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  1. Thanks Karen.

    Yeah, I was talking to the wife about a Halloween Costume... :-)

  2. FXCK OFF and die spammer.

  3. I'm still kickin'.

    What's with all the new names?

  4. Yeah, I'm still truckin'!

    Thanks Bow.

  5. Cool Tman - thanks!

  6. My rights here are "conditional" - to be polite toward DuaneV. Varies day to day. :-)

  7. Groovy - as long as I'm allowed to post... :-)

  8. Nice username, LedZep2112!

  9. "The member TommyK cannot receive any new messages."

    What's the deal?


  10. Still trying to figure out how all this new forum crap works. Well, not trying very hard...

  11. I KNOW I'm not the only one who really doesn't care what sort of contrived BS the media cooks up each week. I rarely find myself in agreement with ANYTHING published in People - or the National Enquirer for that matter. To use anything from either source as an excuse to tangle in a forum seems a little... wasteful....
  12. Where are you in Arizona? I'm west of Phoenix/Buckeye myself.
  13. Built on the 117th day of 2000, so that's the end of April, eh? Has it ever been painted? There's some pretty deep dings that I don't see raw wood in - like they were painted over. Not positive, just curious.
  14. If it ain't good enough for Ace Frehley, then it ain't good enough for me...
  15. Oh.... Yeah' date=' I know. Think of it as [b']"Neo Does Seinfeld" ... :-)
  16. You're welcome. :-) All my tailpieces are slammed and none of the strings touch the back of the bridge either. Been that way since 1993, like I said... So' date=' we agree then? No? Sounds like we actually agree to me.... Then what exactly is the point of your post? My ex-wife used to do that... Start an argument, well, not really an argument, but just to be a bit contrary, and for what? Not really to make a point, because as it unfolded there really was no point to be made. Still, I had to be careful to not disagree and "start" a fight - even though I didn't know what the hell she wanted. When it was all settled and done, and she would leave the room pouting, I still had no clue. Facts were facts beforehand, nothing had changed, and had I just listened to her go in circles for an hour. For what? Didn't you just recently [b']marry[/b] a woman? :-) [blink]/ [blink]/ [blink]/ [blink]/ [blink]/ [blink]/
  17. Why not? What's the big deal about the strings bending slightly over the back of the bridge? Been that way since 1956 at Gibson, and since 1993 on every Gibson I've owned.
  18. Fxcks EVERYTHING up.... Okay, I'm kidding. :-) I don't like it, I don't understand what anybody sees in it, and I don't recommend it. But hey, that's just me... If (insert guitar god's name here) does it, then it must be cool, eh? Check this link out for the Con aspect of the Pros & Cons... www.rattlesnakeroadhouse.com/TopWrapping.html
  19. Hey, there's another poll question!!! Me too. Gotta be over ice. Otherwise it's too syrupy, too sweet, and warms up too much.
  20. Tell me about the silverburst Strat in your avatar.
  21. It's still available, still bottled that way in many other countries - like Mexico. With my relative proximity, I can get it in many stores in the Phoenix area. Tastes like dirt. I'm not the only one around here who thinks so. When I saw that display of bottles with real sugar, I was joyous!!! Now, not so much. Why is nothing ever like we remembered? I prefer Coke. Even when I worked for Pepsi one summer out of high school.
  22. Same here. Players I meet laugh at me when I say I prefer slim necks, I guess because I'm a big guy. Try playing a Rickenbacker or some of the old stuff from the sixties. Super thin AND super skinny. I sold my first two Les Paul Standards because I was more of a Fender guy and could never get used to the "fat" necks on them. Same with my 1972 Martin D-35, the more I played it the less I liked it. It doesn't bother me much anymore, but the '60 Slim Taper is still my ideal. All 6 of my Gibsons have it.
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