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  1. Your guitar shouldn't buzz and then stop when you touch it. A lot of us do not have any knowledge of electronics and are unable to identify and correct electrical problems. If you own a guitar and an amp it might be the time to start learning] to do some small things but you will need some basic equipment. A flashlight, a multimeter which is a device to check electrical circuits and is available at any Walmart, etc., a soldering kit with a pencil soldering iron about fifteen to twenty watts, some thin one mm "lead" containing electrical rosin core solder, and a tin of paste flux and brush. Your pickguard should be grounded to the guitar. You may have broken the tiny wire that grounds it when you took the old pickguard off, or forgotten about it. They sometimes break easily. Sometimes the ground will go to the bridge or even lay under the bridge as on a strat type bridge. Also, all other grounds must be solidly connected. Everything has to be grounded. The jack has to be grounded and that is easy to check by pulling the jack out and looking at the wires. The switch has to be grounded and that is easy to check too. The pots also have to be grounded and the pickups of course have to be grounded, usually to the top of a pot where you will see a lot of wires are soldered. This will be a ground point. But the whole electrical system has to be grounded too; usually to the body at the bridge. If you replaced just the pickguard you could have loosened a ground wire on a pot or at the jack or elsewhere, but it sounds like you didn't ground the pickguard to the guitar. Also, the pickguard should be "shielded", meaning that it should have some metallic sheet on the bottom of it that looks like aluminum or another metallic material. That will be a conductor and should be grounded to the guitar bridge or other recommended ground. A quick trip to a good guitar tech should quickly and inexpensively correct the problem. Maybe fifteen dollars US for a good tech to correct the buzz. Your guitar should not buzz like that and you should have the problem identified and corrected. Guesswork is no substitute for the knowledge of a good tech. A good tech can really take care of your guitar well, for not much money. When I have a problem beyond my limmitted knowledge I always take my guitar or amp to a tech. I don't even like to adjust my truss rods anymore. I used to do it a lot but you can easily get things all messed up tweaking the truss rod and raising and lowering the saddles or bridge. Usually a tech can correct the problem cheaply, but the more you mess with the set up the more you can get it out of wack and the more it could cost for a tech to get it right. I hope this info helps you. I do a lot of my own electronic work but try to know when the problem is too big for me and then I go to the tech. Some problems can be easily solved but others require a good tech, needlesstosay. Peace Duffy
  2. Not sure if the steel control plate is a joke, but it isn't a good idea in my opinion because everything that comes into contact with it is going to ground out, plus it is going to take up space if you inset it into the] cavity which is already small and will encourage wires to ground out, pots, etc. I have a homemade from a purchased leather model strap that is real wide. Mine is made from some real nice black leather from a hide I ordered a while back. The natural rough inside works great to hold the SG in place and the polished black finish on the outside looks great. I think it is just an SG thing you have to live with. Mine doesn't bother me at all. Even my ESP Viper seems to have a heavy neck. Duffy Peace
  3. Peter, I have a '08 G and L Tribute ASAT classic semi hollow with antique finish quilted maple swamp ash top, mahogany body and maple neck and fretboard with the regular USA ASAT pickups on it. Very nice ax. Quite similar to this one except for the humbuckers. I bought an '08 Squire Telecaster Custom II with duncan designed P90s in black and it is really great tone, not to expect it to sound like the Fender, but it is noise cancelling in the middle position. I want to put the real Seymour Duncan P90s on it, but it sounds great now. I can only imagine that it would sound way better with the real SD's on it. Duffy Peace
  4. Nice tele Peter. I also like it in Black but the Crimson is really cool. Imagine how those P90s sound. That's going to have some cut and roar! Duffy Peace
