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  1. There is a Tavern in the Towm" - Rudy Vallee My Town My Guy And Me - Lesley Gore
  2. What a great post. I have to say that all the great clips show the versatile sound and range you can get out of this wonderful guitar. I have made my Coronet my main guitar for over 25 years.
  3. My SG Standard. Now in retirement. Living behind our bedroom door. I take her out maybe once every two months.
  4. I remember seeing The Corvus in Fred`s music shop. He had two and he couldn`t sell them at all.
  5. My ever faithful 1968 left-handed Gibson SG Standard.
  6. I think all these pics of LP`s without the pick guard on are stunning. Leave them off for a much sleeker look.
  7. My Gibby Les Paul came with the pick guard taken off and stashed in a plastic bag and a medicine bottle for the hardware. I put it on for about a month then removed it. I think the guitar looks cooler without it.
  8. Why the lefty strat? Same reason that I have a righty one?
  9. Wow, we guys are old. We go back a long way. I wish I could find the pics of me on stage in the 70`s, but I cant. So here`s a recent one from 4 years ago. Band re-union.
  10. I like the clip. The guitar sound is okay for me. Sounds like it`s being played thru a phase shifter.
  11. I did the same thing to my Gibson SG in the 1970`s after reading an article in Guitar Player. Gave me extra treble.
  12. My 1965 Olympic and 1965 Coronet. Paid 100 bucks for each and worth every penny!
  13. I can`t really remember how we did it..... But me and a friend made a preamp out of two old style tube radios in the late 1970`s. They both went thru a Fender Deluxe and Fender Champ. (Wish I still had them) They made those amps growl. They both broke after a while and we threw them away. Sadly my friend has passed away and I have no idea how this was done. Of course the cost of an old tube radio now would be prohibited.
  14. Though I`m not familiar with that Metallica song, I liked your tone. Can never go wrong with the mighty DiMarzio pickups.
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