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  1. We lost everything but our main house! Rozs cottage, farm shed , tractors, mower, tools all gone! Our house is still standing by some miracle. Sarsfield the small rural hamlet we live in is all but gone, our court is all but gone! Total devastation! However we are alright and we have insurance. So grateful for the kindness of people here and thank you all so much. We are OK but haven’t been able to get in to see the damage as there are still outbreaks of fire and property losses. We will have another go soon. I guess it will hit me hardest when we confront the losses! However it can and will be replaced in time! Thank you all again.
  2. We lost everything but our main house! Rozs cottage, farm shed , tractors, mower, tools all gone! Our house is still standing by some miracle. Sarsfield the small rural hamlet we live in is all but gone, our court is all but gone! Total devastation! However we are alright and we have insurance.
  3. My heartfelt thanks to all of you, I really do appreciate it. Our whole region is under threat ATM. Nobody knows the extent, it’s far too early. In the next few days the full extent of losses will emerge and if we have been impacted then that’s when it might get pretty hard. Until then we still have hope. Thanks to you all for expressing your concern.
  4. Jim it’s a total holocaust here and still running! Our small hamlet has been one of the hardest hit of all apparently. I know we had an outbreak just in front of our house last night but it was quickly extinguished, but ember attack has continued since then. so who knows? Gael & I are safe with my daughter by the water but don’t know if our property which comprise 2 houses. and a farm shed with much. equipment (2 tractors) is still standing? Also Mallacoota where we have a holiday spot is also under threat as we speak. 5,000 people trapped with no safe way out We could lose that too. 3 years of drought have left us very vulnerable to fires. There are 8 emergency fires. in Victoria, most are in the east where we are. The effect of these fires on our wildlife will be devastating! Sarsfield where we live is being mentioned as one of the most affected so I doubt we will have anything left, but we might be lucky. However property is of lesser importance than lives and people, and we are alright thanks.
  5. Thanks Butch, it’s an awful day here and almost half of East Gippsland is ablaze ATM. We are lucky to have Kellie & Grant to fall back on. I spoke to Kaela on facetime this morning and told her I was giving her my Casino and she broke down with emotion as she knows how much I loved that guitar. Better to give it to her than see it burned. i don’t know if our property will be impacted or not, but not worth the risk of staying there. It’s lovely being here with my daughter!
  6. We have evacuated as fire risk is too high to stay. Spending a couple of days with our daughter down on the water, so we are safe & sound. I could only fit one guitar in and bought the Casino to give to our Granddaughter. Theres a thread in there~
  7. Bushfires look like they could come through here today so we are evacuating. In fact the whole region is being told to get out! Daughter has a house on the water where we should be safe. Today will be an awful day 42C and strong winds. My country is on fire after 3 years of drought Give us our rain back please?
  8. Apart from fires all around us and moving valuables into storage, it’s great Jim thanks Hope you guys have a great Christmas!
  9. One scotch, 1 bourbon & 1 beer!
  10. Melbourne Cup day here today and the whole bloody joint has a public holiday! What a pack of morons we must look to the rest of the world! SIL Roz came down in her dressing gown this morning full of enthusiasm for having a small bet and watching the race at 2 PM..... I didn’t want to know as I can’t stand betting or horse races but her enthusiasm overcame my resistance and I now have $4 on 2 horses....Sigh It’s 2 to 1 here these days and I’m the one outnumbered! Even the dog is female~
  11. Chuckle...she did mention something about me not being able to argue~ I’m back to singing in the shower....pretty hoarse but not bad for Blues. Man it feels god!
  12. Two doctors and my ENT specialist looked and ruled out Candida, that didn’t leave many options. Hell of a relief for sure and after the news Gael, Roz & I had a party! I knocked over half a bottle of Dimple~ Calls to family & friends showed me the depth of love I am surrounded by and I am humbled. My wife of course has been magnificent and I know I’m the luckiest bloke in the world!
  13. OK Guys biopsy results are in and it’s not cancer. I have a fungal growth in my vocal chords that can be treated and I’ll soon be back singing in the shower. Phew!
  14. Thanks for that Jason, it’s appreciated. I had an operation yesterday to inspect my larynx and to secure a biopsy. We talk to the surgeon next week to see what’s going on. He doesn’t want me to talk for 2 weeks!!! Do you know how hard that is?
  15. Thanks for your friend ship once again mate.
  16. Yeah I’m going to miss singing ( to myself) but I can sing in my mind at least. I’m hoping for a good blues voice if things change...Grin~ Thanks for your kind thoughts.
  17. Thanks guys! Hoping it won’t be much but can’t leave things like they are so it’s a necessary thing to do. I’ll let you know how it goes. Off to Melbourne this morning.
  18. Thanks Mr N, Yep the beer diet is a goer no matter what! It’s the heat you know...Grin~
  19. I’m heading into hospital for surgery on Monday actually. I’ve been having trouble with my throat and voice box for about 10 weeks, affecting my voice badly They’re going in to see what the cause is and depending on what they find, removing it. I may have to be on a beer diet for sometime after that...Grin~
  20. Hi Folks, Butch told me about this thread so I thought I’d come and stick my nose in. Thanks to all who were wondering how I am. Apart from getting old and having a long list of aches and pains, I’m fine thanks. As Butch said we talk ever day and are great mates. Notes and I are mates too and talk regularly ever since we met up last year...good people. Jim, Pinch also drop in and say G'day and I welcome their contact, others too from time to time. My email is gumfarm@gmail.com and if you want to catch up then I welcome hearing from you. I dropped out of a number of forums pretty much at the same time as I’ve spent too many hours sitting in front of this darn computer. Some of you may know that we are in the depths of a deep drought down here and I simply can’t keep up with all the dead things that need cutting out. Also as I get older my capacity for hard works gets less and less. However I still spend most of my time with a chainsaw in my hands or sitting on a tractor..hey, it’s my life! I do miss you guys but after 11 1/2 years I really have done the forum thing and am backing out. Besides, us old farts need to make room for the next mob coming through.
  21. Having a bit of a break!


  22. G’day Cobber my email is gumfarm@gmail.com

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