  5. Since this is a Epi Gib Fender discussion I thought I'd mention that the new Squire, of all things, the Classic Vibe '60s is a beautiful inexpensive guitar. It probably isn't what you were thinking of checking out because it's sss. The Classic Vibe Squires are incredible for the value and sound super great. I had the bridge tone control mod done to mine before I picked it up and had pure nickel strings put on it. It sounds incredible. Check out that Showmaster or Stagemaster or something like that that Fender made a few years ago with no pickguard and two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. I think the top is flammed maple and the neck is a set neck. It is a beautiful guitar. Probably didn't make very many. Duffy
  6. As far as a new amp, I like the Fender Super Champ XD that I have a lot and put an Eminence Ragin' Cajun speaker in it right away and got a LOT more volume because it is 100dB +. That is a lot more than the light weight stock fender speaker. This is similar to a 15 - 20 all tube amp because it has a tube preamp and two power amp tubes; so it isn't actually a hybrid by the standard configuration. Plus it has a host of fender amp models in the digital section and it has been said, "who better knows how to model fender amps than fender?". Plus it has other great models of the obligatory amp models with a few super high gain amp models, plus it has good effects. So that is a good amp and is a better value than the also very good Vibro Champ - also a great sounding little amp with a smaller speaker than the SCXD. Right now I'm playing my Crate Palamino V8 a lot, using my RP350 between it and my guitar. This amp sounds super great with a ten inch speaker and is a five watt so called all tube amp. It's a class A tube amp and sounds and looks great. Probably can find a used one cheap on e bay or somewhere. This is a LOUD stock five tube watts. Perfect for at home. I play mine late at night. Play myself to sleep, in the dark too, learn the fretboard and train your ear really well playing in the dark. Breaks the eye/fret fixation. The Palamino Crate V series amps are really decent inexpensive tube amps that you should be able to find used. You can't play in a band with a Palamino V8 if there is a loud drummer, etc. You need more power. If budget is an issue you can probably still find those Crate V50 amps for really low brand new prices, I got mine for 179 on an online sale. This is a very loud amp with a good sounding overdrive for classic rock and a real good reverb as far as I am concerned, although some do not like the reverb. One of the best reverbs on any of my amps in my opinion. Maybe I just got a good one. As said by the dude above, the Blackheart 'lil Giant head with a Blackheart or Epi one by twelve cab is a really nice amp. And don't forget the Epiphone Valve Jr. head. These are really cool and you can put a multipedal in front of them and get lots of vibes. These are also all tube amps of great quality. Blackheart is made by Crate and is being aggressively marketed by Crate and the price jumped up about thirty percent since its initial release, when I got mine. You would like the Fender SCXD, Crate Palamino V8, Crate V50 two channel fifty tube watt amp, Blackheart 'lil Giant 3/5 watt switchable head w a Blackheart cab or epi cab, or the Epi Valve Jr. five watt tube amp with a cab. I push an Epi So. Cal. big four by twelve closed back cab with my Blackheart or Epi V Jr. and it sounds really loud and sweet. The Fender SCXD with the Ragin' Cajun is loud enough to play with a fairly loud drummer and have him wave you down. It is an awesome amp. But the Crate V50 is super loud and was promoted by Bo Diddley. You can pick a V50 up new for really low prices and get lots of volume from an all tube amp with tone I think you would really like; clean and overdrive channels. Hope my amateur ideas give you some ideas. Duffy Winfield, Pa Peace
  7. Fender made a beautiful twin seymour duncan humbucker stratocaster. It has a spectacular top and a set neck. It is an awesome guitar. A shop near me has one for about 400 and something. It does not have a pickguard and the humbuckers are set in the body like a LP. This guitar has been in the store for quite some time and doesn't seem to get purchased. I'm not sure of the name of it; a showmaster or something like that. I would love to buy it but they won't come down in price even though its been around for a few years. They say it is out of production and therefore retains its value so they will hold on to it until someone buys it. It is a fabulous looking Fender. If you are interested in it email me at mjbolcuc@dejazzd.com and I will give you the phone number of the place, n/affln, and you can talk to them. They guitar plays really nicely I would love to own it but don't see it happening soon. Duffy Winfield, Pa.
