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  1. There is a Tavern in the Towm" - Rudy Vallee My Town My Guy And Me - Lesley Gore
  2. What a great post. I have to say that all the great clips show the versatile sound and range you can get out of this wonderful guitar. I have made my Coronet my main guitar for over 25 years.
  3. My SG Standard. Now in retirement. Living behind our bedroom door. I take her out maybe once every two months.
  4. I remember seeing The Corvus in Fred`s music shop. He had two and he couldn`t sell them at all.
  5. My ever faithful 1968 left-handed Gibson SG Standard.
  6. I think all these pics of LP`s without the pick guard on are stunning. Leave them off for a much sleeker look.
  7. My Gibby Les Paul came with the pick guard taken off and stashed in a plastic bag and a medicine bottle for the hardware. I put it on for about a month then removed it. I think the guitar looks cooler without it.
  8. Why the lefty strat? Same reason that I have a righty one?
  9. Wow, we guys are old. We go back a long way. I wish I could find the pics of me on stage in the 70`s, but I cant. So here`s a recent one from 4 years ago. Band re-union.
  10. I like the clip. The guitar sound is okay for me. Sounds like it`s being played thru a phase shifter.
  11. I did the same thing to my Gibson SG in the 1970`s after reading an article in Guitar Player. Gave me extra treble.
  12. My 1965 Olympic and 1965 Coronet. Paid 100 bucks for each and worth every penny!
  13. I can`t really remember how we did it..... But me and a friend made a preamp out of two old style tube radios in the late 1970`s. They both went thru a Fender Deluxe and Fender Champ. (Wish I still had them) They made those amps growl. They both broke after a while and we threw them away. Sadly my friend has passed away and I have no idea how this was done. Of course the cost of an old tube radio now would be prohibited.
  14. Though I`m not familiar with that Metallica song, I liked your tone. Can never go wrong with the mighty DiMarzio pickups.
  15. As a matter of fact I have. Here is a pic of the other guitarist in my band playing one. It was 2004 and he just got it. He paid 100 bucks brand new. Sounded good with the P-90`s. A wise move.
  16. To be a correct reissue this should have mini humbuckers I believe.
  17. Every guitar I own except one has the guard on. My Gibby LP came with it off. I put it on, but then took it off. I think it looks better with it off.
  18. I`m the only one who voted for mixed random. My LP Studio uses. .07, .09, .12, .18, .24, .30. Every guitar except my Olympic and Strats have this custom gauge set I`ve been using since the 70`s. The Olympic and Strats use GHS Boomers .08-.38. I don`t break strings. But it takes a few days to break the light gauge strings in, by stretching them.
  19. I saw one once and liked the look of it. If there was a left handed model I might be tempted.
  20. I only do mods out of necessity. Bad *** bridge on Olympic. Kluson tuners on Olympic. Old ones just wore out. DiMarzio SD pick up on Gibson SG Standard for the sound. DiMarzio SD again on Coronet for the sound. And JP Player tremelo system on Coronet. Some people get so wound up in modding a guitar I don`t know why they don`t just buy a kit and re-build from the ground up. Seems they treat guitars like vintage Detroit muscle cars. Tear down to the frame and re-build everything.
  21. Can`t go wrong with a Tony Iommi. Great sound. Easy to play. Great on the eyes.
  22. Nobody will ever sign a guitar I own. You can`t play it afterward. Franz Ferdinand couldn't have signed any guitar... the Archduke got shot in 1914. But yes, I've heard of the band. Well I haven`t heard of them.
  23. If any guitar player deserves a custom model it`s Robbie. Always overlooked as a great player. But I`ll pass seeing as I already have one. And mine only cost. $199.00. Gotta take a better picture now that I got a new camera.
  24. I don`t know who Pete Doherty is, but his so called 57 Coronet is a 1963 or later that you can find on eBay semi reasonable. Is he a dead a-hole rock star? Still never heard of him.
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