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  1. Having a bit of a break!


  2. G’day Cobber my email is gumfarm@gmail.com

  3. HIs documentaries represent a good proportion of all that I watch on TV and I love them. May there be more birthdays for Sir David.
  4. Fishing, since I was 8.
  5. Good luck John, you deserve for it to work out.
  6. I’ve been “retired” since 21 September 1998. Not at all sure about the statement that life gets better each year after 70, certainly not my experience....Grin~ Glad you had a good day Cobber!
  7. Digger

    Hi folks

    I’d become good friends with Milo Duane, and it was a kick in the bum to hear he’d gone. I did suspected something was wrong as he went quiet for a few months. Carla told me she was closing down his phone and internet shortly after he died. He was an extremely interesting person and had many friends here. It’s always sad to lose a good one and I often wonder what has been happening to people that just drift away from these places. So many good ones over the years. We’re going well thank you and hope the same is true for you.
  8. Digger

    Hi folks

    Firstly it’s good to see you Duane. Sadly Milo passed away some time ago, cancer. There’s a thread here if you care to find it.
  9. Butch asked me to post this for your interest as he’s having some trouble ATM
  10. Oh so much gore! There could be kids out there seeing this. I mean you can see it’s braces, insides...everything! Grotesque!
  11. I think he means "go away I don’t want to be tempted”. No biggie.
  12. Sounds familiar! I simply don’t/can't use hearing aids when I wear headphones. Interestingly my tinnitus isn’t affected by headphones. Sorry to hear of your problems ‘cause it isn’t nice.
  13. Hearing loss can be compared to radiation exposure as the damage is cumulative! Any exposure to loud noise is damaging you! Any exposure to extreme noise is too much and ear damage can’t be fixed! I’ve had hearing aids for almost 20 years and none that I’ve had restore normal hearing. I’m told that to get some aids that will do that, I have to pay an extra $3k “top up" from what DVA allow. However DVA do cover all the costs of basic aids here given I gave a gold card. ($5k) I sit in my own world unable to make out what people are saying anytime we are socialising and people are chatting. It isolates me enormously and certainly spoils a social occasion. I even read a book on my phone sometimes because to be honest I get bored sh!tless! The inconvenience of having difficulty hearing in noisy situations is insignificant compared to things that may follow if you don’t protect yourself. I speak of Tinnitus and extreme Vertigo. Those things can mess your day (and nights) up big time! Please take this seriously and don’t risk your hearing, you don’t know how precious it is until it starts to fade.
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