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  1. You are right Mr. Matiac, but it takes a while. Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Dave Brubeck are my favs now, but not back then. Stan. See you at EPIWIKI.
  2. 90 Percent of kids WILL NEVER LIKE the music their parents and grandparents like. It's just that simple. Stan.
  3. Do yourself a favor rockstar and sign up for a MUSICIANS FRIEND catolog. Stan. Epiwiki rules.
  4. Looks good Duane, but if i remember the 70s SGs did not tilt the bridge like that. Stan.
  5. If it's like my 58 V, it's a foil sticker that can not be reused once you peel it off. Stan.
  6. You know Mr. Smith, what if i put a pic of Pres. Obama up like that for my Avatar. would you think that was funny? Stan.
  7. I've got a 98 Korina V and love it, BUT theres about as much Korina wood on it as there is flamed Maple on a Epi Les Paul .Two thin sheets on both sides with who knows what kind of wood in the middle. We've gone over this in the past on EPIWIKI.COM and i'm sorry to say it's true. Still a fun guitar but not 100% Korina by any means. Stan.
  8. My Iguana burst and i are hanging out at EPIWIKI...Stan.
  9. Hey Scott, Come over to Epiwiki, sign in and introduce yourself and we'll hook up. Stan.
  10. Come on over to EPIWIKI.COM and we'll compare "Iguana bursts"!!Stan.
  11. Although I did once get Mr. Nelson to admit that an 800$ Epi is probably a better guitar then an 800$ Gibson. I'm ducking now8-[ . Stan.
  12. The second one has sides on it to keep the six saddles from moving. It looks like the PRS trem. I'd go with that one. Stan.
  13. Your not going to like my V Mr. V, when you learn it's a MIK Gibsonized Epi 58 V reissue. Stan.
  14. Ya Rorys song" in your town"is a great slide song. Stan.
  15. No guitars were injured in the making of that photo. I made it as a cover photo for a home made CD i recorded called "13 reasons"not available at fine stores anywhere. Stan.
  16. Lets hold hands and sing kumbiaya. Stan.
  17. Sure Mr. Wrighty, Nothing real pricey but all very playable and fun guitars. Heres 13 of my 16 daily players, with my unique storage method,. Stan.
  18. I've got a custom(see avatar) and really like but alot of guys dig their G400s, Can lose either way. Binding and big fret markers and of course, one more PU on the custom. Stan.
  19. Ya Gibson/ Epis not real big on backing finish problems, but if its a crack in the wood you mite have a case, worth a shot. Stan.
  20. Hey JEPI welcome back!! Hope things are good, we've missed you here. Stan.
  21. Duane Allman Brought it to a whole new level, and has never been bypassed. Stan.
  22. I'm sure theres no gay hockey players8-[ Stan.
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