  8. I have a '66 copy of a gibson SG, Epiphone SG. It sounded hotter than the other five SG types I compared it to. The stock chrome covered humbuckers sound great and I probably won't replace them. On a similar note I just got an '08 ESP LTD Viper - 50 SG style guitar and it is really a neat guitar with stock open coil ESP 150 pickups and they are quite hot. This is a basswood body guitar instead of the Epi mahogany but it sounds great and has phenomenol sustain even though it is a bolt on neck ESP LTD Viper. It is black cherry glossy finish and I can't put it down. It will probably get new hot pickups in the future. Maybe SD's '59 neck and JB bridge, or possibly some guitarfetish.com Power Rails, which have extra large black blades in the pickups. They would look cool and probably be very high gain and sound good. I will have the pots replaced at the same time but probably keep the stock switch. This guitar has no buzz and plays great, looks really cool, and feels really nice. Some of the G-400's I played could definitely use hotter pups for my preference and I have had great luck with the Seymour Duncan hot HBs and would like to try a guitarfetish.com full sized hot set of pups, while also saving about two thirds the cost of the SD's. Did you get a G-400 yet? Duffy Peace
  9. Yo JoeMtl: That is a nice looking goth LP studio. I got my son a goth Thunderbird IV bass with the same finish and decorative motif and it is an awesome bass. I have a ebony shinny black Epi LP studio that is also awesome with some hot replacement pups; but I think the flat black one looks equally as nice, just a different vibe. Generally, though, I like the glossy finish guitars but my Schecter Omen 6 semi hot rodded is a walnut stained and satin finished guitar as well as my real nice Squire Standard Tele with a hot rodded bridge Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pup, 10.5 kohms. Do you own this guitar or is it just a picture you find interesting? It is a nice looking guitar and probably sounds nice too. Have a preliminary or other report? Duffy Winfield, Pa. Peace
  10. Actually they are very good people running GFS. Sometimes their emails are very brief because you can't call them and they have a whole S*** pile of emails every day but they answer them immediately, sometimes even over the weekend. I'd give them a second chance and reword some of your questions and do it again. Really, they have a great reputation. Try to find a phone number. Return policy is unsurpassed. Duffy Animalfarm: Great to hear that someone else likes to hot rod some decent cheap guitars. I now always start with a good playing guitar with something that makes it special; usually cheap models, neat strats like SX strats with solid alder bodies SST57 or SST62's for 109 new and great colors, sometimese even mahogany strats. Other times I pick up a used Squire that has something nice about it and might be really cheap and then turn them into awesome axes. I like to get Standard series Squires at least. I want to find a semi hot rodded super strat type Ibanez or something even nicer, used, cheap, and put in some great pups. I'm thinking these modern hot rodded guitars will be collectors items years from now, times will change, the old timers will want the guitars of their heros, dimebag type guitars, etc. The only even close to heavy metal guitar I have is my Viper - 50 stock; maybe my Schecter Omen six with hot rodded pups is heavy metalish, and maybe my Schecter C-1 dual HB semi hollow w piezo pup saddles, stereo, with hot hot rodded pups and upgraded pots. Definitely not a cowboy guitar. Anyway it's fun but I always start with a decent playing guitar to begin with, zero string buzz or other disqualifying defects. Then the guitar comes out great. Check out rondomusic.com , n/affl. Cheap hot traditional and metal looking guitars. Duffy Peace
  11. Last night I watched a friend play a really really nice Epiphone Custom LP in arctic white with nice binding, kind of an aged white look for arctic white, but it was about eight hundred US and sounded great. That of course is solid body. I bought an Ibanez AS73 tonepro stoptail type twin HB semi hollow body in black cherry for a real great blow out price at Guitar center, same place as above. I compared it to a regular Casino, a Sheraton II which was my target purchase, and a Dot nice finish one, and I liked the Ibanez AS73 by far better; playing the chords fell right into my hand even the difficult ones, the feel, the look and the overall playability were all superior to the more expensive guitars. The Ibanez was about 299 at a blowout price, brand new, and normally sells significantly more expensive. I'm not so "specific target guitar" fixated anymore. I even let guitars pick me out sometimes. Sometimes they just plain pick me out without me even letting them. I got a Cherry sunburst, "Cherry Burst" Squire standard strat with a lime green pickguard that just kept catching my eye. I bought it. I was fixated on getting a telecaster. I have some telecasters already but always am on the lookout for another outstanding one. This Squire is by my side and is stock right now. It is heavy and plays great stock and is almost silent considering it has stock Squire single coils. An ESP