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  1. I modded a V jr once. Put a 125 DSE on it, with resisters... Not sure what I did wrong, but it had a nasty hum (apparently a grounding problem?) But I have just picked up a '67 Fender Coronado II, so I need an amp again, lol. The Blues Junior looks like a pretty sweet deal. It seems like i could get lucky and get one around 350$. The advantage would be that has EQ, Gain and Master volume knobs, reverb, and standby already built in.
  2. I guess they deleted everything with the new forum. I had a thread up asking for help with my Valve Jr. All I have done is replaced the Output Transformer with a Hammond 125DSE, and maybe 6 resistors or so. Its had a wicked hum ever since I did it, even though it does have more punch. The hum goes away when i turn the tone pot all the way off on my guitar. I've tried two different guitars and plugged the amp into different houses. The circuit board is a new black one. When i touch anything metal on the guitar, or the amp (like mounting screws on top), the hum changes. I've tried re soldering a
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