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  1. Interesting ..... I thought I was the only one that did this ...LOL I mean, it makes sense, my '07 w/ original switch works just fine so far...I'm a practical (cheap) bassturd ... if it ain't "broke", rarely will I "fix" it, unless it's something I can't live with. The stock Epi switch still works perfectly, doing what it's supposed to do every time. If/when it dies, sure, I'll upgrade. I ain't in no hurry ;)
  2. I'll play, troll or not. Simple answer, ..... no regrets ... my Epi AJ18 and Epi LP are great for the price point. I'm happy with both (AJ is a '99, LP is an '07, both MIC)
  3. Taking the knobs off is indeed the first step.....and, to the op, am willing to guarantee your pot shafts are split, just look "solid" through the knob And, yes, the knobs can go on crooked even though being press-on .... mine was the same way when I got it new.....gently removed knobs, carefully put them on and pushed them down level....originally, they'd rub the guitar surface on one side of the knob if too low - have since replaced them with speed knobs, they seem to be easier to put on "level"...don't know if it's due to the different knob design, or just not being the horrible stock Epi knobs (I have a great distaste for the originals, even though I replaced the amber stockers with amber speed knobs...wasn't the color, just the way they felt in use.....the amber seems to work pretty well with the honeyburst, me thinkst)
  4. Personally, I'd seriously listen to m-theory's advice - he knows what he's talkin' 'bout...
  5. Dang !!!! Wouldn't mind pickin' one of these up......Mrs RSD might not even notice the lil extra size and extra knobs vs the VJ head The crappy reverb ain't an issue for me, the extra power would be nice. Decisions, decisions - I need (ok, want) another guitar more than I need/want another head....heh. Maybe I'll just bide my time and pick one up if/when the price eventually comes down (hopefully), or buy used. My lady already wants to know why I have to have 3 amps - simple, to me.... the 15w ss amp ain't all that (got my Epi LP Std +top, crappy ss Epi Studio 15R, strap, crappy tuner, crappy cord new from MF for $50 less than what they were charging for the same guitar standalone....LOL.... I basically only use it to run drum tracks through, headphone use, and occasional church use). The VJ combo (bought used on the 'Bay) is what it is, and the VJ head'n'cab (bought new for $149 needing only the fuse contacts scuffed) is what IT is. In the scheme of things, I haven't really spent all that much on gear. However, the F*nd*r Thinline Tele has been beckoning for some time, now....
  6. Looks great ..... looking fwd to the modders out there tearin' into them, down the road !!!
  7. Brian - how wide is it ??? It looks to be about the same width as the Epi VJr 1x12" cab .... yes ?? That would be a decent thing... Hope it turns out to be somewhat worth the wait !!!
  8. Dunno if this is right or not' date=' but ..... if you plug your serial number into http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx (I'm guessing those "O's" you listed are actually 0's, making it [b']r00b0348[/b]), which gives you this result : "Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea February 2000 Production Number: 0348" The original number you listed doesn't work, and I don't think epi ever used 4 letters in a serial number.....I could be wrong....hope this is of some help, right or wrong
  9. Ummmmmm, I'd drop that guitar store.......I don't have my guit tools in front of me, but let it be said, it's a standard metric allen wrench, NOT hard to find AT ALL .......I bought a set for working on my bicycle years back (all that stuff's metric...) and I'm guessing it's anywhere from 2mm to 5 mm for the Epi LP tr (at least it worked on my '07) ....off the top of my head, I'm thinking towards the smaller end of the range - am posting from a relative's comp. Good luck, and just go to a hardware store and buy a few small metric allen wrenches - always good to have extra tools on hand...or wait until someone posts the exact size you need=d>
  10. Hahaha....I wouldn't doubt that it's already been done
  11. Not sure when they stopped using the Gib trc's, but I have an Epi acoustic from late 90's that has the Gib trc as well.......
  12. I have my May '07 EE Standard +top honeyburst - build quality is excellent !!!
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