of a sudden you just decided to order a bunch of guitars?
  22. Cool, congrats. Any hint as to what the other 4 are?
  23. Okay, gotcha. I don't know a lot about these models.
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