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  1. The way to stop this sort of thing is to instill in people that a fake Gibson (or fake Prada handbag, fake Rolex or fake Lacoste polo shirt) is not the next best thing to the real thing. It's also amazing that people believe, or want to believe, that a suspected fake at a fraction of the price could turn out to be the real thing. Among many other types of cables, my company makes very high quality HDMI cables. 5 or 6 months ago there was a flood of Chinese made fakes available via eBay typically for around $35.00. The real thing retails for more than $300.00. You wouldn't believe the number of people who bought a fake and then called us asking if it was fake or real. The people get what the people want.
  2. Not necessarily. Strings on new Epiphones are crappy. Strings on new Fenders are fine. Find a brand/gauge you like and stick with them. I'll second D'Addario. I put some EXL115s (11 thru 52) on my Dot and LP Jr. and they play & sound great.
  3. Did you stretch the strings sufficiently?
  4. I bought mine from GFS. It was for a Broadway, but it's the same bridge.
  5. Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I think my Dot sounds fantastic now - way better than the OEM 'buckers. Those GFS pups are incredibly good value at around $35 each. Straight into a Fender Vibro Champ, it's got a bit of that single coil "twang" but it sounds full & creamy. It's nowhere near as trebly as the Strat single coils. Through my Danelectro Daddy O overdrive (don't laugh - it's a great pedal for the price) it sounds rich & full with plenty of bite. The OEM HBs just sounded distorted with no character.
  6. LP Junior - Grover tuners, GFS Vintage '59, bridge/tailpiece. "Lerxst" Dot - green keystone tuners, Tusq nut, GFS Dream 90 & Mean 90, TOM, tailpiece, knobs. Broadway - Grover tuners, GFS Vintage '59s, TOM, pots, switch & jack. '89 Strat - locking tuners, graphite nut, Texas Special pups, graphite saddles. '52 reissue Tele - stock except for Texas Special neck pup. Nashville Tele - stock except for "vintage" bridge. '99 Strat - stock.
  7. I took both pups out, started over but this time with the guitar plugged into the amp so I could tap on the top of the pup with a screwdriver and hear the clicks, and both pups now work! Who knows what happened before. Maybe there was a short?
  8. It just lists red for "ground" and white for "hot." Yes. Didn't I say that? Red is "ground" and white is "hot." So say the instructions.
  9. I replaced the stock HBs in my Dot with a GFS Mean 90 and a Dream 90. The instructions say the white wire is "hot" and the red wire is "ground." Using the 'cheat' method, I cut the wire on the stock neck HB and connected the Dream 90 to the HBs wire (instead of removing pots, etc.). No problem. Neck pup works and sounds great. I repeated the same steps with the bridge pup but it doesn't work. Thinking I'd got wires switched, I disconnected it, switched wires but it didn't work. With the pup selector switch in the "neck" (down) position, all is good. With the selector switch in the middle or "bridge" (up) position, I get nothing. Nada. Bupkiss. I haven't had time yet to further investigate the bridge pup. I was going to hook it up in the neck position just to make sure it works. Any more ideas?
  10. My guess is Epiphone's sales figures say otherwise.
  11. This: must be one of the strangest. Here it is in action:
  12. He's got a bunch of 'em: http://www.deweydecibel.com/F-out_pages/Fmodels.htm
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