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  1. I had a 60's Casino for a few years which was very nice guitar, but I never really liked the action on it and eventually sold it. I picked up a Korean Casino a few years ago which was a decent guitar once the wiring and input jack were replaced, but I sold it to get an Elitist, and it is a beautiful guitar. I don't think I'd ever sell this one. It's finished nicer than my Gibson ES135 which came with a plastic nut that cracked and a selector switch that had to be replaced after a year. The Casino is light and very nice sounding acoustically. The only change I made was to put on a black pickguard and speed knobs.
  2. Very nice looking guitar. As far as the hole is concerned, I just put a Vibrato unit on an orange Wilshire, and filled the stop tailpiece holes with 1/2' doweling, topped with a little plastic wood. Then I just coloured the tops with an orange marker I got from an Art supply store. Afterwards I touched up the top with some lacquer. It blends pretty well and is not very noticeable. You should be able to find a blue that's close, and blend it in. I had to touch the orange marker with a little bit off a brown one to get the best match. Good luck with whatever you try.
  3. I've had to do this on several Casinos, and I found you can buy an extendable rod with a magnet on the end at most hardware stores. Just put it through the jack hole and pull it up.
  4. Go to Stewart-McDonald web site. They show detailed drawings of most tuners with all the measurments you'll need to compare. Just find the tuner you want and click on the 'spec' tab.
  5. I recentley got an Elitist Casino from Sweetwater, and it's a beautifully finished guitar. I had some rservations about ordering sight unseen, but other than a bit of a wait till it came in, there were no problems. The fit and finish are flawless, and the set up was good. I don't know about the IBJL Casnos, but I do also own a 1997 Peerless Casino and used to own an original single pick up Kalamazoo one, and the Elitist is the nicest by far. I've been playing the Peerless and the Elitist side by side and find the Elitist sounds better plugged or unplugged. I sympathize with you about your Gibson purchase. I had an ES135 for a while, but had to replace the switch early on, and overall it wasn't finished as nicely as the Casino. Good luck what ever you decide.
  6. I just heard from Sweetwater yesterday that the Sunburst Elitist Casino I ordered is in and is being shipped. They told me when I first ordered that I could probably get a natural sooner, but I decided to wait on the SB. Hopefully it'll be an improvement over my Korean Peerless Casino that I use now.
  7. I've been using a 1997 Peerless Korean Casino for slide on stage for 2 years now. Before that I tried a Gibson ES135 and a Strat, but the Casino is my favourite. There's something about that P90 sound that lends itself to Blues. I raised the action a bit, strung it with 12's and an unwound G, and it's still great for rhythm work. Our lead guitarist liked the sound of the Casino so well, that he bought one and uses it for part of the night along with his main guitar, a Gibson Firebird Studio. Hope you have as much fun with yours.
  8. I think that it's probably correct that Epiphone was more available in England. You just have to to look at the number of British Invasion bands using Rivoli basses and Casinos. I know in Canada in the 60's you usually couldn't get Gibson and Epiphone in the same cities. Also, guitar knowledge wasn't what it is today. Most people did't know there was much difference between a Gibson 330 and a 335.
  9. I just ordered an Elitist Casino from Sweetwater on the net. They don't have a firm delivery date, but there are still shipments coming in from Japan. I think they are the only Elitist models still made. I have a 1997 Peerless Korean model, but always wanted an Elitist.
  10. I play slide in a local blues band, and have tried a few diferent guitars. I started with an Epi Les Paul, then moved on to a Gibson ES135 (which had some quality control issues). I sold the Gibson and used a Strat for a couple of years, but now I'm back with an Korean Epi Casino, and like it better than any of the others. The action is raised and it's strung with medium gauge strings (12s with a plain G) and I keep it tuned in Open D for all but a couple of songs in Open G. The tone of the P90s and the hollow body is something unique to the Casino, not to mention it's light weight body make it the most comfortable guitar I've used.
