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  1. I like cream covers on a gold Les Paul (though those are soapbars) and think the Casino would look good, too.
  2. A potential downside to having the pickups rewound is that your guitar may be out of action longer than you like. If that is important to you, find out the estimated turnaround time before you send the pickups in.
  3. Hey Everyone, Due to my tremendous backlog of repairs, and the overwhelming demand for our pickups (not complaining!), I am not taking on any more repairs or rewinds at this time. If things loosen up in the future, I may be able to work in a few jobs, but for now I need to focus on the manufacturing side of the business. Thanks to all of you for your continued enthusiasm and support! We appreciate it. Jason Lollar - - - - - - - - - - Do you really feel you need to replace the pickups in your Casino? I haven't listened to a Chinese-made Casino myself, but have heard it said that the pickups are better than the ones in the Casinos that were built in Korea and are very good.
  4. You'll be able to use the P8R, the amp has a 4-ohm speaker Epi Wiki
  5. I use D'Addario Half Round strings on my Casino, they have a smooth feel and are brighter than flat wounds.
  6. I haven't used it, but there is an online Blue Book of Guitar Values and for $2.95 you can get info on a single model; it might help.
  7. It's a good-looking amp “Mr. Tambourine Man”, the iconic Byrd’s hit from 1965, was recorded using an EA14RV, more commonly known as the Epiphone Ensign. This grey vinyl 50 watt combo had two 10” speakers and was forever captured recreating Roger McGuinn’s jangling intro to this famous song penned by Bob Dylan. Epiphone Amps
  8. I like D'Addario EHR310 strings for my Casino and you might try them sometime on your P93. They are half-round strings that have the smooth feel of flat wounds, but with a brighter tone. A lubricant is something to consider if you continue to have tuning issues and here is a comparison of the different types: http://www.professorstring.com/archives/guitar_string_tuning_lubricants.php
  9. Very nice! For those who don't know (I didn't), this guitar is the Epiphone equivalent of the Gibson ES-120T. They cost less to produce because the pickguard assembly, which holds all the guitar's electronics, was made off the guitar. It was then "dropped in" to the body as the last assembly step. The front of the guitar is routed like a small swimming pool to accomodate the pickguard and pickups/electronics. This is why the guitar only has one "f" hole. Curtis Novak is someone to consider sending the pickup to for rewinding.
  10. The Riviera P93 isn't on the Epiphone case list: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Cases.aspx
  11. The Riviera Custom P93 with Wine Red finish is still in production and there is also a Ltd. Ed. Riviera Custom P93 Red Royale http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Ltd-Ed-Riviera-Custom-P93-Red-Royale.aspx The webpage is incorrect where it describes the guitar as having Alnico Classic/Classic+ humbuckers because it, obviously, has three P-90's.
  12. I dunno; the nut width of 1.56" appears on both the Specifications and Hardware pages http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Acoustic/Ltd-Ed-Elitist-1964-Texan.aspx
  13. The Ltd. Ed. Elitist Texan has a narrow 1.56" nut width which wouldn't work for me. I prefer a 1.75" width on an acoustic guitar and most acoustics I see either have that width or 1.68".
  14. The highest prices paid for that model on Ebay last month (there were two of them) was $650, including shipping. Yours, being in excellent condition like those, could bring that price. You could also put a higher price on it and wait until the time when maybe yours is the nicest one available and someone really wants one enough to pay that price.
  15. Here's the 2012 Black Royale Collection page from Epiphone http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Features/2012/Presenting-The-Limited-Edition-Black-Royale.aspx It didn't say how many would be made. They sure look good together.
  16. Hello fellow lefty and welcome to the forum. It's not going to be easy to find a left-handed Epiphone electric with a natural finish. Looking at the completed items on Ebay, I see that a rare lefty natural Sheraton II sold for $800 and two Joe Pass Emperor II's for around $500. As far as converting a righty goes, I once saw a 70's Gibson ES-335 that had been converted to lefty but had not been refinished and the righty tone/volume holes had not been plugged; I thought the guitar looked ugly. Someone selling on Reverb converted a righty Dot, plugged the holes and painted it white and doing that could be an option for you if you just want a finish other than sunburst. If you only want a factory lefty Epi electric in natural, you're going to have to be patient and check Ebay and Reverb.com often. As Parabar mentioned, Sir Paul plays a righty guitar left-handed and that is an option if you want a natural Casino or a 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton.
  17. The expected date from Zzounds is August 10. I haven't pre-ordered one, but I like the look and it is tempting.
  18. Do a YouTube search on "Duane Eddy story".
  19. Yeah, that's quite a story! In a YouTube video, Duane Eddy talks about recording at a rather primitive studio in Phoenix and the engineer deciding an echo chamber was needed. The guys drove around yelling into water tanks and found one with the echo they liked. They hauled the 2000-gallon tank back to the studio, set it up in the parking lot and recorded with an amp at one end and a microphone at the other.
  20. Radio Shack also has silver-bearing solder with rosin core http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Tech-Rosin-Core-Silver-Bearing-Solder-1-5-Oz-2160630-/400728126988?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d4d41f60c
  21. Info was from The Beatles Bible. John
  22. They were overdriving two of the mic preamps on an EMI REDD desk that was being used at the time.
  23. Yes, silver-bearing solder (2-4% silver) is the type used for electronics. StewMac and TDPRI recommend 60/40 rosin-core: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Pickups_and_Electronics/Soldering.html http://www.tdpri.com/resources/tele-electronics/soldering-tips/
  24. I saw the pictures of the ES-175 with the different finishes at the Dawsons Music site, but looked at the stock availability and none of their stores had the guitars yet.
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