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  1. I see what your trying to do, but a wildkat is not the guitar to do it on. If you wanted to do this right, may I suggest a sheraton or dot instead. You could drop a dirty fingers( Think Tom Delonge) into either of these guitars and your feedback will be less that what you would get with the wildkat. If you have your heart set on the wildkat, I would suggest going through the Seymour Duncan catalog to find a set of VERY hot P90 replacements. Here is another idea: TV Jones makes a P90 replacement pickup that is just the thing that you can use for "punk" style playing. Since it sounds like your not really looking for "thrash metal" sounds from a wildkat, that this would be the sound that your looking for. The TV Jones's sound GREAT through a driven amp for that style of sound.
  2. How many times are you winding the string around the tuners? If you don't do enough wraps around the tuner peg, the string may slip. Try using sandpaper on the post where the string wraps arounf to roughen up the surface to give the string more abrasion so it won't slip. Have ypou tried any of the aftermarket silicone treatments on the nut? Use graphite or a "nut sauce" to allow the free travel over the nut. Also, make sure the cutout's on the nut allow the free travel of the string back and forth. What do the saddles on the bridge look like? Are they smooth or rough? Use the same remedy for the bridge that you use on the nut. Make sure that the string can travel over the bridge with minimal griding if you have a tremolo. The string anchors at the tailpiece, so that can't be the problem.
  3. Can I have that anchor? I need something to hold my boat in place in the ocean!
  4. paruwi6172 is correct. Ok guys, follow me here: It is NOT a Les Paul CUSTOM -- It's a CUSTOM Les paul. More along the lines of a Prophecy Les Paul build. A Les Paul CUSTOM is MUCH different than this guitar. (Headstock inlay, fret inlay,maple bookmatached top, special burst colors, etc...) This guitar was a limited run that Epiphone does for retailers. They have different ones for Sam Ash, Guitar Center ,Musicians Friend, ETC...... You see them advertised all the time.
  5. Was the pot loose? 1.) If so, you may have rotated the pot to the point where a wire either came loose, or is touching another contact. Carefully loosen the nut holding the pot a couple of turns and spin the knob. If the crackling stops, then tighten the nut holding the pot. 2.) If not, then you might need to re-solder one of the wires connecting to the pot. 3.) Or, it could be the pot itself, but usually that type of problem happens over a period of time. [angry] My diagnosis is probably a loose wire or pot though.
  6. Looks great. Good job. I have an Epi LP studio I did something similar with. Yours looks cool w/ the single coil.
  7. It look's like the seller removed all references to Kalamazoo on his ad. And, yes, the last picture clearly says "Made in Japan".
  8. Wow, that is nice. SVET's gotta see this. The bad part is that he is limiting the potential customers by not offering shipping. This guitar would be worth some decent money to a collector in the US.
  9. Epi's are really well made guitars. The eletronics and PU's SUCK, but the guitars themselves are actually very good. I have been saying this for years. If you rip out the electronics and replace them with quality stuff, you will have a guitar that will be ALMOST the equal of a REGULAR Gibson production model.
  10. I have a set of Phats in one of my LP's. They are ok sounding. Not great in my opinion. IMHO, If money is no object, a set of 57 classics. If you want MORE crunch, use a 57 classic plus in the bridge and a 57 classic on the neck. I have a set of 57's in my sheraton and they sound AWESOME.
  11. Just reading this thread makes me want to go home and PU my sherry for old times sake and play it. It was one of my first guitars. I still own it, but I've moved on to other "axes". I think when I go home I will play it again!.
  12. OK, let's look at this one at a time. 1.) You didn't need to cut an opening in the guitar when you could have done this throught the pickup cutout.. But since you've already cut out the hole, I'm sure your going to finish it nicely. 2.) Since the guitar is black, that means ALOT of enamel paint. And that means alot of primer and sealer. MUCH more than on a "Natural" finish. 3.) A stated above, considering that this is a black guitar, the primer and sealer coats when cut with a "high-speed" tool will resemble layers of wood, when in fact they are coats of primer and sealer. The heat from the tool will "elongate" the layers of primer and sealer making them look thicker that they actually are. the only way to tell what your looking at is to remove the coatings from the top down. (remove the polyurethane,enamel,primer,sealer, etc...) 4.) The pourous looking layer IS plywood. It is NOT particle board. If it was, you would have a pretty ragged hole when you cut into this guitar. You made no mention of this, so I assume that this did not happen. (That means it's plywood, not particle board). As Jetty stated, if you look into the f hole, what do you see? Wood grain, right? Do you think that is an "inner" veneer cap? It's NOT!
  13. Non-Potted cheap pickups. I have Burstbucker pros on my 6 string side and it does not squeal too much, except when very close to the amp. I put 490r and 490t on the 12 side and it sounds sweet! The 6 side really can drive an amp when cranked.
  14. It's not THAT cheap a copy!!!!! :) :D :P :P :)
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