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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMVJZ6d942w&feature=player_embedded Hello~
  2. Discontinued models. Epiphone created various new models in past. i introduce some models that that isn't built now. LP Special Double Cut ES-300 ES-200 Sorrento S-310 EM-1 Rebel Coronet LTD.ED. LES PAUL STUDIO PEWTER The Basher and The Bully Hard Body Series Polyester Series Nuclear Collection Moderne Comet Apollo Futura
  3. in the early 2000s, Epiphone used the Kloson Style Vintage Tuner.
  4. Serial's important part to distinguish fake epiphone. but it's not all about distinction. fake epiphone can use same serial system too. so, check all hardware. - pickup's bottom epiphone intaglio - selector epiphone intaglio - jackpot epiphone intaglio - bridge epiphone intaglio(the latest model) ex.
  5. - Epiphone's Lam. is different method.(no space in the body) - 7 digit use until the late 90'(about 97 : S initial), but use 8 disit because Serial Y2K problem.
  6. I'm Gibson Korea Official Master. I have had some fake epiphone information. so, i'll offer some information.
  7. i have had 2008 unsung zakk wylde custom bullseye. =D>/
  8. Epiphone Joe Perry Signature Les Paul Studio. w/ Bigsby Tremolo Unit w/ Gibson Tony Iommi Pickups Translucent Black Finish, Trapezoid inlay, All Black Hardwere(bridge, headmachine, saddle, etc..), Pearl Pickguard, Pearl Selector, Pearl Trussrod Cover
  9. You're Welcome All!! I'm sorry about little gift. Next, I'll send gifts better than it.
  10. my wife said " thanks very much your replyings", ps. shoes is very new product. this photo is me & wife, 8 years ago.
  11. This is my Wife. Guitar's Epiphone Les Paul Joe Perry Studio w/Tony Iommi Pickups, Bigsby Tremolo. :P
  12. Mail List... ------------------------ - Recycled Rocker - ebb - Dave - glenn - SlagJones - RotcanX - Matiac - essessemm - wiltshire willy plus - TWANG - smerdlap ------------------------
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