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  1. Do a search for the AMZ Mini Booster, you'll be glad you did, I built one and man it really gives th VJ some serious clean headroom. I would choose to build the buffered version, you can obtain a parts list from the site that you can paste into Mousers order form. Good luck.
  2. Have you tried a 5751 preamp tube. I use a Jan Phillips, and it sounds super, less gain, more clean headroom. I still use a JJ in the EL84. I'm very happy with it.
  3. Got it, removed the plug that came with the loop d and soldered direct to the pot from the loop, quiet as a mouse now. I assume you are right about the oxidation. Should be fine from now on I hope, I really like this amp, I play through a peavey windsor studio a lot and find myself going back to the Jr. it just sounds great. I may try to mod the studio soon, I'd like to achieve the bass I get from my Jr from that amp. But thats for another thread. Thanks for all the help!
  4. The loops been in for months, but what connection are you referring to? The ground connection to the chassis? I'll give it a look tonite. Thanks again guys. Also, I removed the board when I drilled the hole to avoid any mishaps.
  5. I have the loop d junior effects loop in it with a high quality pot. I think it may be a solder problem although I've built many effects pedals over the years and I think I may have done a good job, I'll check again. Its almost as if it has a ground loop issue. I'll poke around some of the resistors with my trusty chop sticks when I get home.
  6. I have a JR with the hammod dse125, did the gold mods, love the sound but now all of a sudden it's making a static sound, gets louder as I turn up the volume, retubed, still no luck, amp was quiet as a mouse for the last year or so, any thoughts as to where to start looking? It seemed to start after it sat for a month.
  7. HaHa... snapping Gomez strikes again. I was reffering to spouses, kids, etc.
  8. I agree with the resistive attenuation for low wattage amps, in thats why an L-pad will do just fine in a previous thread, some talk of sucking the tone out, well, does it really matter if your just noodling at home and don't want to bother the significant other(s). My peavey windsor studio sounds damn good at low volumes for at home practice, and small amps that are used for gigs don't usually get any attenuation, if your looking for a small change attenuator, go with an L-pad.
  9. Here ya go, the 16ohm will work fine for 8 ohm also. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=260-261
  10. I just found this link to a photo of an L pad used as an attenuator, I find the one on my peavey doesn't get muddy or have any loss of highs at near full attenuation, the peavey uses a 16 ohm, with an 8 ohm speaker and is running at around 15 watts. I replaced the stock speaker with a 16 ohm and played for hours last night with no problems. Here's the link. http://duhvoodooman.com/miscimages/musical/TJ_open.jpg
  11. I recently took Gils advice and bought the behringer DI for guitar with the 4x12 cab sim built in. Best 35.00 I've spent in a while, no stage noise from the mic, no stand to trip over, if you play live with the VJr, get one, your stage volume will be under control, and your sound guy will thank you for it.
  12. I just took delivery of my peavey windsor studio, I love the amp, and really like the "power sponge, and after examining it I found it is nothing more than a 16ohm L pad potentiometer. I assume one can just purchase an L pad pot from any supplier and wire it between the OT and speaker and mount it somewhere on the VJr? Anyone tried this yet? I have not opened the chassis but I assume the resistors are built in to the pot, can anyone shed some light on that? I think if it works for my windsor studio, many VJr owners could benefit from the same set up for cheap money, a 16ohm L pad can be had for under $10.00. Gil, got any advice, pros or cons? I know the one on my peavey begins to sound a little thin at real low settngs, but other thatn that it doesn't rob the tone much if any.
  13. I gig with mine regularly, mic'ed up of course. Have lots of amps, but my epi does a grat job in the small clubs I play. Love it.
  14. Change the 12ax7 to a 5751, this will lower the gain by 30%. The amp will still be loud, just won't break up so soon. Also get a JJ Tesla el84 for it if it doesn't have one now. The quickest cheapest fix is the 5751 though.
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