LTD Viper saw me standing there by the cash register and I had just played a black one, both bottom of the line Viper -50s. I was going to put a down payment on the black new one. I asked about the black cherry one and found out it was less than a year old, '08 model, plastic still on the pups, no scratches whatsoever; a/b'd it to the black one and it sounded better with the original strings still on it. Got it for 140 US including tax and new D'darrio pure nickel strings in ten's. It is awesome for a stock guitar, not a buzz on it. Might replace the pups. Playing it every day including right now thru my Peavey Delta Blues, straight in. Great all around. Picked me out. Gotta be open minded and less target fixated unless you need to get a specific guitar for some definite reason. Hope this info helps, Duffy Winfield, Pa. Peace
  12. I have bought great upgrade stainless steel bridge saddles for strats from them, Wilkinson style inexpensive locking tuners that work great, pickups that are single coil humbuckers, 'lil killers, that are completely silent and well liked by everyone I've put them in for including myself. I want to try some power rails, HB's, some texas style single coils, some Dream 180s, and some others, as the appropriate anticipated need arises. People report that the guitars are great, expecially the semi hollow tele's. The solid body LP's and strat types are also supposed to be quite nice. They even make a Xavier semi hollow strat style with f holes. I haven't tried one yet but the solid body tele's have been catching my eye, especially some of those cool colors like the racing yellow and the fiesta red with the maple fretboard. The LP semi hollow ones also look quite appealing. I helped rebuild an "old" Gibson Les Paul with parts from GFS: everything electronic was replaced with good level stuff from them, the switch, even top of the line Agile series chrome humbuckers stoptail and tonepro type bridge. We salvaged the old tuners but they looked in really poor shape and we left the finish alone. After all the other retrofitting with non gibson parts I thought we should have gently sanded the very worn and no very appealing finish with some really fine sandpaper and lightly stained and protected the surface of the wood, even if we had to take it to an auto body paint supply house that I know will custom spray small items for you. They could even get in nitrocellulouse or use a high durability urethane and do a pro job. We could have prepped that up and that guitar would have come out looking incredibly astounding. As it was the owner was extremely happy even without the beautifying of the finish. I doubt the refinishing would have lowered the value of this old gibson because of the other parts and the fact that it would have been a pro job. I think it would have enhanced it's value, considering the substitutions already made. It looked and sounded astounding even though, using only GFS and rondomusic.com Agile top of the line LP covered HB's. It was kind of an unexpected and probably unusual request but we did it and the customer couldn't have been happier. It was relegated to the closet and was unplayable. We transformed it into a beautiful work of art that had really great playability and did it for a cost that had the owner very happy. Around here, Central Pennsylvania, there are not many people rolling in the dough. Saturdays look like wagon train: Amish day of worship. Not many people around here know about GFS or rondomusic.com . People with a lot of cash on hand buy a lot of nice Fenders and Gibsons locally at price matched prices from some good shops, only a couple shops though and the rest will not price match, period. They also sell a lot of nice ESP's, Ibanez's, Taylor's, etc. More people would get stuff from guitarfetish.com and rondomusic.com if they knew about the places. Don't think I've ever seen a local band use an SX or Agile guitar. When I sit in with my friend's band I'm going to purposely use a SX. I'm sure I'll get a lot of questions about that. My SX's are mostly stock "looking"; all of them have the stock pickups on them right now. The strats use hot ceramic pups and the P nineties are plain. These SX guitars are prime subjects for experimenting with some very inexpensive GFS pups. I have done a lot of hot rodding on other guitars to great effect using real Seymour Duncan pups, but I want to use some more GFS pups just because of the reputation and the economy of it. One of my SX strats I'm going to try to go for a certain type of sound on and will be able to do it thru GFS and will always be able to keep the pups for something else if they don't produce the desired effect. GFS is the type of thing that I have to think about using. If I think the guitar project I'm working on should have real Seymour Duncan's with sounds that have been proven to me that I really like, I will be partial to the SD items and pay the premium price. Relatively, I do really good amateur jobs of replacing pickups and have seen my improving applications. I think GFS pickups can be used to really great effect by amateurs with a little talent and practice and there are plenty of people on these forums to help you out. I really enjoy hot rodding inexpensive guitars and