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  1. -That is definitely sweet! Love the color... L8R, Matt
  2. -No. All you do is remove the four small screws at each corner of the plastic p'up mounting ring. All wiring stays attached. Then after cleaning, just replace the four screws and you're done... L8R, Matt
  3. -Hey there. Your Limited Edition Epi Les Paul Standard is basically a finish option that was sold through certain retailers. While it has some flaming going on, it starts going to quilt closer toward the neck p'up. I have an '02 Unsung built Les Paul Classic Quilt Top in transparent amber. I believe yours is wine red done in a burst finish. Usually wine red was a solid color, meaning not a burst finish, but that's where the "Limited Edtion" comes in. Also as far as I know, they didn't come stock with SwitchCraft switches. I had to change mine out after 6 months or so of buying it new. Still a beautiful guitar you have there. L8R, Matt
  4. If you get him a guitar, also get a wide leather strap to go with it. I have a Clayton 3 1/2" leather strap that I switch between my Lester and bass. It spreads the weight over a wider area so it's a lot more comfortable over a long period of playing. L8R, Matt
  5. -Usually they take short shaft pots. But it's always best to pull the old one and measure it first. L8R, Matt
  6. -Yep, it's a Classic Quilt Top. I have one but mine is a rim burst amber finish, yours has the traditional egg shaped burst. Very nice guitar! L8R, Matt
  7. -That should be a Standard. Covered p'ups, trapezoid inlays, and pickguard. Although some Standards have the pickguard missing. Does it have the typical "Limited Edition" circle decal on the back of the headstock? If it does all that means is basically a finish or hardware option that isn't in the regular lineup. L8R, Matt
  8. -I'd have to scan a pic of our band if I could find the box they are in. But here's a pic of me from 1987. I was 20. Typical of the day I must say.... L8R, Matt
  9. -They "should" be T-Top p'ups in your V. They are becoming or have already become as sought after as the PAFs. As a matter of fact, some of the earlier T-Tops used the PAF baseplates until Gibson started using the correct, patent stamped (possibly in ink for your V) baseplates. One way to possibly tell is to pull them out the next time you change strings. Also they should measure somewhere from 7.3k to 8k when you put them on the multimeter. L8R, Matt
  10. -I forget. Were these regular chrome covered p'ups, or were they the black covered ones with the italic i in the corner? L8R, Matt
  11. -Yep. Sometimes there is a black dye applied to the fretboard to give it a more uniform color. A lot of different manufacturers do this. Get yourself a bottle of bore oil, any music store that sells band instruments should have it, then remove the strings and apply the bore oil. Let it soak for a couple hours, then wipe off with an old terrycloth rag. L8R, Matt
  12. -Correct. The only so called chamberings on regular Epis are nothing more than the wiring channels. Here's part of the wiring channel on my '02 Classic for a visual. L8R, Matt
  13. -I use a 3 1/2" wide, Clayton plain leather strap. It works great for my Lester and my bass. I absolutely cannot stand the sliding pads on most straps. I'll take a nice wide piece of flat leather any day over a strap with a sliding shoulder pad. L8R, Matt
  14. -Just picked up another pack of EB Classic Power Slinkys. I usually use either those or GHS Nickle Rockers 11-50s. Every now and then I'll use regular Slinkys, but only when I haven't played for quite a while. L8R, Matt
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