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  1. Epiphone Firebird I Bonamassa I don't care about Bonamassa (don't hate him though) but I've been mad about the Firebird 1 since the Stills or Clapton days. This is a great sounding one, the pickup is actually much closer to a real Firebird pickup (NOT a mini hum!) than the ones Gibson uses on his modern Firebirds (I have a 2016 one, great guitar but those pickups sounds closer to Deluxe mini hums than Firebird pickups). A really decent repro at a very fair price.
  2. Some pics : - the junior team (ok, there's a '66 Melody Maker SG too): '66, '61, '62, '64 and '69 - the moved stud holes: - the headstock ('61 and '62 - with Schaller tuners):
  3. Hi,I recently bought a "'63" SG junior in factory polaris white. After close inspection, I came to the conclusion it is a '62 - the slant bridge holes have been moved to fit a later mold 3+3 bridge, the thin headstock shape is a '61-'62, the headstock serial is '62 and so are the pots serial numbers. Wonderfull guitar, a real screamer. BUT: no "Les Paul junior" written on the headstock. So I searched the net for every white '61-'63 SG junior pics I could find and found out that none has the "Les Paul junior" written on the headstock. Is it a well known fact?
  4. Weird - mine's sustain is fine. Maybe it's only the stock crappy strings - try a decent set of 10-46 strings before modifying your Sheraton.
  5. It's a prestige limited edition. Better be quick, there's no way they could make thousands of such quality guitars at such a low price IMHO.
  6. Some pics of my blonde one: And with the 1962 Crestwood:
  7. Luckily it's not the same on every 50th anniv. Sheraton - pickups on mine are perfectly positionned. Had some problems with the guitar's awfull stock setup (and when I say "awfull", I mean it) but now it's just fine. About yours, I would return it, it's a shame.
  8. The 1962 Crestwood is made in Indonesia. It's just flawless, perfect right out of the box. Better than any chinese guitar I've had, and even top korean ones. If there was a "made in Japan" sticker on it, I would believe it.
  9. I have the "Royale" P93 one : For a start, try setting the mid pickup to 0. It will act like a regular two-pickups guitar with the three-positions toggle switch. Then experiment with various mid pickup settings - you'll find that with this pickup set to 4 or 5, and blended with another pickup, it sounds very close to a humbucker pickup. But set it on 10 and it will sound like the "2" or "4" strat position, only beefier. Only con with this guitar is that the pickups have a too high output, so they tend to sound quite muddy. Easier way I found to cure that is using an equaliser peda
  10. Longman had the same problem - here's his "before" pic: But it's an easy fix.
  11. Thank you! You're right about the epiphone stock mini lacking dynamics - they're what I'd call "rough", or rude (that's why I was talking about "barking"): subtlety is not really what it's about, but their rather thick tone may proove usefull sometimes: one day I'll set the Riviera for slide playing, it may kills! On the other side, I've played the Sheraton 1962 thru my Princeton reverb yesterday and I it was my dream blues tone, one I was after for years.
  12. I disagree - my riviera sounds good with the stock pickups - just a matter of height and polepieces setup Now the Sheraton has a very different tone, posher I'd say - but I like 'em both.
  13. It's a chinese reissue, but surprisingly good. The neck is much beefier than the Sheraton, weight is the same (rather on the light side for a semi), but tone is different: it barks and the Sheraton sings ;) . I upgraded the noisy bridge on the Rivera(Tonepros). Love 'em both.
  14. I voted natural because that's the one I get - but I already have a cherry Riviera (see pic), so of course there's a logic:
  15. Still it is only optical - the Riviera is standing in front of the Sheraton
  16. Here's my blonde Sheraton: With some friends (Riviera limited Edition and 1962 Crestwood):
  17. The unplugged tone is already wonderfull - I've had (and still have) many semi hollow guitars and i can't think of a better sounding one. Now add the Gibson miniH to the equation ...
  18. No need to be sorry - as I said, it was only setup issues and now it plays and sound wonderfully. Mine's bridge is fine - i have a Riviera (limited edition) with a rattling bridge though, had to put a Tonepro bridge on it. Nut is fine too. Overall, a trully great guitar if you carry out a complete setup.
  19. I received my natural one today. Thx god I'm not a beginner! I would've send it back immediatly - i've never seen such a BAD setup on any guitar, even $100 ones ! Totally unpolished scratchy frets, worst strings I've ever touched, sky high action, baaaaad intonation, unbalanced frequensator ... awfull. Luckily, it's only a setup matter - once the frets are polished, new strings intalled and action and intonation set the way it has to be, the guitar plays great and sounds like I was expecting it to sound: full (even unplugged), with that minihum bite nothing can replace. Stunning beauty
  20. I'm waiting too, but I'm rather sure it will be a Gibson CS model - look at the trussrod plate, two screws = made in USA.
  21. Have this beauty for four days now - so far so good. Finish is extremely good, playability is great and tone is what I was expecting: a step up from the Wilshire reissue, even if those share the same pickups. Tone is deeper, richer, sweeter. The only down side is related to the tremotone's arm: even if you screw it tight, it doesn't stay tightened for long. But it works fine in a bigsby way. Installing new strings is quite uneasy too thx to the tremotone. And about the tremotone : the string's angle from the bridge to the tremotone is small, and is even smaller on the G string, so there's
  22. It's weird, the bridge P90 is really far from the bridge.
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