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  1. Theyre making Epis in Korea again? When did that start happening? I thought all regular Epis were (sadly) Chinese these days ...?
  2. Everybody's seen this a billion times, but i still think he's bloody amazing. Andy McKee: [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  3. For the G, get yourself a wound G string instead of plain - had the same problem with my Dot, but this cured it instantly. Its a common problem, and im 90% certain it will sort you out. As for the E......hmmmmmm..................................
  4. Plus the fact that the guy is a total crank. Ive had the displeasure of dealing with him before on ebay - even the "new" stuff he sells are actually factory seconds, which he doesnt mention in his ads unless the problem is obvious from the pics. I wouldnt buy a thing from him, even if i DID have a squillion quid in the bank!
  5. Hey dude. You need to host your pic on the web- you cant link direct from your pc. We all wanna know what you bought!
  6. You certainly could complain. I know i would!
  7. I'll check out the email address and give it a go too. Here's my headstock for forum study in the meantime!
  8. Dont mind at all - in fact, thatd be amazing of you!
  9. The guitar dater project isnt reliable - why dont epiphone have their own section for serials? I know it doesnt actually matter when my dot was made, but out of curiosity, Id like to know for sure!
  10. My peerless dot also has a weird serial - R012C2391. Its definitely legit though, but doesnt fit any of the coding for regualr epis as it has too many figures. Maybe peerless just like to make up their own rules occasionally!
  11. I remember the vid. Be good to hear these pups in comparison, if you get time.
  12. Weird...... Ive used D'add 11s for, must be 10 or 12 years now (admittedly on my acoustic - i dont rate their electric strings for either longevity nor tone), but had never had a problem like that. Maybe its time to upgrade your fingers?(!)
  13. As has already been mentioned, Dots have chunkier necks that will probably cure what ails ya.
  14. The only GOOD mini guitar ive ever come across is the Yamaha Guitalele. Its a guitar the size of a tenor ukulele. Is it a "proper" instrument? Judge for yourself I cant play it as well as this guy, but if youre going to make a mini guitar, do it properly like the guitalele.
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