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  1. Just bought a new J-160E "Peace" guitar, and it looks like the clear plastic pickguard protector was left on a little too long. Does anyone know how to remove the glue residue without harming either the guitar's finish or the pickguard?
  2. Has anyone replaced the stock pickup in their John Lennon EJ-160E? A lot of owners complain about the weak output of the pickup, but I can't recall anyone upgrading it. I know some owners have added an under saddle transducer, but I'm not interested in doing that. (BTW, yes I do use electric guitar strings.)
  3. That stain is actually used to hide cosmetic imperfections in the wood. Look at before & after pictures of John Lennon's Gibson J160-E. Note the imperfections the stain was put on to cover.
  4. Just bought a new Vox AC 15C1 tube amp. Love what it does to my mini-humbucker equipped Riviera and my humbucker equipped Dot and ES-135, but my Casino, not so much. First time I ever tried a Casino, it was through a Marshall half stack. (Unfortunately, I didn't notice at the time which model I was using.)
  5. I use Dean Markley FWL lite - .045" - 100". Long scale strings, but they fit.
  6. Someone, somewhere suggested using GHS "White Bronze" strings as a good electric/acoustic compromise. Tried them - they sound great unplugged, but not so good through my Vox AC15C1 (tube) amp. Will switch back to electric guitar strings.
  7. I always string mine with light gauge (10 - 46) strings. (And make sure they're for electric 12).
  8. Which store? Does he have any more? Does he ship to Canada? (Nice guitar, by the way...)
  9. Don't have an Elitist, but it;s hard to imagine how they could have improved this one. I do use flat wond strings on my ES 175 re-issue, but not on this.
  10. Know what you mean about the colour - down here in my basement apartment, my "gold" ES 295 is a really sick yellowy green.
  11. I use flat wounds (D'Addario Chromes, .011 - .050), but not on my Dot. I use Chromes on my EJ160-E and my ES175. I use regular, round wound .010 - .046 on my Dot. As it's your guitar, feel free to use whatever string you like.
  12. There must be SOME way to get Epiphone to re-issue...(blackmail, terrorism, etc...)They've done it before, why not do it again?
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