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  1. Congratulations on the J-15, they are fabulous guitars, a classic for the future. I use Dr Duck's Ax Wax on my Walnut fretboard and bridge, sparingly mind. And I use Dunlop 65 polish for the guitar, not had any problems. The only concern for potential owners of this model appears to be whether the Walnut fretboard will stand up to regular use, in comparison to Rosewood or Ebony. I've had mine almost four months now, and played it at length every day. There is barely a sign of wear, in fact I've seen Rosewood wear faster than this. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine, and welcome to the forum. Steve.
  2. Until 92 the J100 had Maple back and sides, with a belly up bridge and teardrop pickguard. Steve Earle famously played one on Guitar Town. In 93 they switched to Mahogany B&S, added the moustache bridge and J200 style pickguard and re-branded the model as the J-100 Xtra (some labelled XT). In 95/6 some J100 Xtra's did indeed have Rosewood B&S, but most remained Mahogany until 99, when maple came back in again, followed by Bubinga in 2005/6.
  3. I don't like the feel of coated strings, and my Gibson J-15 has D'addario EJ-16s (12 gauge) on it. I like the tone of those.
  4. I think they are all great, there were even a few with Rosewood back and sides in 1995. I personally own a 94 with Mahogany, had it 10 years now, and love it. It has seen off two J-200s😁
  5. Lovely looking J-200 Zombiewoof. Is she laminated back and sides, not that it matters?
  6. Good to be back Red. Don't know why I've been away so long.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that the new USA Texan has the same bridge shape and placement as the original issue (2009) Inspired by 64 Texan? The rest of the guitar looks pre 63, what with the headstock shape and soundhole ring https://www.andertons.co.uk/epiphone-texan-usa-in-vintage-sunburst
  8. I like the look of both this and the Excellente model. Can't wait to try them both out😁
  9. Thanks bobouz, hadn't meant to be away for so long.
  10. It's a J100xtra from 93. Prior the 93 there was a J100 with the plain maple/English Sycamore back and sides, belly up bridge and teardrop Pickguard. For 93 they redesigned the J100 to make it look closer to the J200, this they did by adding the moustache bridge, and large plain J200 pickguard. The back and sides changed to Mahogany, and the designation to J100xtra. The 93 into very early 94 guitars have the script Gibson logo and "only a Gibson is good enough" line. This changed in 94 to the normal Gibson logo, and angular pineapple in gold silkscreen. Most 94s got the big centennial label too. I have a 94 and a close friend has a 93, which has all the features the posters guitar has. Steve.
  11. Didn't the 72-75 Gibson J-100 reissue's have Cedar tops? I have three acoustic guitars with Cedar soundboards, A Daion 78 Heritage, a Daion 82 Jumbo, and a recently acquired Stanford PSOM-10 cutaway. I like the all.
  12. I'm pretty certain it is more or less an "Inspired by 64 Texan" with Schaller type tuners and signature on the back of the headstock. Steve.
  13. Totally agree with both of you. I've played a few IB_64 Texans from most production years that are nothing to write home about, but there is the odd gem out there too. On the specs front, there is no mention of what the bridge is made of, but I am pretty certain that on on both the 09 and 2015, the bridge is made of Walnut. I am toying with the idea of tapering the braces of my IB, along the lines of my old 62. But having said that, it does sound rather good as is. Steve.
  14. I really like this 2015 version that I have. The wood used for the back and sides has nicer figuring, and there appears to be better attention to detail in the construction, compared to my son's 09. That one even has a back seam that is noticeably off centre! As I mentioned earlier I used to own an original 62 and a 2004 McCartney elitist(the comparison video is still on YouTube). The 62 had a very deep low E string, but the high end was raggedy, that particular 04 Macca was hand on heart the worst acoustic I have yet owned! It was impeccably built, weighed only 3lb 8oz, promised so much, but just sounded brash, no matter what I did to it. I will say that this 2015 IB is voiced a little more in the Martin camp, but it does capture to a certain degree that long scale twang and sprang that many 60s Texans have, which Norm Harris (Normans rare guitars) describes as "That plucky magic twanger" tone. I like the little details, like the Epiphone E appearing to be set into the actual pickguard a little, so you can't knock it off!(It might just be thinner). I like it that the neck looks and feels very much like the 62, without that Rosewood fretboard binding that the early IBs have. I like the bridge looking correct and being placed correctly, but I don't like the black stain to make it look like a 63/4 plastic bridge! And I didn't like how the white plastic bridge pins sat so low in the bridge, that you had to push them out from underneath! My replacement Rosewood ones fit perfectly. At the end of the day it is a budget guitar, and there are some gems amongst them, as well as others that are totally underwhelming, you just have to try a few first. I am very impressed with mine, and even more so for £140. My son is equally happy with the 09. I took a load of photos, but don't know how to get them on now, what with photobucket no longer being an option. Steve.
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