transforming them into really great sounding, feeling, and looking guitars. I always start with a guitar that doesn't have any outstanding issues and plays great, within reason and withing the scope of the deterioration or brokenness of the components, to begin with. I never try to hot rod a guitar that has what I consider really hard to deal with problems like twisted necks, incorrectable action, greater than very minor cracks, cracks in the neck or headstock, or other eliminating factors. Starting with a cheap basically well playing guitar to begin with has always resulted in an awesome completed project. I took a twenty five dollar Squire that had some really nices things going for it and rebuilt it into a mind blowing guitar, fitted with top of the line Seymour Duncan pups, an new high quality pickguard, Fender locking tuners, GFS stainless saddles, new knobs and plastic, a good tremolo arm, great pots and a great switch, and some quality workmanship, and produced the resultant "Black Pearl", one of my best sounding and favorite guitars. Part of it is psychological because there is a incalculable value to experiencing the reward of producing a great guitar from meager beginnings. I think even the tone takes on a special warmth or bite that would be missing if you didn't attribute it at least in part to your own hand, heart, and soul, including burn marks, string jabs, etc. A long post, I know, but hopefully it will fall upon the open mind of someone who can appreciate something of the worth of it. Contact me anytime if you have any specific questions from an amateur who has some skill and talent. Duffy Winfield, Pa. mjbolduc@dejazzd.com Peace
  13. Don't own any Agiles but own a few SX's and love them for what they are; two strat copies and a Gibson Special solid mahogany body and neck one with P90s. These sound great but I wish they were noise cancelling in the middle switch position like on my black, the SX Gibson copy is antique burst, beautiful too; anyway back to the noise cancelling black Squire Telecaster Custom II with two P nineties that are noise cancelling in the middle position and have the four vol and tone knobs like your beautiful cherry burst or flammed, or whatever, Agile LP. That is a nice guitar. I am like you. I never had a P ninety guitar and didn't get much positive feedback from many of my friends so I stayed away. Finally I picked up the SX shortly followed by the awesome Squire. Can you imagine using words like awesome to describe a Squire? Not long ago I never would have bought a Squire from my amateurish point of view, but as my playing and ear developed I learned some things; two of which are that I love SX guitars and also love P nineties. Haven't bought the last of either, God willing. My latest guitar is an inexpensive ESP LTD Viper-50 with hot open coil pups, almost P ninety sounding. I bet this Viper would sound good with a nice set of humbucker sized P nineties, hot ones. The Viper is black cherry solid color with a basswood body. I've been playing my "Black Flash" ebony Epi LP Jr with great sounding duncan designed chrome covered humbuckers I took off an expensive Schecter C-1 E/A hybrid swanp ash/mahogany beautiful hot guitar when I put a SD '59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge for a superior sound, it also has piezo electric bridge saddle pups and runs mono or stereo thru one jack only: stereo to a great guitar amp and a great acoustic amp, a Crate Gunnison, is sounds way better than running it mono into a great guitar amp. Best hybrid I've owned or played stereo. Anyway I had a pro tech put the pickups in and better tone pots because there are no access panels on the back of the guitar. All the work had to be done thru the pup holes and f holes. Plus the wiring inside is sophisticated and complicated due to the quick connect plugs on the piezo electric set up and pcb board and the wiring to the HB's. This guitar looks like a very expensive guitar just visually, much more expensive looking than the one thousand dollar retail price. I got a great deal on it at Guitar Center, brand new, on one of those major blow outs; like when I got two Fender Hwy one's for 335 each, brand new. That place has some great deals. Just got my son a micro Korg synth keyboard there. Back to the P nineties. They are really nice. I'm sure that some of the different brand and set up p nineties sound a lot quieter than others. The ones in my Squire Custom II tele are way quieter, but the SX is beautiful and fun to play and the noise is really not annoying but I will consider a future pup upgrade, has to be an upgrade though, not a lateral move. I was just reading that the early Santana albums were heavy with the P ninety tone. Maybe he was playing an SG with p nineties, I can't remember and haven't checked but shoud utube some of the old footage. The Beatles of course had the Casinos that were given to them with the p nineties. They sure found some good hands to fall into. Good luck with the Agile, I bet it is a really great guitar, cost comparison aside, just straight up against anything. Duffy Winfield, Pa. Peace "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me; and in the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you." +/- as by BD.
