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  1. Thanks OGP ! It does have a pretty small neck profile but that is one thing I love about it. I've tried to get this guitar off of my buddy for several years and he finally caved, and I think I got a darn good deal on it too at $200; I think I have saw them go for twice that amount on Ebay.
  2. Just wanted to share my NGD that i had recently. Here is a SQ180 that I recently picked up from a buddy of mine. It has a factory installed pup and sounds GREAT thru my amp !
  3. Its all up to the individual. I generally change my electrics every 1 1/2 - 2 months and my acoustics a bit sooner.
  4. Tried your PM but it was full.

    I just want to thank you for your response to the Terrible News thread, it's appreciated enormously, it means a great deal to me and to many others I'm sure. Greg was an extraordinary individual and will be sorely missed by us all.

    Many, many thanks ...


  5. The local joint here has recently acquired 2 339 Pros. I have played them both and wasn't impressed with the workmanship; sloppy fretwork, badly cut nuts, and just overall below average workmanship. I was so unimpressed that I didn't bother running either thru a amp. That being said, some guys are happy with theirs so I would suggest not ordering online and playing before you buy.
  6. Thanks guys ! Now if I can find something to occupy myself for a few months !
  7. I don't normally post NGD threads before actually having the guitar but I am so stoked about this one that I couldn't wait. I placed my order this morning; now the long wait begins. I'll post photos of her when she arrives, until then, here is the link. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-EPI-ENAF-LIST
  8. Oh man; thats a sweet looking Goldtop. Due to the serial number it is a Korean model. Pretty much the same specs as a Standard model but with a Goldtop finish. There are some fine examples of Korean models out there as well as some that are not. I just picked up a '89 model that is pretty sweet but also recently passed on a early 90s model. The Chinese models being built today are getting much better, especially the higher end models. With the upgraded pickups I would give this one a go if the price is right.
  9. Beautiful trio ! I love the korina line and would be interested in a korina Lester myself.
  10. Wow; theres some guys here that I never knew were from Canada. Neil Young ? Really ? Are you sure he wasn't born in the midwestern states and moved to Canada to avoid the draft ?
  11. I tend to think that $1500- $2000 is alot of dough to spend on a amp just for practice and playing at home. There are alot of very affordable options out there these days. As another poster suggested, you could always look into hybrids. I owned a Fender Super Champ XD that was a great little amp for knocking around with. It has been the only amp I've ever found that could go from sparkling Fender cleans to Mesa type gain at the turn of a knob. What are your playing styles ? That is another consideration. Will you be recording ? If so, I would stick with all tube but if not I would explore
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