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  1. If you go the Chinese herbal/acupuncture route try looking into some Taiji Chuan or Qi Gong classes as well. Both promote healing and circulation throughout the body and act on the same principles as acupuncture. The basic movements are fairly easy to execute and don't put a lot of stress on the joints. Not sure where you live but there are a few forms recommended by both the Australian and American Arthritis Foundations. I'd also look into diet and lifestyle changes before ingesting drugs. Some good ideas have already been menitoned. Be pro-active. Wishing you good health. N
  2. 45. Played mostly harmonica until my wife bought me an acoustic guitar ten years ago. Been playing electric for about 3 years. Starting to throw some mandolin in the mix but the cross over isn't as easy as I thought it would be. It's helped my picking though. Personally, I've seen a lot of growth in my playing but I still have a long way to go. . . Nice cross section of ages being represented here. N
  3. . . .and you are respected back for choosing tubes! I'm partial to my Peavey Classic 30. I have a Fender Blues Jr. but modded it for harp. It was very nice for the guitar though. You can get an Epi VJr. head and cab for $250 and do some modding with the leftovers. Actually, all three mentioned put you in under budget with spare change for any "customizing". And I have heard lots of good stuff about Traynors. . . Oh, just take your favorite axe and head down to GC and plat 'em all!
  4. I've spent some time talking to luthiers about this very topic and really it's not so much the ink or paper grade of the label as it is the glue with which they use to adhere it. N
  5. Kakosi, g.Vuk. Like the other's have said, same difference. Schtang, that Sheraton is gorgeous in the light of day. Now I need to go give mine a once over and clean it up a bit! N
  6. Well, if its purple, stinky, and sticky there's a good chance it's Hydroponic. If it's brown, crumbly and full of seeds its. . . Oops! I just realized you meant VOLUME pots. Now I feel kinda dumb. . .Wrong forum! N
  7. This really is a cool place to hang out and trade thoughts and info. Or just read. Kudos to all those who make it so. It's also very cool to hear and learn about all the other's experiences and stories here. It really makes for a more communal atmosphere. It's a shame some of the posts that aren't more Epi specific get the axe. Those are a lot more interesting then the one's concerning which tuners/pick-ups/strings to swap out. N
  8. Probably a '63 Elitist Dot or a '57 Elitist LP Gold Top.
  9. John Mayall a couple weeks back. Buddy Whittington was playing a red Tele. Good show but the sound guy had trouble finding the right mix bwtn John's harp and vocals. Mayall's voice wasn't the greatest but he's in great shape and put on a good show.
  10. Well, my happy new guitar day turned into box it back up and return it. Thanks UPS. My faded LP double cut came with a nice bonk on the upper edge of the lower bout. Victim of one of those 7ft drops no doubt. It plays fine and those p-90's are sweet but if there's going to be a scar in my guitar I want it to be by my own hand. Damn. I've been waiting awhile for that thing and now I have to wait some more. N
  11. My 2005 Sheraton. First electric guitar too. Started hanging around this forum and others doing my homework. Went out looking at Dots and Artcores but came home scheming to save for a Sherry. A little more than I wanted to spend at the time but just fell in love with the neck and feel of her. Not sure why I wanted a hollowbody for my first electric. Just knew it had to be a Sheraton after I played one. . . N
  12. Be very aware of your posture as you sit and play. Chances are you are probably slumping and this creates a whole litany of problems. Once you start to tilt your head too far forward all sorts of bad things start to happen. Your head is like a big bowling ball on the top of your shoulders. Try to keep your ears aligned with your shoulders and your shoulders aligned with your hips. When you do this you keep your middle or "core" engaged. Lots of times back problems are related to "front" problems. TWANG has the right idea by suggesting exercise. Sit ups, yoga and back extentions are great f
  13. I picked up a GBME dual hummer "LP" for $60 a couple weeks ago to have around for my students to play. It really ain't all bad. I put a new set of strings on it and gave it a few tweeks here and there and it's a very playable, cheap guitar. In fact, the guy who plays lead guitar with my aging rocker band picked it up and wailed our last song of the night on it after he popped a string. We were close to the pumpkin hour and he didn't want to waste any time stringing up so he just grabbed the GBME and dug in. Did it have the same tone of his Gibon LP? Ah, no. But it certainly worked in a pin
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