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  1. TheX, Thanks for that tip. What guage do you think came with it? 09's? 10's? I haven't ever used 12's. The tension is OK with the tuners to stay in tune? Not too much tension on neck? Comfortable to play? That would be excellent to do if it works out so well. I appreciate the advice. Did you replace your tuners? If not maybe the 12's hold up better being thicker. Easier to play with others if you are in E tuning, too. Jeffrey
  2. Well that makes sense to me, but every where I look, including the owner's manual, seems to say to tune to G -UP 3 half steps. Not DOWN 3 or 4 half steps like I did. But I think it holds tune better and sounds less tinny the way I did it. Anyone else have experience or ideas based on the shorter neck? Thanks./ Jeff/flying v
  3. Hey all, I just bought an Epiphone Vee Wee for my little daughter. I am having trouble with tuning. I was told to tune it up 3 half steps, but the extra tension seemed to make it go out of tune quicker. So I tried tuning with my tuner DOWN 4 flats, or half steps. That seemed better for the set up so far. Anyone here have or heard what they do? I want the guitar to work pretty well. With the shorter neck, wouldn't you want less tension? I have heard the tuners aren't the best either, so the less tension the better. Thanks. Jeff/Flying V
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