  11. This just popped up on Craig's list in Vancouver. I know there are people out there who really want one of these. $700 doesn't seem too out of line. Hope the link works. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/msg/715363166.html
  12. I replaced the input jack on my Casino, and it came out through the lower F hole pretty easily. Make sure when you buy a new jack that you get the longer type, 3/8" instead of the more common 1/4" one. This will give you more threads to grip the jack by when you reseat it.
  13. As you can see from my avatar that Brian jones also used a Casino for slide work in the mid sixties.
  14. I've got a Dot and a Casino and found the input jack to be the weakest part. The pickups aren't that bad, especially the P90s on the Casino. I was going to change them, but after getting feedback from other guitarists, I'm leaving them on.
  15. Anybody know whether it's possible to just fish the input jack out of a Casino without having to remove the pots?
  16. I've tried a lot of different ones, but found the Shubb to be best overall.
  17. I had a Gibson ES135 with humbuckers for a couple of years. The switch was the first thing to go, and then the input jack. I sold it, and now I use a Casino and a Jimmie Vaughn strat.
  18. I picked up a 96 Korean Casino off of Craigs list and I really love it. It's pushed my Jimmy Vaughn Strat into second place on stage. As far as changes, the input jack was causing problems, so I replaced it. While I had the harness out (that was fun), I also upgraded the pots and switch. I also replaced the tuners with some Gibson keystone tuners I had which look very cool, and put on a Frequensator tailpiece I got on line from Allparts (It was quite simple to switch the tailpece). I'm still debating whether to change the pickups. The stock ones sound pretty good, and I'm not sure I can improve on the sound, but if I do I'll probably look at Kent Armstrong or Gibson P90s.
  19. I bought a Gotoh bridge like the one you have. I didn't need to remove the saddles, but I did ask at my local music store how you got the locking nuts off. The guy on duty said he thought they were held in place by something like Locktite or laquer. He said their tech used some type of solvent to free them. The tech wasn't there at the time though to confirm this. You might try contacting Gotoh or their distributor for more information.
  20. I replaced my stock Casino bridge with a Gotoh model GE103B for $35.
  21. I've dealt with both large box outlets and small stores in my area and agree that it's important to support the small enterprises as much as possible. However, I have had good experiences with our local big box store (L&MQ). If you go into these stores on a regular basis you get to which of the staff are really interested in helping you. After that, look for those sales people whenever you're shopping for something. I've found they're usually pretty objective about the stock they carry. Sometimes the small stores are more motivated to sell what they've got on hand.
  22. The long and short sides of the frequensator can be interchanged. They just hook onto the tail section. You may have to drill a small srew hole ot two if the holes in the end piece don't line up. It's very easy though. I haven't got a pic of my Casino yet, but I'm very happy with the look. Just played out with it at local blues club last night, and it makes a nice change from my Strat.
  23. I've been playing slide for about ten years now, and I'd suggest that you raise your action and put on heavier gauge strings. D'Addario EXL 145s (.12-.054) work pretty well for me. I'd suggest you use your little finger as it makes it easier to play chords . Don't forget to use your ring finger to damp the strings behind the slide. I use a Strat for most gigs, but just recently bought a Casino and I've set it up as well. The P90s sound great for slide. You'll find it easier to start on a flatter fretboard like the Epis have. Your local library can be a good source for instruction videos or DVDs on beginning slide. Good luck.
  24. I just put a frequensator on my Casino and didn't run into any problems. Should be the same for your Joe Pass.
  25. !966 Gibson ES335 Sunburst 196os Epiphone Texan Sunburst 1960s Epiphone Casino Sunburst single pickup At the time none of these was particularly rare or valuable. The 335 was $390 Canadian new. The Texan was $190 new, and the Casino was $200 used in the late 70s. After that I went acoustic Guild and Martin) for years and nnow I'm back with a Strat, a Dot and a Casino. If I knew then what I know now!
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