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  1. Yes...that's what I use on my Sheraton - D'Addario 10-46s. They seem to work really well on the Sheraton.
  2. I'm also not a fan of gold hardware - in good shape or bad. I'll be chroming-out my natural Sheraton II. Chrome will hold-up the best over time. As another poster mentioned, nickel does tarnish easily and gets brown over time. It's not a tough changeout, either. The toughest part being the threaded mounts in the bridge and stop-tail, but I've seen a trick for this that should be pretty simple to do.
  3. Just bought a 2012 Sheraton.....should have waited, had I known. But, I'm happy with the one I got. Might have to spring for one of these, though. Just for the Frequensator! And, the pickups, of course.
  4. I took a quick look...it's certainly modeled after some designs that Epiphone has produced through the years, but I'm not sure it's an Epiphone. Could be almost anything. The peghead looks more Gibson-like than Epiphone. I really can't say - any paper label inside the f-holes? Or, any other marking inside the guitar?
  5. On closer look (and reading all the posts), there are a few things that don't look quite right. Too bad the OP got duped. I'd expect the pickups aren't of Epiphone quality, either. And, I've heard of China-fake Grovers floating around, too. So, I'd be surprised if they were actual Grover tuners, as well. And, the lack of the locking bridge and stop-tail parts, would be another place to look. That's an Epiphone exclusive design. But, I always look for that odd mid-span neck joint. It seems to be on all the fakes - Gibson fakes, PRS fakes, etc.
  6. The best way I know to spot a Chinese fake, is that they all use a scarf-joint about a third of the way down the neck to join the neck-top and neck bottom. Epiphones have a neck/headstock join at the base of the headstock. On a natural guitar, this should be easy to see. Older Epiphones (say 10 years or so) also used to use this manufacturing technique, but have not for some time. Yours looks like an Epiphone to me, but I can't tell 100% from the photos posted.
  7. I ran across an Epiphone Tele in the used section at GC, and as a Tele player of the past 40 years, I would say it was pretty nice. Not at all a bad guitar. But, not really a Tele. They come from the other guys. Don't know much about the Strats, but the Tele was OK.
  8. Nice guitar! I'll have to check the Genesis out in-person. Now....why not use that terrific headstock design on all models? Seems it's already on the Dot, Casino & Genesis. Very nicely done. The nut work looks to be an upgrade over the black plastic stuff on some of the models. For me, that's what a nut should look like. It's usually the first thing I have to change when I buy an Epiphone.
  9. I don't think it's changed. The 2nd photo looks to be an Elitist model, which used the old-style logo. I think they did this because these were reissues of older models. The top photo is the more modern logo that's used today. I don't think it was as much a change as an older-style logo used on one series of guitars.
  10. The USPS accepts larger packages without using the "Dimensional Weight" penalty that UPS imposes. Hence, if you're shipping a guitar in the US (or overseas) the USPS is your best bet. Using Parcel Post in the US, USPS charges less than $20.00 to move a guitar around the US (use Priority to Hawaii). International rates are also favorable to UPS/Fed-Ex. I ship guitars regularly, and have found the Postal Service to be the most reliable, safest most secure way to go.
  11. The neck on my 2010 Sheraton is nice & full. The finish isn't overly thick or sticky. It just feels right, to me. I didn't like the Dot feel quite as much. The Sheraton won out for me.
  12. I have 4 and I'm keeping them all! -1965 Epiphone Bard 12-String -2010 Epiphone Sheraton -2009 Epiphone Les Paul Walnut Studio -2010 Epiphone Inspired Texan
  13. I have an old Epiphone Bard 12-string. Has to be 40 years old. And, it's terrific. Had a Gold Top that left the collection a few years back, so in order to satisfy my Jonesin' for some new Epiphones, I bought a Les Paul Studio, Sheraton and Inspired Texan (over the course of a year or two). Great guitars. Next? Has to be one of those tasty '61 Casinos in that cool faded sunburst color. Great guitars.
  14. The bolt-top Grover Tulip Tuners are 135 Series. I used 135N (nickel plating).
  15. That Chicago Music Riviera is the one I'd like to see reissued. In that color!
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