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  1. Some of the less popular hollowbodies are surprisingly inexpensive. Sometimes it's nothing more than cosmetics - no cutaway, etc....
  2. Good stuff! Mrs. Neo still can't understand why I like them...
  3. Is it just me, or does the Ibanez website suck? I couldn't find anything on the guitar - specs, etc.
  4. Eh, I have comprehensive security here at the Compound - electronic and "otherwise." Not to mention the marauding Hell Hounds - and they're bored...
  5. Vietnam, eh? Well, my Japanese motorcycle was assembled in Thailand... :unsure: My fear is that many of these lower-priced amps will be hard to get parts for. I can take my Marshall JCM 800 or Fenders to any amp guy - no problem. Kinda like replacing a volume pot in a Chinese guitar - any brand. Good quality pots often won't fit without mods and wood-cutting, and finding the CORRECT pot is impossible. You wind up just making something work... I know many of the cheaper amps sound decent and are made well enough, I just try to think long term.
  6. Rod Stewart has just had his 8th child - at the age of 60. Looks like he'll always have a band and a fan club, eh?
  7. Where are they built? Seriously, that's a major factor in durability or service/parts availability. Honestly, I know nothing about them.
  8. Most of the guitars I own were long-sought and well-considered. When I finally found the right one at the right price, I snagged it. But a few of them I simply stumbled into to. If it's meant to be...
  9. I had the TV going in the background. Cops are at a strip club interviewing the... um, "entertainers" about a crime. Looking at photos of various people involved in fight at the establishment. The fight later resulted in the murder of one of the men someplace else. One of the entertainers says "Yes! I know that guy. He's in here all the time. I went to his wedding last year!" WHAT did she say? I'm sure there's more to the story...
  10. If you have anything of note to add, or any legitimate questions, I would welcome your input.
  11. First Amendment. And legal agreements you sign in return for service. You'd be amazed what all you waive... You're okay if the goverment does this? :blink: Really? One of the basic tenets of our Constitution is that our government can NOT do things citizens cannot. Law enforcement matters are something else entirely - and NOT the case 99% of the time. I happen to reside in Arizona, under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circus - the most overturned court in the nation. This sh!t never ends. It's a damned shame that the Age of Innocence is truly gone. Even to most basic electronic device betrays your privacy. Turn it off, and there are cameras everywhere you go. Make a purchase ANYWHERE - with cash no less - and there's a record of it. Get sued for anything - your whole life goes to court.
  12. Damn - spilled drinks, food smeared everywhere, furniture knocked over...
  13. All I ever smelled was the case. With my EDS-1275 it was DEADLY - had to leave it open in the garage a few days to air out.
  14. Hmmmmm..... I got a minus for that post. Am I wrong about something in there?
  15. Kinda pricey for a Guild!!! Yeah, they are really sharp guitars. Guild overall is criminally under-rated - in every segment of musical instrument. I've owned several of them.
  16. I knew that "CES" stands for "cutaway/electric/spanish" - now I know what the CT is. I've played several of them, the 400, etc.... Man, I could seriously get into those guitars if they weren't all in five figures!
  17. Looks like I'll have to git me some. Thanks guys!
  18. Really fast neck - what determines this? I dunno. Stopwatch? Radar gun? I'm NOT a fast player, therefore I'm not an authority. But I always likened such hype as an exhaltation in build quality. I figured the action would need to be very low, and a crappy neck will not allow this. So, the neck would likely be very well made and adjusted with proper relief to keep the strings way down there. I assumed "fast" players would tend toward thin necks with a flatter radius. Also, large fret wire would not be highly desired. I mean - you don't need to do any bends when you're playing a million notes a minute, eh? So - a well-made neck with a thin/flat profile and small frets. $.02 from some guy on the Internet.
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