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  1. My pedal board is a revolving door. Here is what it looks like as of today. I just picked up the Ibanez Prime Dual Chorus (It's an analog dual pedal - Chorus/Flanger Very warm sounding) R to L Behringer Volume/Expression pedal, Bheringer tuner, MXR Micro amp, Crybaby 535Q, Boss GE7, Blackstar real tube distortion, DOD Phasor 401, (my first pedal, bought in 1979), Ibanez Prime Dual Chorus, DOD Vibrothang, Boss DD2 delay. For smaller gigs I just use a Line 6 POD
  2. Always happy to show off my Elitist. Elitist LP Studio with a few cosmetic upgrades.
  3. My Epi SG Jr. Love this simple little guitar. The P 90 roars like a lion through a tube amp.
  4. Take a friend with you who is an older, more experienced player for an objective opinion. Go back to the store and play them with your eyes closed. Try all the pickup combinations and play it through an amp that is as close as possible to the amp you own. If you own a Line6 or a Behringer amp and you try out the guitars through an Engl you are really not getting an true idea of how your guitar will sound through your rig. If they will let you, bring your amp with you and use it. Looks are important but if you are going to make a long term commitment to a guitar, you have to be able
  5. One other thought is that you can find Gibby pickups that people remove in favor of "upgrades" for sale on eBay, Craigslist and other classified ads. If you are willing to be patient and diligent you can always find a good deal. I never buy "new" anything except strings and picks.
  6. SS101, I sent you a PM with the info of the best luthier in our area. These guys can give you an accurate quote. They have done alot of work for me and I have seen their restoration work on vintage instruments. Check it out.
  7. Very nice! I had a near miss with the black on black flamed version of that guitar a few years back. I decided to wait a day, went back and of course it was gone! Your guitar reminds me of the Kenny Wayne Shepherd tune "Blue On Black" Keep Rockin ef
  8. Hey Man! Are you on Facebook? Not sure if this link will work but this is the event next Friday. The name of my band is Lucky Buster. You can find us on Facebook if you search for that.


    BTW, my friend's band, Merseyside, is playing a John Lennon gig tonight @ 7 @...

  9. Crossville is not the middle of nowhere (that would be Jackson County). It's good to see some other middle TN Epi fans on here. So...Supersonic and HungryCat you guys are actually close enough for me to invite you to come out and hear my band next weekend. Outdoor gig, no cover, PM me if you are interested. I'll be playing my Epi SG Jr. How can you say no to that?
  10. I was picking up my son at his guitar lesson and one of his fellow students had an Epi Nighthawk from the first run back in the 90's. It sounded really good and looked good. That model was a bolt on neck sunburst with gold hardware and the OBL pickup at the bridge. I really like the look of the pics of the new model in the first post. I have been put on notice that I don't "need" anymore guitars. Sounds like it's time for me to paint a bedroom or two and buy some new curtains! Maybe then I could talk her into just one more.
  11. I have seen a handful of SG's like what you are describing that were 80's era. Probably just another marketing exercise from Epi management back then. Or maybe a deliberate and obvious distinction between the Epi's and the Gibby's. Is this a new guitar or an older one? Any chance you remember the serial number from the neck plate or back of the headstock? If it has the Epiphone logo on the front of the headstock and there is no serial number anywhere on the guitar or if it is on a white paper label on the back of the headstock it is almost cetainly an 80's Epi. Pictures always
  12. If I understand correctly there is too much space in the cavity underneath the P90 compared to the space under the P100. Is that correct? It shouldn't have any affect on the sound of the guitar but the pickup might move around a bit more due to the extra space. It depends on how similar in size the two pickups are. If that is what you are referring to and you are concerned about the pickup position then you can put something underneath the pickup to stabilize it. I would suggest industrial grade open cell foam, the really dense, "spongy" kind that wants to go back to its original shape.
  13. OK I know it's not an Epi but I'm not a cork sniffer so I'm posting pics of my one and only Gibby here where my friends are. I picked it up last Saturday from the pawn shop where I have gotten 3 other great deals. I can't tell ya what I gave cause it was ridiculous. She needs strings, a neck adjust and a setup but the pickups are really great. I had a 68 special when I was much younger and have always regretted selling it.
  14. Here's my herd (or harem ) L to R: Front Row “Frankie”, a Chinese, Mexican& Japanese frankenstrat with EMG pups “Dottie”, a Cort Source 335 clone “Cherie”, a Epi CSB LP Std Vinnie”, a Epi Elitist VS Les Paul Studio (tweaked to look like a Slash LP) “Annie”, a Squier Standard Tele with upgraded pups “Junie”, a Epi SG Jr P-90 “Penny”, a Peavey Firenza USA (PRS variant set up in open "E" tuning for slide) Back Row “Emmie”, a Tokai EXD-50 Explorer “Rosie”, a mid 80's Tokai '62 reissue Fiesta red Strat “Tranny”, a Squier Standard Fat Strat (transparent Mahogany &
  15. Pohatu, Thanks for the history. I worked at Gibson briefly and remember seeing several of the unfinished "Map" guitars in a storage area piled up in the corner and forgotten about. I remember thinking the only thing I could do with one of those is hang it on the wall. Maybe Epiphone could produce one of these as a limited edition model.
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