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  1. Midiman56, I just PMd you, I think we grew up in the same neighborhood and we're the same age.
  2. Here it is for those who would like to relive that moment. I get a lump in my throat whenever a watch this. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6963424931484533250&ei=e9CQSfbLJp7OqwL715W9Cw&q=The+Beatles+Ed+Sullivan&hl=en
  3. You need to take it to an authorized Gibson/Epiphone service center with a copy of the bill of sale. Tell them what your complaint is and they they are supposed to deal with Gibson directly. You would probably have to pay any shipping charges to get your guitar to Gibson. They then have the option to repair or replace you guitar as they see fit (read the warranty). From there I'm not sure whether they send the guitar directly to you or to the service center. Your first step is to find out where the closest authorized service center is to you. That in fo is available on Gibson's websit
  4. I rememeber their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. I was eight years old and was in bed because I had to go to school the next day. My mom got me out of bed to see them perform. That was one of the pivotal points of my life.
  5. I have one of those pedals, and no matter what i did, I got a ton of white noise and DC hum. I ended up taking it out of the loop entirely. A noise gate may have helped to reduce the noise, but the disposable income has ceased to be. BTW, I wasn't using batteries, it was connected to a proper DC power supply.
  6. Yes, they could be just peeking into people's windows, but the thieves have struck three (3) northern NJ towns. That's a lot of windows. It could just be a coincidence. I'd like to be able to follow the story as it unfolds.
  7. Bill V


    You beat me to the punch.
  8. FYI: Neither TWANG nor his son were robbed of anything. TWANG read this post at another site and posted it here as a heads up for the members here. The robberies took place in New Jersey; TWANG lives in Minnnesota. Hope that clears things up.
  9. Sounds like the thieves knew where to look. Perhaps a good place to focus the investigation would be to find out where all of the guitars were purchased and see what they all have in common.
  10. Not to worry TWANG. This is really the worst part, I promise. Tomorrow, you'll get out of your street clothes and slip into that hospital gown. They'll wheel you into the room. You'll go to sleep for a little while and voila! You'll be putting your clothes back on before you know it. BTW, they'll inflate your bowels a bit with air so as to make things a little more visible and maneuverable. That "air" will be making its exit for the first few minutes after you come to. That's one of the few socially acceptable occasions where you can fart to your hearts content, so savor the momen
  11. Don't know if you've already been through it before, but I had mine three years ago (actually they did both ends). It wasn't too bad. The prep was a different story though. My day started at noon, where I had to take 4 Dulcolax with water. At 3 PM I started drinking the gallon of liquid. It had to all be gone within 2 hours. The taste of the liquid wasn't bad, really (it was Miralax (which is tasteless) and 64 ounces of orange Gatorade). The first 48 oz. went down pretty easily. Forcing down the last 16 oz. was murder. Somehow I managed to get most of it down. It didn't take long f
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