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  1. Our dominant trees in this area are eucalypts Jim. Gum trees as we call them have roughly 840 varieties plus natural hybrids. Eucalypts are hardwood and some are bloody hard, and heavy. The wood I’m cutting is off the property and is mostly Red Box and it’s really heavy and hard, but bloody good firewood!
  2. I split 6 to 8 weeks of firewood yesterday though a few more sessions needed before winter sets in. I also used the tractor to repair damage from heavy machinery to the top drive. At 8am we are meeting here with a. landscaper hoping to get some of the damage fixed.
  3. Heading back home today today after a couple of days in our favourite place (though badly ravaged by bushfires) A long walk on a stunning beach yesterday capped the day off. A couple of restful days has recharged our batteries to head back into restoring our home, also ravaged by fires. We are making steady progress though!
  4. We and our friends had tea at the Mallacoota pub last night and it was really jumping! The noise levels were insane yet I managed to follow conversations well enough to be engaged. At times it was difficult and I had to concentrate, but I could do it! Bloody amazing! These new Signia (Siemens) hearing aids have given me my life back! I’m sitting out on our deck at Mallacoota revelling in all the bird songs, it’s warm and life is good. The place was ravaged by fires at the start of the year but whilst there is damage in the nature reserve that we overlook, it’s not too bad thankfully. Still seeing lots of Roos and the odd Koala. Birds are returning!
  5. I had a good day yesterday! We finally got down to our holiday spot at Mallacoota, a small coastal town recently ravaged by bushfires. It was a relief to find our caravan & annex much as we left it other than a bit of ash and lots of cobwebs outside. This iconic paradise was devastated by fire just after new year and over 100 houses lost! That was the worst loss of any town in this terrible event. We are yet to look around to see the extent of damage here. Hundreds of kilometres of pristine forests were destroyed in the fires and we drove through much of it yesterday. Beautiful trees and flora gone or damaged, though vast signs of regeneration evident in the eucalypts offer hope for the future. What can’t regenerate is millions of unique Aussie birds and animals lost in the holocaust....very sad! The news coverage cannot properly convey the scale of the devastation adequately. It’s immense! Yesterday I was fitted with new hearing aids after a wait of 5 years. That’s the frequency the government requires for replacements. Not being able to hear has been hell for me and those around me! My audiologist and equipment supplier elected to cover the $4,000 gap between my entitlement and what I actually need. So far the results are fantastic and I see my life turning around, We had a small dinner party last night in a small area and I heard pretty much everything that was said to me, and much of what wasn’t! How many of you have trouble when the background noise goes up? In the end it was like I was isolated, but hopefully not any more! 2020 looks like it’s getting better and better! Look after your ears guys as being deaf is horrible!
  6. Sorry you are having that problem.
  7. I cut out burned fence posts from 300 metres of fenceline yesterday morning. Then cut up some trees that had come down in the fire and moved them so I could get access with my tractor. Let me tell you that carrying a chainsaw for 600 metres didn’t do my back much good. After a cuppa I took the tractor back down and removed a post that had star pickets either side of it. All the while the shire were working on the front boundary chipping burned trees and foliage, cleaning up for me! There are a few bigger tree trunks left there for me to cut up and use for firewood. My mate Tony came around later in the arvo and we moved all the twisted and tangled roof beams from the shed that were in the way. A pretty productive day all told! Today I’m expecting $3.5k of fencing materials to be delivered and a volunteer group is doing the rebuilding. (God bless them!) Whatever I do today will be with machinery as my back won’t take 2 days in a row like that. Good progress though!
  8. It started off pretty a pretty mundane day but the govt appointed clean up contractors rang and that resulted in a mid morning meeting to sign permissions and to give instructions for how we want the cleanup of the buildings to proceed. That's all happening free for us and represents a significant saving. Once that is done in a month or so I’ll be ready to rebuild my farm shed! Then the president of the local RSL (Returned Services League) popped in to see how we are and left us a modest (but gratefully received) cheque for assistance in our recovery. Nice bloke! During the day 2 separate aid organisations deposited significant amounts into our bank for us, and this is the “second" round. We are not used to taking charity but this money and other unexpected amounts from our insurance company are going to leave us better off than we were before. Of course part of that will be getting paid out for the cottage we lost and don’t intend to have rebuilt. I tested my new JD zero turn mower on some long wet grass and was delighted to see it literally blast through, much better than the old one! None of this was expected and we ended up having a bloody good day thanks to the generosity of the Australian people, and indeed others who contributed to our recovery. Life ahead is looking much brighter!
  9. Nothing that I intended to do today and a lot of things I didn’t expect to do. Good day though!
  10. I did my first ocean dive which was my qualifier for the SCUBA course in my 14th birthday! That is almost 60 years ago! I couldn’t even buy a wetsuit here in Australia back then. I did lots of diving for years and it was a wonderful thing. I still miss it!
  11. We have 12 or so volunteers working here today from “samaritan’s Purse”. (Billy Graham) They have done so much for us that they are an outstanding example of a religious group putting their efforts on the ground where it matters. We have had countless people here saying they will help, but as yet their words are empty. Going now after many hours of great work and transforming the devastation that was here into something that looks more normal. Fabulous effort from people from all over the world! England, USA, Canada and locals both interstate and nearby. I’d be proud to call any one of them friend! This is an organisation we will support!
  12. Thanks mate, I drop in on certain things thanks Brad. To answer you question, no it’s just their animals mate. Our RSPCA is a similar organisation to your SPCA I think Brad and they also do a great job.
  13. Lort Smith Animal Home in Melbourne. The “Lort” isn’t a misspelling. They are an organisation of volunteer vets that provide free care for poor people with pets.
  14. Bob it’s a kick in the bum for sure but Gael & I will be OK thanks, it’s not going to stop us. Lovely sentiments about wanting to help but I don’t know who you can contribute too at this stage. My needs are not for money but labour as I’m very limited nowadays. Hopefully that will come locally, if not I will do what I can. Losing all my firewood a few months from winter is a problem and I have asked our RSL for help. I hate asking for help. I’m heading out this morning as looters were seen a few doors away.
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