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  1. Don't despair MAXHART, there may be cheap wilshires coming. Here is a link to the thread with the euro pix from march 09. These, along with several other unreleased EPI guitar pix were yanked from the euro site soon thereafter. Luckily, someone linked the photos so you can still see the ebony and cherry, mini-hum equipped "aged" wilshires that were supposed to be available "soon" at around $500...but who knows if they will actually come out with them http://forums.epiphone.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=9168
  2. I would like these better if they didn't look like they were flying/driving backwards :) Some clarification in order: The pickup is a hallmark not a p90. The hallmarks are based on Mosrite single coils (with needed improvements) The 60's custom hallmark (mosrite clone) is BAD-A$$ http://hallmarkguitars.com/
  3. More food for thought I have this guy's pickups in two telecasters...they are every bit as good he says they are... Everyone I have let play them is amazed at A) They are great tele pickups...that sound right Totally noiseless even near flourescent lighting He is coming out with noiseless p90s in June BUT They are pricey as hell... http://www.kinman.com/Shop/hx90.htm
  4. You see 'em on ebay periodically. My pal bought one for $450 about a year ago
  5. Now that you mention it...there are alotta pickup changers on here. I've noticed an inordinant amount of them are new hollow-body or semi-hollow buyers who bought the axe for it's looks and don't seem to know the hallmark traits (muddier tone, feedback when driven). Not exactly the ideal axe for punk, pop, or metal.
  6. Usually means sharper lower bout ie... florentine style body shape. but the first go-round of lp florentines did have f-holes too
  7. I apologize - again- for the redundancy. As for being 'decent' enough to read all of this turd: I wouldn't want anyone to have to study the pithy nuances of this thread.
  8. If this is board ******-speak for "someone already posted this opinion" I gotta say sorry... Understand that I have not had the time, will, or stomach to read this whole sh!t-fest
  9. It is amazing to me how many people can pencil themselves into this guy's situation and SAY that they would do 'right' by the old feller. Either this site defies all my life experience with the ethics of an average cross-section of our greedy *** society - or Some of you f'ers are just pissed it wasn't you and have to take it out on Motown. If both are smilin' who's to judge? That old codge will be warm and dry and have a great view...and Motown can KOTJ
  10. Is there a Brooklyn Bridge in Brunei? :D ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) Are mini-wheats made outta corn?
  11. I zorched the bellbottoms, added safe and sane pickups, and repositioned the knobs. Even with my very sloppy photoshop job, I am starting to appreciate the SG-Strat morph.
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