  14. Parabar, The corporate plan for the EE plant was to produce better guitars thru improved qc, improved communication, etc. It is a relatively new plant. The company has high expectations for the plant and its productivity, as noted in my earlier quote, has not gone unnoticed. I don't doubt your observations and comparisons. I had heard the Samick plant was an outstanding plant as well as the Cort facilities. Marxbro flatly dismissed, quite summarily the EE plant as producing some of the poorest examples of Epi's. I can't accept that as being solid factual info. I'm sure poor examples have come from the other plants as well. The man may have some knowledge to share, although I haven't seen much of any. Most of his and Nelson's posts, possibly one and the same person, have been caustic to say the least. Real crude turn offs to people. You won't catch me defending his knowledge because whatever helpful info he produces is overwhelmed by the insults and extremely negative personal attacks and so forth that he aims at people. Haven't you seen that? Do you know what it's like to have these insults directed at you? It is not pleasant. I don't see a lot of that at other forums I go to. This is a great forum, as it should be, for sharing our Epi concerns. We should be able to do it wihout fear of posting a stupid question or being flammed and insulted, anyone reasonable would agree with that. A consistent pattern has been extablished by these guys and it is predictable. There is room for them on the forum, no doubt. I think they should be more cordial and polite. They can still make their points but why the derogatory tone and sour notes? I just ask for a little more civility and that they lighten up a little, from my limitted perspective. I have been visiting this forum for years and recently started to come back in on a regular basis and found the atmosphere to be quite appalling, in some cases. People are really up tight and I think it can be easily traced to the antagonists. Most of us are not thrilled when we get insulted and treated poorly. A lot of us come from backgrounds where mannerly behavior and respectful communication is either demanded or expected. I dropped my beef with these guys. It is pointless. Let them roll down their own paths. But to say that the Gibson/Epi plant in China is making some of the worst Epi's seen is a broad accusation. I don't think all the facts on this plant and the quality of its products have been credibly idenified in casual comments. I have read reports from people that visited the plant and lots of other reports that sound very encouraging. My EE guitars are very very nice. I just worked on one tonight, a black Epi Studio, real nice guitar with nice replacement pups. Different people have different criteria by which they select guitars. As we have said before, money is tight for a lot of people right now. Factories are competing vigourously just to stay in business. Can you imagine how competitive the guitar business is. They are surely mass producing price leaders to make the necessary profit, guitars that the designers and management know are not up to the quality that they really really want to make, but survival is the name of the game. I was an industrial designer, working closely with the designer/owner and I know how bad they feel about having to mass produce basically "junk" products to bring in the cash. I don't doubt that Marxbro and Nelson have some perspective that they can relate to and they judge their worlds by their experience. Like you said, a lot of kids and so forth don't have that experience. Useful knowledge is very important and can make the difference between buying a junk expensive guitar and a great expensive guitar. Getting that info across in an acceptable and useful way takes some tact and expertise and practice. You shouldn't just be crude and offensive, that turns people off and shouldn't be generally accepted unless it is, of course, warranted. I'm sure you know what I mean. These guys are probably your friends or close associates on the forum; but to returning guys like me and to newbies, we don't know how to take these guys and we get turned off. Lots of people have just plain been turned away, Epi owners that should be able to post questions and get some decent advice, etc. That's the problem. You don't see it this way and it probably is because you have been around the forum a long time and know the ins and outs. A more peaceful atmosphere wouldn't hurt anything. It would make it a better place for us to be. Feedback is really needed, but insults are another thing. I burried my hatchet. I'm going to try to be the best member I can be and share my amateur experience with those who may be able to appreciate my knowledge. Anyway, if you look further into the EE plant I'm sure you will find some really astounding things gong on that you may not be aware of. Peace, Duffy Winfield, Pa.
  15. P90s sound really great and I have them on a coupl guitars and love them. Guitarfetish.com sells the dream 90s and dream 180s, n/affl, and they are inexpensive and are supposed to sound great. I wouldn't mind trying some Seymour Duncan ones though, as replacements on one of mine with generic p90s without the reverse wound neck for noise cancelling in the middle switch position. My other one is noise cancelling. It is a set neck all mahogany, neck and body, copy of a Gibson LP Special and would benefit from some really classy P90 replacements with the middle noise cancelling effect. I need to get on that one. Great guitar by the way, antique burst is beautiful and the mahogany grain is astounding. The other on is that Squire Telecaster Custom II and it sounds really great. Looks great in that black and has all the controls to get some great variety of sound. Glad I got into P90s. Duffy Winfield, Pa. Peace
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