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  1. I have a Tribute Plus with amazing inlays.. an old friend came over the other day and played it, and was commenting on how three-dimensional they looked. I never pay attention to those, they are just markers when I'm too drunk to find where I am.
  2. I really like the neck on my tribute plus. It's asymmetrical and changes as you move down towards the body of the guitar. After playing that guitar for weeks and then switching to another, it takes time to get used to it. My vote is tribute plus for sound/looks/build quality.
  3. I just picked up the green twin overdrive pedal from GFS about two weeks ago, and I love it. I am very happy with the sound. Played my first live show with it last night, and it sounded mean! I've actually quit using the drive channel of my Blackstar Club 40 and just using the two channels on the pedal for my overdrive. I use a Pod HD500 in 4 cable method for my other effects, but my overdrive comes straight outta that big green box. 10/10 from me.
  4. LP-100 is better than LP Special, but not up to Studio level. G400 is good if you like that style guitar. I personally traded my G400 for another LP, and I still have my LP100. It's apples and oranges. If you get a good one, it's great. Maybe I had a really crappy G400, but it just didn't sound right to me. All treble and none of that "meat" that an LP brings. Tone is subjective, quality of build is not. What are you truly after?
  5. There's a few different types of necks I've seen on Epis.. The fattest one I've played is on a Faded SG. If they have one in your local shop, try it out, because it would be worst-case scenario neck size. An LP-100 has the middle-sized neck, what I consider average, and then there's the thin, flat necks that are called something completely different. Ultra III's have this style, and the Tribute Plus does too. I can't comment on any other guitars that have this style as I don't have any experience with any others. Hopefully this will help you find different styles to try and see what's comfortable. Happy Hunting!
  6. You understand correctly. It is not a "coil split" on the Tribute Plus. It is a series/parallel switch. Thinner sound, but no hum. I actually really like the sound, and the volume drop is roughly the same as a split. It actually told you this right on the little tag that was fastened around the tone pots too if yours came brand new. If you're like me though, you tore those suckers off as soon as possible, same with the stickers over the pickups.
  7. I have a Tribute Plus in Black Cherry, and I haven't sussed out the serial number yet. It's stamped into the headstock instead of silkscreened, so it's harder to read. Especially when you are always playing it..
  8. Picked up my Tribute Plus today. I'll post pics and update info after I've played it a bit. Hard to put it down to take time to do that other stuff, it's too damn nice to play. Don't regret dumping that POS Ultra III at all.
  9. Sounds like someone messed with the guitar that didn't know what they were doing. Should never be like that. Tell the store it's broken and ask for a discount! ;)
  10. Tribute Plus. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
  11. Just picked up my Black Cherry Tribute Plus today from Guitar Center in Beaverton Oregon. $510 out the door. Plays great. My first guitar with the asymmetrical neck, and I fricking LOVE it. Pickups are perfect. Finish is flawless and tone to die for. Best LP for the price by far.
  12. I'm seriously GASsing waiting for mine to arrive. Returned my POS Ultra III and ordered the tribute instead. MF says it ships by 4-6. We'll see. I've seen nothing but stellar reviews, and it's killing me waiting. I'll give you the lowdown when mine arrives too.
  13. Guitar has been shipped back. Decided to get Epi LP Tribute Plus instead in Vintage Sunburst. Already have another guitar with hotter pickups, so no need to double up. Plus the pickup combo along with the other features seemed like a good fit for what I intend to use it for. Backordered, of course, so the waiting game begins! Also, when I started this thread, there were 8 used at musiciansfriend.com and now they are up to 11. Never seen such a high number of returns.
  14. It's pretty telling that there are serious issues when there's already 8 of them in "used" at musiciansfriend.com. I'm sure Epiphone will eventually fix the problem, but leaving them on the market in their current condition and hoping folks don't mind seems like a poor practice. My first Epi disappointment. Just thought I'd mention it since I've seen so many threads on different forums about it to hopefully bring it to light a little more and get Epiphone to address their manufacturing issues.
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