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  1. Reusing your bushings shouldn't be a problem.
  2. They are 10mm and a direct replacement.
  3. Old Cowboy, I'm with ya all the way. Kinda sad, isn't it ........ Fadedepi........
  4. My thoughts: You own your tone. Whatever that is, up to you.
  5. Great song, For those who insist this is political, I have 1 question: political (really?) or just the TRUTH?
  6. This is the Ice Tea Burst finish. Wrong finish shown in photo. Faded....
  7. Have you checked the electronics? Based on what you describe (metallic, almost sulfur smell) would be my first thought. Faded....
  8. I have a '62 reissue Sorrento and the Mini Humbuckers are indeed Gibson's. Faded.....
  9. The "Casino" is a full hollow body, the "Dot" has a center block making it a semi-hollow. Faded....
  10. I just purchased an '02 Les Paul "Deluxe" made in Unsung Korea. It is the first Korean Epiphone I've owned. I must say it's of very high quality. Looks, plays and sounds incredible. Faded....
  11. My 2012 FT-79 Texan came from the factory with a bone nut and saddle. I guess the newer IB-64's do not. Faded.....
  12. Better check your Texan, Better check your Texan, they come from the factory with a bone nut and saddle pre-installed. Faded......
  13. To my knowledge the model hasn't changed. It was reissued as the FT-79 Texan. The blue label inside my 2012 reads FT-79 Texan, not IB'64 Texan. It's a FT-79 made in Indonesia with onboard electronics. The FT-79 Texan was a production model made at the Gibson factory starting in 1962. Paul McCartney bought one of these, which was built in 1964. Nothing special, it was even right handed. The FT-79 Texan had no affiliation with 1964 until 50 years later. McCartney's 2005 ($5000.00) USA made signature guitar would be the only true IB-64 model. Of course, Today Epiphone and it's customers are
  14. To my knowledge the model hasn't changed. It was reissued as the FT-79 Texan. The blue label inside mine says FT-79 TEXAN, not IB'64 TEXAN. This is not a reissue of the USA made '64 FT-79 TEXAN that McCartney bought. It's a reissue of the '62 FT-79 TEXAN. Paul bought a FT-79 Texan in 1964. Faded.....
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