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  1. BBG, Probably unnecessary in my case. Just peace of mind and a little insurance I suppose. Jesse, Whoa, I thought I had humidity issues! Now those are extreme conditions! That must be hard to handle! Mafy, I saw those and I will check them out. Thanks for the info. Cheers!
  2. Thank you all for your input! Were these dimples there when I bought the guitar? I don't' think so, but maybe. The light caught it just right and since that moment I've been in panic mode. Ever since buying that guitar I've read so much about humidity but I neglected to use my own brain. I was born and raised in south Florida. It's humid here. But the overwhelming majority of information and articles on the internet concern HUMIDIFYING your guitar. After spotting those dimples, my mind flashed back to seeing pictures of horribly disfigured guitars due to the humidity monster that wreaks havoc on guitars of all cost with no remorse! I made a couple of phone calls to area shops hoping someone would tell me not to worry. That didn't happen. I get it. Nobody is going to diagnose a guitar problem over the phone. I just thought a local shop or luthier would immediately know my problem if it was a case of over humidity, since it might be something they see in a high humidity area on a regular basis. Ahhh the Internet to the rescue! Thanks to all of your insight and opinions, I will sleep a little easier. The guitar sounds amazing and I will be happy with what it is. Apparently a very sensitive guitar. Just to address some things posted in response: I have a bunch of guitars hanging on the wall. I love to look at them, and when my heart desires, and I have the time, I just grab one down and play, primarily solid body electrics. I do have a couple of other acoustics hanigng on the wall or on a stand that cost a fraction of what this guitar cost and I would be very upset if any guitar I own was injured by neglect on my part. Prior to yesterday, this Gibson has only come out of the safety of its case for play time. Humidipacks - I've read too much about guitar humidifiers and such. The latest thing I've found is the "Boveda 2 - way humidity control for guitars, 49% RH". The product says it works BOTH ways. It supposedly stabilizes the humidity in the case, not just adding moisture but also decreasing if needed. Is this necessary fior me? Possibly. I may just give them a try and see how they work. Hygrometers - See the statement above. I have the $10 AcuRite indoor hygrometer. I will buy the Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor for $25 and put it in the case. Am I going to calibrate it? Probably not. I will keep an eye on the health of my beloved J200 and do everything I can to protect it while also enjoying it! Once again, thank you all for posting your experiences and knowledge. In fact keep it coming, I'm all ears! Cheers, DScrunchy
  3. Hello to all Gibson enthusiasts!! I have a J200 I bought new in June 2014. It has been in it's case and I only take it out to play it, then put it back in the case. I am an amateur player, and this guitar is only played in my house. I live in south Florida where we have very high humidity. That being said, I have a hygrometer in the room that shows an average of 49-55% RH. I keep the A/C set at between 73-77*F. Today after playing this guitar, the light hit it just right and I noticed two dimples on the top of the guitar at the tail block. Also the whole back of the body seems like it has a bit too much arch on it. I've read a lot about guitar humidifiers, but I don't think the typical dry environment scenarios apply to my space. I have a small dehumidifier we use in the bathroom to help with the excess humidity. I don't want to cloud the issue with my ideas. Please give me any advice on all of these questions: 1. It normal to have a bulge like that on the back of a J200? 2. Does anybody have any info on acoustic guitars in a high humidity location? 3. What about the top dimples? Has anybody seen this? What did you do? In the pics the guitar is hanging on the wall. I've always kept it in the case, but I thought I would hang it on the wall for a couple of days to see if things changed with more air flow from the central A/C in the house as opposed to staying in the case. I've read about the humidipacks and I am considering those. For the record, the guitar plays nice, sounds great and when the straight edge is lined up from the neck to the bridge it looks good. It doesn't appear that this a case of a sinking bridge or that it has pulled the bridge up. Please take a look and post your ideas or experiences if you have any. Thanks for looking, Cheers, DScrunchy
  4. JellyWheat, Thanks for your quick reply. I agree with you on all of the good things about the guitar. The frets are perfect. The tone is amazing and many other things are just right about this guitar. There are far more important things in life than a guitar, but I can't begin to compare. I don't want to get stuck in the perpetual back order phase that I can foresee coming around the bend with this model, so I plan on keeping it and just being happy with it. Although, I thought with my first real Gibson, the quality control would be top notch. Has anybody else had this fret board to neck issue? What did you do? Oh yeah JW, this is hilarious and I can relate!!: [besides, I can't play them worth a damn, anyhowz, whether they have a "ledge" or are dead perfect! ]
  5. Hi to all of you Gibson players out there! I need your help and expertise. I just received my first Gibson guitar, very exciting! I was examining it and I think there is an issue. The problem is where the neck meets the fret board. I can feel the edge where they meet on almost all areas. Not outrageous, but it's definitely noticeable. It is a Buckethead Les Paul Studio model. I know there are many out there that dislike this guitar, but I love it. I was just wondering if any others out there had a Les Paul Studio with this issue? If you do, please let me know what your neck - fret board edge feels like. I know I could sand it down, but that would take off the beautiful white finish on it. I don't really want to send it back, as I think these models are almost all gone. Thanks in advance for your knowledge, DScrunchy
  6. Hey Epi-strati, I have a Epiphone by Gibson (S210?) that I bought new back in 1988(?) Anyway, I split my time between Lake Worth, Florida and Boston, MA. When I get back to Boston, where I keep this guitar, I should be able to do a trace. Let me know if you're still interested. DS
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