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  1. Actually apart from a few minor things that may slow me down from time to time I’m still going pretty strong! Besides, I’m too busy to die~
  2. Only the good die young Jim so you're going to be with us for quite some time~
  3. Not me, another Rob! Now I’m getting confused!
  4. Oh crikey! It’s neither my anniversary or my birthday fellas, but thanks for the thought. I put this up for my mate Butch because he has trouble posting pics.
  5. Sorry, not my birthday, Butches. I'm 77.
  6. Chuckle...old is an accurate description these days but I’m still here! Butch says they just about had to lube him up to get him in there and he is a big bloke!
  7. Butch (Retired) has had a change of career! Grin~ On the way back from seeing the Ark replica they visited Indy and recognising talent when they see it they signed him up straight away! Of course Butch used to race his own drag cars earlier in his life. Not bad transitioning to track racing considering his 70th birthday is tomorrow (22nd).
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. CBD is technically legal here but only from Australian suppliers as spec is slightly different. Of course there are no suppliers yet. It’s how you have legal CBD without actually having CBD. Our govt. is illogically unhappy about engaging with anything to do with hemp. So my supplies come from the US with some trepidation each order but I might add some gummies next time and give them a try on your recommendation. Thanks again. I find the drops wonderfully beneficial in a number of ways.
  9. Digger


    In my almost 77 years on the earth the last thing I expect from any legal system is justice!
  10. I've been taking turmeric powder for years and it helped me heaps, though I’m using the more convenient form in tablets these days. It has to be maintained in your system and stopping and staring won’t be effective. It took a month initially for it to do the job but it did it well. Pain still creeps up and discomfort comes back as time goes by so sometimes dosage needs to be increased. I’ve got screws in my left thumb to lock the top joint in place and that helped a lot but now there is quite noticeable pain occurring in first two fingers of my right hand. I live on a property and work hard with my hands most days so this is potentially a problem for the future. Voltarin cream makes no difference though a few drops of CBD does help a bit. My back is terrible so I’m only able to work a couple of hours a day and then rest. I guess soldiering on is my only thing at this stage.
  11. I had AstraZenekca and it knocked me on my bum for the whole of the next day. My usual aches and pains intensified a lot that day but back to normal after that. A small price to pay!
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