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  1. Hi - I played one yesterday at a local GC. Looks and feels like a down-sized jumbo. The neck was small, comfortable and easy; action was nice and low. The sound was less than I expected/preferred, doesn't have the presence as say a DR500MCE. I prefer the DR500MCE. Also the styling - it stands out, not for me. Regards,
  2. Hi - Discontinued in 1979 I believe, reintroduced in 1991, then discontinued again in 1997 (correct?) Noted about your recommendation. For the price point and the few times I use it, the Epi' get's it done. Regards
  3. Zombywoof - that nails it perfectly. Wasn't the J160E discontinued after the Beatles break-up due to diminished sales? George started using a J-200, McCartney used a Martin. Thereafter, musicians used everything but the J160E - it's a horrible sounding acoustic guitar, in my opinion. I compromised and bought the Epiphone version (used), added the proper nickle flats, for the few times I want that "Beatle-sound". Regards,
  4. Hi - I have a EJ 160 E. Had it strung with Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flats, .10 - .0465 to replicate that early Beatle vibe. It's close enough for my needs. Why the nickel composition? The flats used by the Beatles and others were nickel; chrome is the American substitute which some will say have a different sound. Enjoy your new guitar. Regards,
  5. Given Mr. Fox's professional credentials, he should have used appropriate and responsible commentary to your inquiry rather than his caustic choice of words. I commend your attitude however. With respect to Mr. Fox, "what goes around comes around" must apply, too: Fox Guitar Review
  6. Greetings Tiberius - Both of my parents were Russian, I was born in the US. However, I remain spiritually attached to your country. You have a unique situation - no "local" dealers to visit and play a Masterbilt. Yes, you can buy one, DR-500MCE,(perhaps Great Britian???) with some high degree of confidence that it will meet your needs, but with the expectation that it may need a set-up by a qualified guitar luthier and some decent strings if the store that you buy it from will not do the set-up before they ship it to you. Good luck and I hope you'll let us know what you do, and the results, Regards
  7. Hi - This fellow was trying to sell his Masterbilts on the Gibson site recently. I and another member asked him for some information and to post some pics - he never responded, nor posted the pics. He claimed to have replaced the electronics in both guitars - I wanted some pics to view exactly what he did and the results. Regards,
  8. Hi - Here's my thoughts, others can certainly add more - The DR has a narrower neck, 1.68, than the EF, 1.75 (both measured at the nut), and is identical to your that of your AJ. The EF, as Euchre pointed out, is more suited to finger-style play. The DR top is solid sitka spruce, the EF is cedar. Your AJ has a solid sitka spruce top. Cedar will, in general, sound "more mellow" than sitka spruce, "less bright". Both are obviously cut-away design. The DR is a dreadnought style; it seems Epiphone is unclear if the EF is a jumbo or dreadnought, or a hybrid/variation of both styles. I own a DR500M, purchased in 2007. It's a gem. Added a pick-up. Purchased a floor-model Fender Acoustasonicâ„¢ 100 Combo amp, way more than I need but the price was right. I've had my eye on the DR-500MCE for some time. Hope this helps, Regards,
  9. Hi diverden - Thanks for the reply and info. I just discovered a related topic in the Gibson Acoustic Forum - having a wealth of information about bridge pin, saddle and nut upgrades. Your reference to Bob Colosi was cited several times. Regards,
  10. Hi - Masterbilt DR500M - I've decided to replace the original plastic pins - anyone know the size of the bridge pins? Seems the supplier's/seller's want a size when you place an order. Thanks in advance for any information/recommendations. Regards,
  11. Hi - Nice rescue. I use these "extra lights" on my 12-string (not an Epihone): Martin MSP4600 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings. Regards,
  12. Hi I have a DR500M, purchased new in 2007. Added a K&K Western Mini. It's a gem. Regards,
  13. Hi - Can you provide the following additional information: 1. What do you hear now? 2. What do you want to hear (can you give an artist or song example)? 3. Exactly what strings have you tried? Regards,
  14. Hi - In the "old" forum, there was a detailed review by someone who actually did that to their Masterbilt (I believe a DR500M), complete with before/after pictures. I do not know how run a search for that topic in the "old" forum archives - assistance please? Regards,
  15. Hi - The Epiphone "Peace" Model is stunning. Reading the eBay description, I'm very tempted to do the same to mine now, noting however, Red's comments.
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