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  1. Thanks Fella's, I appreciate each and every reply and your suggestions. There is a lot of good advice and encouragement in there which I will certainly take on board. Also just being told by people that really assuring me that I will get over the problem means a lot so thanks again. Hey Spud, Hope you caught up with my first post yesterday where you got a mention in despatches. Thanks again for today. Have a good one everybody! Dig
  2. Now it's just not fair! I've got small hands and short fingers which has made learning guitar quite difficult so far. Barre chords, some power chords and in fact bridging more than 3 frets at the same time are all but impossible for me with these hands. What should I do? What's that, take up harmonica....sorry but my dog goes nuts when I try to do that! Anyone else with this problem? Have you managed to overcome it in any way short of breaking all fingers and resetting them wider apart? Come on boys and girls, give me some hope????~ Dig
  3. G'day Daneman, Thanks for your kind thoughts mate. To me just owning nice guitars seems to make things sort of special and I love it every time I walk into my study and they are there waiting for me...."G'day Girls". I especially love it when I have to show somebody something on the PC as they usually comment and ask questions about guitars and ask how long I have been playing to which I answer, "You wouldn't exactly call what I do playing!" But I give it a go anyway. Cheers mate. Nickblues, G'day to you too mate and I feel better knowing that there are kindred spirits out there on this forum. I'ts 40 years since I was there this year....aint it amazing how just 12 months can have such a profound effect on your life? I'm doing alright though, hope you are too! Dig P.S. Blues is my favorite genre.
  4. Rafael, Sorry, I meant to answer you with your question about the next guitar. So far I've got $300 out of the possible $7 to $800 I need for my next acquisition....possibly a Dot. My small study is quickly becoming congested, and then there are the cases! Only problem for me is that my savings have got other demands on them too as notebooks are so cheap here now and a new one would be nice......Hmmmmmmm? Have a good one Dig
  5. G'day Again, Thanks to all of you who have so kindly replied to my first post here. Dig
  6. G'day Thunderstruck, I think you were one of the blokes that were kind enough to offer advice back then. I was considering a new G400 and a used Korean Epi G400 Deluxe from E-Bay. I haven't bought a guitar off the web before and was seeking advice from those that had. In the end I opted to buy new from my local Epi dealer and to answer your question, I love my G400 whose narrow neck suits my small hands and fingers. All the enlightenment about buying EE product came after I had purchased my DW series but I honestly can't fault it, and have no regrets. I am also keen to support the local dealer despite paying about $40 more than I could have bought it in Melbourne but that was counteracted when I had a minor problem with strings binding on the nut and they quickly fixed it. Thanks again for your help mate. Dig
  7. G'day Boys & Girls, Firstly as a frustrated lurker to these forums for about 18 months, I just wanted to say thank you to all the members of this and the old forum and of course to Gibson, for the wealth of information I have gleaned from discussions over that period of time. I did manage to post once some time ago and received some sage advice from Spud and I think Thunderstruck 507 but was frustrated trying to get back in and thank them with the problems that were inherent in the old forum. Thank you Gibson for this new forum. Now to the point, I am a 61 year old disabled war veteran who suddenly found that work was no longer possible and that I had too much time on my hands. A good friend talked me into taking guitar lessons about 4 years ago, knowing my love for music. Now at my age I know I will never be a virtuoso and I find progress is very slow, but I just love being involved even in a minor way with things guitar. Being on a restricted income bouts of GAS (and you guys sure don't help) have to be smothered but it's nice to have something to dream about, and what better than a beautiful guitar? I have 3 at the moment, my first a Yamaha C70 classical guitar, an Epi EJ300SCE which my family bought me for my 60th, and a G400 which I saved for last year. Now without Asian manufacturing I would never have been able to afford all but my first guitar as it takes me 7 to 8 months to save for one at current prices. However the purchase is that much sweeter after all those months of anticipation! If I had to wait until I could afford a Gibson or a Fender, I would most likely have expired well before I got there, and who has that amount of patience? Not me! The guitars that I have are beautifully finished, and to my somewhat damaged ears sound great. I get pleasure every time I walk into the room where they sit patiently waiting for me. What I know about electric guitars mostly comes from you people as after reading the news I avidly soak up all the posts in the Epiphone electric guitar forum, and that is how I start my day. I thank you all for my guitar education and will continue to read with interest, and thank you Gibson for a fine product for a very reasonable price.
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