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  1. Hi Stein and thanks! I'm rather new to semi-hollows and your comment about them being more prone to feedback makes sense given my past experience with acoustics. I'm actually splitting the coil to get a single coil spank for a few cover songs that are originally recorded with teles or strats. I'll experiment a bit. Thanks!
  2. Hi all: Proud owner of a Pelham Blue ES-339 Pro. Really top quality stuff on the build and finish side. But when I split the coils to single mode, I'm getting some nasty squeally feedback in anything from moderate gain up. I suspect the PUPs are just poorly potted. Anyone else experience this? PUPs are the stock ones. Thanks!
  3. thanks...let's try this. I have made a pic of the guts of the BC30. i know where the rec and power tubes are. Can someone identify the function of the other four color-coded tubes? Thanks.
  4. Many thanks to Layboomo, i now have the schemo! So here's my problem, like others, I'm not an engineer. What I'm trying to determine is what tube in each position does what. So I need to know using a reference point on the amp or looking at the line of tubes, which is which. IE...left to right or closest to the power tubes to furthest from the power tubes. Something like that. I see references to V1 and Va and b...I don't know what those mean other than i assume V means "valve". I know this stuff comes easily for some, just not me!...haha Ideally what I'd like to do is open the back, po
  5. This is exactly what i need. I want to replace tubes on my BC30...it's just time. I need to know from one end to the other which position is which so I know I am replacing in the proper order. I will send a PM for the schematic. I have no issues taking out the chassis (I did it once to do a clip of resistors with great success). Thanks!
  6. Guys...thanks x 100!!! Just snipped the C5 and C6 caps (one at a time with sound test in between) and WOW!!! The difference is tremendous. Had previously swapped ou the rectifier and power tubes for mesa 5ax4 and 6L6s respctively, changed the V1 and V2 to Marshall branded Ecc83s...but this mod has sweetened it up even more. Thanks for the thread and the useful tips and support. Rock on!!! :-k/
  7. Hi: I am about to embark on the CAP mod to try and cut some of the brightness of my BC30. Having read and re-read this thread, I'm still a bit confused about the best way to approach this. -Papa says do C6, then C5, then (if still unhappy) C10. -Twanger is saying C3, C5 and C6 (but in no particular order). Thoughts?
  8. thanks...still trying to determine which position is which. Also, does anyone know where i can get a PDF of the owner's manual on line?
  9. Does anyone have a PDF or a link to a PDF of the BC30 2x12 owner's manual/user guide with the preset etc... Thanks!
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