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  1. When you say fade out, does the amp go dead...no pilot light? Does the sound distort at all? I'm not familiar with your amp. I've serviced a lot of amps over the years. Let me know exactly what is happening and I'll try and help you.
  2. Nice Playing. I'm so used to visiting music stores only to be assaulted by kids wailing away above the 12th frett. I play mine through either a Blues Junior or a Blues Deluxe. I've used it on rock, jazz, blues and big band gigs. It will feedback if you are not careful.
  3. I bought an Epiphone LP Standard about a year ago. It sounded great in the store. When I got it home, I noticed that the bridge pickup was much louder than the neck. I turned the amp down an turned up the guitar volume controls to max and compared the volume. The bridge pickup was much louder. Adjusting the pickup height made some but not very much difference. I took the guitar back to the store and compared it to an Ultra I. The pickups were balanced. The shop owner confirmed that there was a problem with the Standard. I went home with the Ultra and have been pleased with it ever since. It is possible that you can get a malfunctioning pickup. Maybe the person winding it had a bad day.
  4. If the unit is available from a local music store, they might be willing to try installing it. I'm looking at installing a Bigsby on my Epiphone 56 Goldtop Reissue. The one you are looking at would probably work. It looks like new posts would have to be installed to hold the assembly. You might contact the manufacturer to see what they have to say.
  5. Did you try spraying the volume pot with contact cleaner. If the pot has not been rotated for a long period of time, oxide can build up and cause intermittant sound like what you have described. The pot may have to be replaced.
  6. I adjusted the break angle to keep the strings from touching the rear of the bridge assembly. I had to do this on my Gibby LP Studio and My Gibby SG. All of my Epiphones were set up correctly. I've read a number of opinions regarding sustain. I didn't notice any difference at all with my Gibby's.
  7. Does anyone know the name of the company that built a unit that deflected the sound from the rear of an amp towards the front? The amp sat on it. There was a port out the front.
  8. Thanks We have a number of good service guys in the area so I think I will drop them off and have them set up.
  9. I've had the Goldtop for about two years and wouldn't consider getting rid of it. The P90's have a unique sound. They definitely don't sound like humbuckers.I've had guys look at it and say "Too bad it isn't a Gibson", that is until they hear it and want to try it. For $500 CDN it is a steal
  10. I have a Gibson LP Studio and a Gibson SG. Both are less than a year old ad are a pain to keep in tune. On the other hand, I have five Epiphones..56 Goldtop Reissue, Sheraton, Joe Pass, Ultra I, and Special, as well as two Fender Strats and a original 65 Telecaster. The Epiphones and Fenders have virtually no tuning issues. I install the strings on all of the instruments the same way. Back in the 70's I had a Gibson 335 and a Standard. I had the same problem back then. I got rid of both of them and am considering doing the same with my new ones. I've read a ton of stuff on string installation techniques, nut pinging, nut lube etc. The strings don't ping. I use all of the above guitars (not at the same time) on gigs. The guys at Gibson US advised me to try the old pencil lead in the nut trick. For what they charge for their guitars, you shouldn't have t depend on a pencil to keep them in tune.
  11. Got mine in 2006. It is bonde with gold hardware. The Sheraton is the most versatile guitar I own. It works for any style of music. I play it through a Blues Deluxe. It's totally original, no need for upgrades.
  12. Not sure what kind of specs you are looking for. I've had mine for about two years and really don't have any complaints. The serial number begins with a U. Not sure if that indicates China or Korea. It has Grover machine heads. As far as sound goes, that depends on what amp I am playing it through. I use it with a six piece jazz group and it fits in nicely. I used it on a light rock gig a few months ago and was suprised at how well it sounded when cranked up. Unplugged it has a nice acoustic sound. It does tend to feedback when cranked. I was thinking of putting clear tape over the f holes. Build quality seems to be very good. I've replaced the the button on the pickup selector. It is not a standard thread size. I had to silicone a new button to the switch shaft. Works fine and looks original. No problem with the electronics. This morning at a rehearsal, I noticed the first string wasn't cutting through. A small adjustment to the pickup height on the treble side fixed the problem. I bought it to use in a jazz group and that is where it it best suited.
  13. I always carry two guitars to evey gig, one with single coils (56 Gold Top with P90's, or a 65 Tele) and one with humbuckers. Even with humbuckers, you can still pick up some hum. I was doing a gig last month and I was positioned right in front of the light dimmer. My Gibson LP Studio picked up some hum. I played the same gig last week with my Sheraton. Totally quiet. I don't think all humbuckers are created equal. Whenever I sing, the guys tell I should learn to hum.
  14. I guess it is more a matter of taste. I have a very old set of Grover Imperials that I installe on an old 335. They looked out of place. My Sheraton is totally stock and sounds great. I have a Gibby Les Paul and SG. The pickups are hotter and have more focus. The Sheraton blows them out of the water looks wise.
  15. I'm looking for an acoustic/elecric for live gigs. I've seen a few people playing the Gibson version (Chet and Charlie Daniels) Anyone out there got one and if so how do you like it.
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