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  1. that looks awesome! ive always wanted a champ, this just makes me want one more! its funny how the preamp tube is all the way in the corner, and the OT is right next to the 6v6
  2. also, not sure if it means anything, but my gibson doesnt have "made in usa" stamped on it, but actually recessed into the wood, like carved out
  3. Hey everyone, i was hoping someone could just give me a run down on how speaker cabs work. Obviously with a one speaker cab, like the valve juniors, its easy, the speaker resistance gets matched with the amp. But what happens when there are two speakers? or if I had two cabs? Ive heard a few things here and there, but not enough for some solid knowledge, so I was wondering if someone could help me out.
  4. Hey guys, im looking into a new amp and ive been thinking about a few things. One thing I was thinking about was just upgrading my VJr with the mercury magnetics mods, both the regular transformer mod and the 6V6 mod. Does anyone have any information or experiance with this? Its a pretty expensive mod, so im just kind of wondering if it would be worth it.
  5. Hey everyone, this is a rather generic question. My friend wants to get rid of his peavey 5150 to get a new amp. I want it really badly, but dont have enough right now for both the amp and a new cabinet. The only cabinet I have is my Vjr 1x12 and I just feel like I probally shouldnt run it through that, im not really sure why. Is running a large head like that ok to run through a single speaker? I guess im just used to seeing big heads going into 4x12s.
  6. You know ive been thinking alot about this amp lately, simply because of the great deal it is haha. But whats with the three pre-amp tubes. Im not totally versed in valve amp basics, and with the VJr having one 12AX7, I know its a tone tube. But I have heard every now and then that not all the tubes in an amp are for tone, but something like powering other things, I dont know its just what I think I have picked up. If I replaced the tubes, which if I get the amp im sure I will, would putting the same tube in all three spots be a good idea. I just dont know haha, any thoughts?
  7. Hey guys, just wondering what tubes you guys have in your VJrs? For me I have a tung-sol 12AX7 and a JJ EL84. Pretty generic combination, but its got some pretty good tone, but I havent had much time to experiment. Sooo input anyone?
  8. I used to own a epi lp-100 which was my first serious electric guitar and was great. but soon I wanted more...uh just flash I guess, i was young and thought more expensive meant better. My Gibson SG special is one of the greatest investments ive ever made. I think the les paul v. sg debate is really personal preference. From the ones I pluged in at the store I couldnt tell a huge difference in sound, but the sg cut aways didnt inhibit my hands at all, no matter how fast I went. Also it seemed to fit my leg so much better, and as I play 95% of the time sitting down that was a big deal to me. Plus it was great that some of my favorites play the sg. Its just one of those things I think. However, thats not to say I dont still want a les paul haha.
  9. Can someone just tell me the basic differences between overdrive and distortion. I really just cant figure it out.
  10. I might be a little bit late on this thread. But anyways, I play my gibson SG special through a MT-2 Metal Zone into a V3 Head/Cab and let me tell you, I have never heard such great metal tone. I have the volume set to about 9 o clock, so the amp is still clean, but engage that metal zone and man. The VJ reallly takes pedals well and truly for the price I paid. about 350 for the amp and pedal, its the best really metal deal.
  11. Do you guys know if there is any real difference between a closed and open back cabinet?
  12. This isnt really an epi question but still, I trust you guys. Can you have a dropped tuning with a locking trem. I would like a guitar with a locking trem, but I play almost exclusively in drop C and the rest of the time in drop D. Thanks guys.
  13. Im doing a master volume mod to mine. From what I understand, it does about the same thing as an attenuator and it should cost me about 5 dollars, but its a mod so it requires some work. Maybe im interpreting it wrong, but ehh whatever.
  14. The main differences are that the Champion 600 has 2 Inputs, a 6V6 instead of a EL84 power tube, and a smaller speaker. The amp itself is tiny too, but looks incredible. When I played it, it sounded good, but I had just bought my Valve Junior, and I still liked that better. Not much in the way of aftermarket for the 600, i've only seen the mercury transformers mods, but im sure that you could tinker with it. They are quite different, just try and find a guitar center or something and try them side by side.
  15. I think if you just built a frame the size of the cab's footprint and then put the casters on that it would work. As Long as the corners of the amps are above the casters the weight shouldnt be a problem, it doesnt really weigh that much anyway.
  16. Today I took my chassis out and looked around inside a little. Now that I put it back together it seems to hum more now, I didnt think it hummed at all at 9:00 and im almost positive that it hums alot more at full volume. Maybe its not doing it, but it really seems like it. I didnt touch anything inside, I just took it out and looked around, compared a few things on the schematic and just awed at technology cause I hadnt done that yet :-P. The only thing I didnt do what put the back panel on cause its coming out again in a few days to mod. Did something go wrong?
  17. Thanks, I guess. I didn't realize I was being such a ****?
  18. All right, so I have to check the caps, I figured that but who knows. Do I have to lift up the board to do that? I was thinking about taking the chassis out of my amp and probing around with a chopstick, just cause I haven't before, would that be ok, just keeping one hand in my pocket? I really just need some straight answer you know. Stick probe here, if it reads volts, your not ok, that kind of thing. Thanks guys.
  19. I know I need to read the caps, but I thought the cap leads were underneath the board and I couldnt reach them.
  20. All right guys this is the last time ill ask this question I promise haha. When im checking the voltage before I work on my amp. 1. Take the chassis out. 2. Put the black probe of my multimeter to the ground and the red to each side of all the showing resistors. 3. The reading should be 0 (or very very close to it) Is this the right processs, I would like to start modding, but the voltage thing is frightening me. Thanks, I realize this is annoying.
  21. Yeah I just kind of like the switch feature. But I like a lot of gain so maybe I will try it and see. But would I increase or decrease the ohms for more gain (if I just switched it out). Thinking about it there is a schematic somewhere talking about gold mods or something, should I use that?
  22. I was thinking about doing my first mod to my VJr. I was thinking about doing a gain switch. The plan I saw was by Kerry from Ultimate-guitar.com and all it is is a single throw switch over R6. It seems simple enough, which I like. Just asking what you guys think, will there be much of a difference working on a V.3 and not a V.2 or V.1 (whichever the green board is)? And just a quick question, bypassing R6 would mean more gain right? Thanks
  23. I like my tung-sol in the pre amp. really nice distortion and crunch turned up. I dont really play it clean, but its still a very nice tone
  24. OOOk now it makes total sense :-). But wouldnt cutting R7 out of the circuit stop the circuit? Or is there another path, so basically what this does is switch off = R7 in circuit, Switch on = R7 out of the circuit right. Thanks alot tung :-)
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