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  1. I agree. Just thought it was a discussion topic. Besides it’s in the ABC so it must be right, mustn’t it?
  2. I think that’s more like $40 for a slab, 24 stubbies or cans. I pay about $8 for 6.
  3. Yes that’s it and no we aren’t 3 times as rich because our cost of living is higher. Most of our worth is tied up in our property. (about $650k)
  4. I know we’re not wealthy! Not poor either.
  5. Not a very coherent list copied but you will get the idea I guess?Median wealth per adult ($US), 2018 Australia 191,453 Switzerland 183,339 Belgium 163,429 Netherlands 114,935 France 106,827 Canada 106,342 Japan 103,861 New Zealand 98,613 United Kingdom 97,169 Singapore 91,656 Spain 87,188 Norway 80,054 Italy 79,239 Taiwan 78,177 Ireland 72,473 Austria 70,074 Korea 65,463 United States 61,667 Denmark 60,999 Israel 54,966 Finland 45,606 Greece 40,789 Sweden 39,709 Germany 35,169 Portugal 31,313 Chile 23,812 Slovakia 21,203 Czech Republic 17,018 China 16,333 Hungary 15,026 Poland 10,572 South Africa 6,726 Romania 6,658 Mexico 5,784 Colombia 4,937 Russia 2,739 Turkey 2,677 Indonesia 1,597 India 1,289 Thailand 1,085 List of countries selected by Credit Suisse. Iceland was disregarded due to data reliability issues. Chart: ABC News Source: Credit Suisse Get the data
  6. This appeared in the ABC news yesterday and it’s worth a look. This I think reflects the high cost of property here in Oz rather than us being particularly rich. Asset rich and maybe cash poor (us)? https://www.abc.net....ection=business
  7. Digger


    Yep beds certainly fit the “Off topic” status of the lounge and besides you are such a knowledgable lot. Wine & bourbon are not for me but it’s a good thought. The trend I’m getting here certainly seems to support my thoughts (at this early stage) that a topper of memory foam might be the way to go. Thanks to all that have responded and I appreciate hearing any more experiences that might be offered.
  8. Digger


    At home we have an expensive mattress which could reasonably be rated as “firm”. The reason we chose firm is because we both have problems with back pain and we believed that was the best way to go. I the caravan at our holiday spot we have a Queen sized bed which to our dismay initially felt quite soft! We had some concern about that until we slept in it, but no more. Not positive but I believe it might be memory foam for the first few inches? At home I toss and turn as I’m trying hard not to sleep on my back as I snore. So I’m a side sleeper I suppose. I’m lucky to get a full 6 hours of good sleep here but at the caravan with the “soft” bed I sleep 9 to 10 hours with only a toilet break in between and even then feel like I could sleep on. I accept that I’m relaxed down there as responsibilities remain here with the property, but I’m certain that the soft bed, whatever it is, is the secret to the brilliant sleeps down there. I’m considering a mattress topper with memory foam or something hoping to get a similar result. I’m very happy to learn everything from the brains trust here so please tell me your experiences.
  9. Bone but it’s bloody hard getting it off the dog!
  10. I have to add my heartfelt concern for all those caught in this hell on earth! We know what this is like and what you are going through. Please be safe!
  11. Mate, my heart goes out to you and your family but I’m so glad to hear that none of you were hurt, or worse. Fire like that is unimaginable and the terror that it has you in when its approaching is beyond belief. We’ve been in a threat situation 3 times and with the worst drought ever Australia will be susceptible to such apocalyptic events as soon as a few weeks from now. However this is about you and I’m just so glad you are alright.
  12. The reviewers here canned it but the audiences love it apparently.
  13. Indeed to all veterans wherever they are from.
  14. My mate Stuart (Eggs) in Sydney put me onto her when we stayed with them a couple of years ago and I couldn’t believe that a little girls like that could have a voice like she has, but I like it to.
  15. I just had to share this as I love this lady! Her playing is fantastic and that voice!
  16. How bleak is that John? Both from the location and from the devastation such a crash causes. Thank you, I found it interesting.
  17. This is probably Australia's premium tone wood and beautiful too. Watch through harvesting right through to a complete Maton guitar. Happiness is a new chainsaw~
  18. Agree with all thats been said, he will be missed!
  19. I reckon she needs a bigger gun! Explanation to come.
  20. This was at the Guinness tourist rip-off in Dublin, trying my very first! Excuse the nose, its where I lost the tip to some "Jimmy Dancer”. The stout tasted like burned barley, not my taste.
  21. What did he do and how much did you fine him?
  22. We have venomous snakes on our property and we see them from year to year, maybe once or twice in 12 months. I occasionally have to kill one if it starts hanging around the house but I hate doing it. Anyway the whole point of this post is that I wanted you to see volunteers allowing an Eastern Brown to glide over their boots and around their legs. Also the treatment process within minutes of the bite but if you cant see the video, then it falls flat.
  23. Well then I must be a survivor then! 72 years of breathing it and I’m still waking up every morning....for now at least~
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