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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My photo here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Big Norm

  2. Being a Strat and tele players for years, when I bought my Casino, it became my no 1 guitar. Hope will be the same for you. Enjoy it, it's a nice guitar.
  3. I really love **** guitars !!! I might buy one Just kidding, but really don't understand why you don't name it, or am I the only one not guessing of wich guitar you are talking about ? If you can mention Fender, why not something else ?
  4. I was to buy it...and suddenly I've notice the shipping was $200 for Canada... No way I will spend $200 for shipping... :unsure:
  5. Very nice guitar ! Does BB King's fingers comes with it..? lolll
  6. My favorite is the Casino, but if I would have choice between the 2 submitted, I would go straight to Les Paul. I really don't like SG's. But it's really personal.
  7. Played almost all my life with Fender Stratocasters and few Telecasters. I ounce bought a LesPaul Epiphone Classic about 10 years ago, because I wanted to at least try the feeling of playing one in my life. I liked it but did'nt fell in love with it and I did still play my Fenders as a main guitar. Last year ( well let say 6 or 7 months ago ) I decided to try out another Epiphone. So I bought a Casino in natuarl color, only because John Lennon had one and felt it would be nice on my wall if I did'nt like to play it. Believe me, it was love at first sight. All Fenders are on the wall...looking
  8. Guys you were right ! I raised the pickups a bit, putted new strings, adjusted the intonation, the nut was to tight for 2 strings so I fixed it with a bit of sanding, putted graphite lube on the nut and it's now completely different. So no more trade offer !!! I will keep my nice ES-339...yes
  9. Blue suede shoes --- Elvis Presley and many more...
  10. Thanks dporto, I was thinking to adjust the pickups and also change the strings for new ones. I'll do that during the week end and see. Changing the pickups for P-90's is also a good idea i might experience, since I love the feel of the 339. I'll let you knoe...
  11. Thanks ztiesman, but I'm really not a fan of SG's. But it's nice from you to had offered it.
  12. Hi Cougar, Thanks to figure out a deal...loll, but I don't feel like I'm stuck with it. It's just that I don't feel right with this guitar. It's fantastic looking at her, and also a pleasure to handle it and play it, but sound wise it's not my cup of tea... For anybody else, it could be THE ONE. I would certainly also consider a MIM Telecaster, if you ever have one.
  13. Hi Dporto, It's hard to explain, but the Casino sounds exactly like I want... The ES-339 sounds week compare to the Casino. It must be the difference between P-90 and Humbuckers... and it's worst if you pull the knobs to bring it as a Single coil. It's probably a personal perception, but I'm sure the ES-339 won't play in my hands, so even if I'm not sure how will sound a LesPaul, at least I will try something else and it might be it...
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