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  1. Hngd! You get bang for your buck for sure with the tribute model!
  2. Kind of off topic but does anyone know when John added the gold Grovers to his casino? I know that all of the pics from the rooftop performance show it with the original oval button tuners. ***Edit just resized the pics and see the Grovers***
  3. The only major change to the burst pattern of this model was from the initial run ( however many years ago that was?) Until about a year in. The first run was almost black with no brown fade into a lighter shaded center. Ever since the second run they have had a 60's style burst.
  4. If you look at the blue tag with the sn#, the first two numbers are the year an the third and fourth numbers are the month.
  5. Note this is just my opinion but Epiphone really improved the IBJL Casinos from the first run to the one produced after mid 2011. The first run had the wrong color burst,the f holes were painted and unplugged they sounded tbe same as a standard. The ones after 2011 had the correct burst, no paint on the f holes and the finish seemed to be a bit thinner giving a better acoustic tone and much closer to the Elitist in sound. Lile I said this is my opinion after playing several IBJL models and Elitist.
  6. We can keep our fingers crossed! Cherry,Royal Tan,Vintage Sunburst would be sweet!
  7. I too am beginning to wonder about the availability? Sweetwater has the two naturals available and that's all I have been able to find on any US websites, no other places are accepting backorders? I am not trying to be negative but the fact The Music Zoo has them on b/o means nothing more than they have them on order not that they will get them. I am sorry guys I am just frustrated having to hunt down new guitars that I would like to purchase.
  8. Congrats! Great lookin refin! The old Royal Tan is one of my favorite finishes. Maybe we'll see it on more semi-hollow/hollow bodys in the future.
  9. Love the 60's Sheraton headstock, now if we could get a Sheraton with the vintage headstock. There is also something that looks right about a Les paul or an SG with an "open book" headstock.
  10. That Riviera was an awesome reissue but availability ( atleast in the US ) was spotty to near non-exsistant.
  11. HNGD!!! These have really got my attention, I love the Goldtop. I haven't had a chance to play one yet, about how much does yours weigh? Thanks!
  12. Looks sharp! 1 of 40 is truly a "Limited Edition" model!
  13. Congrats, you can't beat a screamin P-90!
  14. I like the 61 SG, the neck profile is the same as the SC Special they released a couple of years ago. Now if they had only put neck binding and strip tuners on the specials! We can alway mod though.
  15. I noticed this past weekend looking at Casino's on Sweetwater. I did a little research on the web and have found this to be the case atleast as far back as mid 2011, could have been earlier. I wonder if all current MIC Casino's ( IBJL & Standard ) are made in the same plant? If so it may be a case of leaving the tooling specs the same for production/continuity sake. Either way I am always a big fan of Epi using vintage specs!
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