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  1. Do I buy Imports or Gibson? Bought new in December. It's considered an import isn't it - yet I see where some folks just bought Gibson and they fit fine. also do I just pry them off??
  2. Got my new DOT at Christmas from MF - came with a truss rod wrench... But was setup beautifully and after tuning was everything I could have wanted. It's my "Baby" now. My LP is collecting dust as my DOT is all I use now.
  3. Been playing LP's for years - in the 70's I played real Gibson LP Customs and in my later years have been playing an agile LP copy. Recently bought a new Ebony DOT and love it! Love everything about it - especially the neck... nice & wide and it feels "right" - now my LP feels "wrong" to me. I want an EPI LP (preferably a black w/gold "custom style" but I'm open to trying any model or color EPI). Which models should I look at to get a nice wide neck like my Dot? Was told in another forum to check out a "60's style" neck. I have Guitar Center here in town but what's the models I sho
  4. I love my new DOT's neck. My LP has a very narrow neck and the DOT's is just what I was missing! I do a lot of fingerpicking (blues) and it's so easy to hit the mark on the wider neck. Not a problem on Metal power chords or a lot of Classic Rock Barre chords but playing "down the neck" (open chords) is now so easy - like some acoustics I owned back in my folk days (60's). also bought a small Mustang I at the same time for headphone practice even though I have 4 other amps. I really like the little Mustang and with the FUSE software it's so easy to set up s new preset or download one an
  5. have had my Ebony EPI Dot for about a week now. I'm in LOVE :) Been a Les Paul dude for 40 years but wanted a big hollowbody and the Gibson 335 was a bit beyond my budget. The new DOT's are beautiful and the sound is too. Can't stop looking at it & playing it. Haven't touched my LP since getting it. Thanks EPI! Came without needing any setup whatsoever - a "player" right outta the box. am going to put some Super Slinkies on it soon though as I've used them for 40+ years and they bend so nice. May eventually put a big vintage BIGSBY on it just for looks as I'd probably never
  6. I've had my new Dot (Black) for about a week now and LOVIN' IT. Been playing Les Pauls since the 70's but haven't touched my LP since I got the DOT. amazing ax! all my guitars are black - my LP (an agile copy that's every bit as sweet as the Gibson's I've owned) is black w/gold hardware). The DOT is a true "player" and I love the wider neck. I love just looking at it on it's stand. I'm determined my next buy will be an EPI LP Custom or Elite (black of course ;) )
  7. yeah - I changed my mind... I love my new DOT just like it is (although I may put some black speed knobs on her someday like my LP's have). I never had a whammy except for an SX SST57 Strat I had (Powder Blue)and I never used it... I sold it about 3 months after I bought it from RONDO Music as I'm a HB type of guy and never liked single coils or strats really. I sold it for more than I paid for it :) Screw the Bigsby - I'm a "bender". I'll post pics very soon.
  8. I love my agile LP - I swear it plays as well as the Gibsons I've owned. Stays in tune forever too. Can I add a Bigsby to my DOT? Just wondering - never owned one (I'm a "bender") but they just look so cool 'eh.
  9. I was all set to buy one but that sparkly binding turned me off. I bought black DOT instead and love it. The Royale had all the goodies I wanted but just couldn't stand the glitter... I'd like to replace the nut down the road and maybe see if installing a Bigsby is possible.
  10. I just got my new DOT 2 days ago. I ain't changin' a thing. I LOVE IT just like it is :) at most a new nut maybe down the road someday. also I had a VOX da10 and really had a lot of fun with it - great lil' amp. I traded it for another amp a bud had but I wish I still had it... I do own a VOX Jamvox and also a KORG Toneworks ME pedal (KORG & VOX are partners in their modeling amps) and love em both. They have a lot of the same sounds the da10 had. You'll like the da5.
  11. I've played on ONLY black Les Pauls (true Gibsons in my younger days and now an agile copy the last few years) but decided I wanted a Hollowbody. I bought an EPI Dot (Black again)and also a Fender Mustang I - just received them 2 days ago from MF. I have 4 other amps (2 vintage tubers and 2 SS) a slew of pedals I've collected since the 70's, couple of multi-effect pedals, etc., but wanted to try these Mustang modeling amps too. Since I play 99% of the time with headphones I figured the little Mustang I was fine. at first I wasn't sure I could "handle" the DOT as my LP's were a different
  12. Haven't posted here in a long time... Been on Les Pauls for years (Gibson and Epi and also Agile) all ebony! - decided it was time to try out a Hollowbody as I play a whole lot of Blues... CAN'T WAIT! NGD tomorrow!!! I have 4 amps - 2 tube and 2 SS but I also ordered a Mustang iii just for fun. One of my tubers is my Avatar - a 1963 Ace Tone "Duetto" - All stickers in the amp are in Japanese. Ace Tone was the Brainchild of the guy who later stared producing Roland. An all tube beauty from Japan with built-in Reverb and Tremolo and sweet as can be - I'm guessing 15 or 20 watts - hard t
  13. I've owned both - I vote for the newest V3 Combo - Amazing and HOT, HOT, HOT.
  14. if it's a tube amp you'll see the tubes (for cooling)... that's definitely SS
  15. M-Theory - really dug the blues stuff. I love blues and have done a few Blues Festivals here (3-piece) - our drummer is 60 and our bass player is legally (almost 100%) blind and an Albino black man to boot. He's 58 & He knows Blues I'm 57 so they call me the kid. I grew up in Northern Michigan and came here to Florida where blues was "lacking"... when I met the bass player a few years ago we talked and I asked him what his favorite style of music was - he replied without hesitation CHICAGO STYLE BLUES - I knew he was "my guy"!
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